NBA Trade Rumors: All the Latest Draft Day Buzz

Adam Fromal@fromal09National NBA Featured ColumnistJune 27, 2013

NBA Trade Rumors: All the Latest Draft Day Buzz

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    With the 2013 NBA draft nearly upon us, there's more buzz coming out of the internet than you can find in any given beehive. 

    Keep it tuned here, as we'll be sorting it all out for you. 

    From trade speculation to which teams are interested in certain players, the rumors are flying fast and furious. Veterans like Danny Granger aren't safe from rumors. Nor are young NBA players with potential like Derrick Williams. 

    And of course, the prospects are centerpieces of many a rumor. 

    Are they valid? Which ones are the most ludicrous? What can you expect to happen on the night of June 27? 

    You'll be able to find out all the answers right here. 

Blockbuster Trade in the Works Between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics?

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    Update at 10:58 PM ET

    And with one more tweet from Woj, Kevin Garnett has agreed to waive his no-trade clause. This mega-deal will happen.


    Update at 9:18 PM ET

    Per ESPN's Marc Stein, both teams are ready to go through with this trade, but there will be no decision on Kevin Garnett and his no-trade clause tonight.


    Update at 9:08 PM ET

    Mark Murphy of the Boston Herald reports that a league source says this blockbuster has a "high" chance of working out.

    This is just cementing everything we've heard so far. It will now be more of a surprise if it ends up falling through.


    Update at 6:50 PM ET

    As he has earned the right to do, Kevin Garnett would like some time to deliberate on this decisions, per Wojnarowski

    Kevin Garnett "doesn't want to be pressured into a quick decision," source familiar with his thinking tells Y! Sports. Teams want if soon.

    Obviously, when something this big comes on the table, GMs want things done quickly. There is less time for someone to get cold feet. However, this is a major decision for Garnett's legacy and future. If he wants to mull it over, he should be able to.


    Update at 6:30 PM ET

    Two more pieces of news have come trickling in. 

    The first comes courtesy of A. Sherrod Blakely, who reveals that KG is already thinking about that no-trade clause: 

    NBA source says KG expects to touch base w/Pierce before waiving his no-trade clause to allow #Nets #Celtics deal to go through.

    Our second update comes from Howard Beck, enlightening us as to the nature of the picks that Boston would be receiving: 

    In proposed deal, Nets would send Celtics 1st-rd picks in 2014, 2016, 2018. The latter two would be unprotected, per source.

    No surprises here, as KG and Pierce need to sync up before anything happens and the Nets presumably wouldn't have to worry about having a high pick anyway. 


    Update at 5:45 PM ET

    A minor update this time around from Adrian Wojnarowski. He is detailing when exactly those three picks promised to the Boston Celtics would be coming due. 

    The three first-round picks the Nets propose to send to Boston: 2014, 2016 and 2018.

    There is little surprise here, as not many GMs are valuing the current draft class as much as next season's and in the future. This is also helpful to the Celtics case, as Pierce, Garnett and Terry probably won't be playing much longer, meaning the Nets could get worse after next season, increasing the likelihood of those 2016 and 2018 picks being good.


    Update at 5:25 PM ET

    It is important to remember that, while very exciting, this deal won't be getting done tonight. Too many things still have to happen surrounding Paul Pierce's contract and Kevin Garnett's no-trade clause. 

    As Ken Berger of CBS reminds us, nothing real will happen tonight, but there is plenty of momentum behind this.

    Wojnarowski is keeping himself plenty busy updating us on this potential deal. Things have apparently elevated to the next level, with ownership getting involved.

    Celtics, Nets deal has reached ownership level, league source tells Y! Jason Terry joins Pierce and Garnett in package, source says.

    This means Mikhail Prokhorov and Wyc Grousbeck are being contacted and weighing in on things. Also, in a later tweet, he reports that Jason Terry has been for sure added to the prospective deal that would also return Reggie Evans, Keith Bogans and another mid-level player, along with the previously stated pieces. 

    The Celtics have been trying to unload Terry or Courtney Lee as a part of their recent trade rumors. It appears they have found a way to attach him to the other two Celtics' veterans in this deal. Boston would love to bring in Reggie Evans as a part of it, as the team finished 29th overall in team rebounding last season. Evans grabbed 11.1 per game with the Nets. 


    Update at 4:55 PM ET

    Wojnarowski isn't done reporting about this potential trade quite yet (note: multiple tweets have been combined into one quote): 

    Celtics and Nets continue to make significant progress on parameters of a Garnett-Pierce deal, sources in talks tell Y! Sports. The teams won't seek approval of Garnett to waive his no-trade clause "until the deal is agreed upon," one source in talks tells Y! For Boston to get Garnett to agree to waive his no trade, it takes a unique circumstance: Moving with Pierce to a big market might be it.

    It seems a bit strange not to ask Garnett if he'd approve the deal before spending time hashing out the details, which might be an indication that both sides are comfortable assuming he'd be fine playing with Pierce just about anywhere. 


    Update at 3:25 PM ET

    The Boston Globe's Gary Washburn is getting in on the action here: 

    NBA source confirms Celtics-Nets talks and also adds #celtics are in talks with multiple clubs about deals

    At this point, it's definitely become well known that Boston and Brooklyn are talking, although the details of the deal itself are being hashed out. The interesting part here is what could happen with other teams. 

    Could the rumor that a Kevin Garnett-Minnesota Timberwolves reunion is in the works start coming into play on a larger scale? 

    Of course, as Howard Beck of the New York Times tweets, it's important to take all of this with a grain of salt. This deal is still in it's infancy, and it appears unlikely to happen. At least in its current state, and certainly not until the moratorium lifts on July 10. 

    Person involved in Nets-Celtics talks says there's "slim chance" of a KG/Pierce deal getting done. (But these things have a way of changing)

    Again, this shouldn't be surprising until Brooklyn gives Boston a bit more than its currently parting ways with. 


    Update at 2:50 PM ET

    The rumored deal is sprawling, as Wojnarowski reports that it could get even bigger: 

    The Boston-Brooklyn discussions for Garnett and Pierce are serious, several team sources tell Y! "Deal could get even bigger," source says.

    There's also some good news for the Celtics, as they could be clearing out more cap space by dealing either Courtney Lee or Jason Terry in the package: 

    The Celtics are discussing the possibility of including either guard Jason Terry or Courtney Lee in the package, sources tell Y! Sports.

    This is a step in the right direction, as Brooklyn likely needs to keep sweetening the deal in order to pry to studs away from the clutches of Danny Ainge. 


    Update at 2:15 PM ET

    A. Sherrod Blakely of Comcast SportsNet has an alternate deal that could go down between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics: 

    A more likely , deal? Pierce for Humphries+future 1st rd pick.KG no-trade clause+GWallace contract are potential deal killers.

    This still seems unlikely to me, simply because—and I'm quoting B/R's Ethan Norof here—it "would maybe be one of the worst deals ever for a team's franchise/best player." 

    The hilarity of Kris Humphries and Rajon Rondo being teammates aside, this doesn't do much for Boston's future, and trading Pierce would be a clear sign that the franchise is moving into a rebuild. 


    Update at 1:55 PM ET

    The Boston Herald's Mark Murphy confirms that these talks are ongoing: 

    League source confirms Yahoo! report that Celtics are talking with Nets about Pierce and Garnett.

    Additionally, Wojnarowski informs us that this deal couldn't happen until the moratorium ends on July 10. In order for the salaries to balance out, Pierce's 2013-14 money must come into play. 

    My take: By that point, the Celtics will surely have realized that this doesn't make much sense for them. 


    The Buzz:

    Remember when the Los Angeles Clippers were set to become the Los Angeles Celtics by dealing for Doc Rivers and Kevin Garnett before acquiring Paul Pierce after his contract was bought out by the Boston Celtics? 

    The Rivers part happened, but that was it.

    Now it looks like the rest of the pieces could be moving to the Brooklyn Nets. No deal is certain to happen at any point in the near future, but Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski is providing us with the framework: 

    The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing a blockbuster deal with the Boston Celtics to acquire future Hall of Famers Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

    The talks are centering around a package that would include Gerald Wallace, Tomike Shengelia, the expiring deal of Kris Humphries and three future first-round picks, sources told Y! Sports.

    Garnett has yet to be approached about waiving his no-trade clause, sources said, but there's a belief that he could be convinced of agreeing to a deal should the Celtics and Nets be able to reach an agreement on terms. 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    I hate to deny the validity of one of Wojnarowski's reports—and I have no doubt that this is being discussed if he says it is—but this isn't happening. There's a reason that it's phrased as "The Brooklyn Nets are pursuing..."

    This is a terrible deal for the Celtics. 

    Not only would they not be getting any valuable players, but the picks don't hold much value. Gerald Wallace is starting to look washed up, and he's certainly not worth his contract. Tornike Shengelia isn't anywhere close to being a star, and Humphries isn't exactly the most excellent player. 

    Moreover, those future first-round picks aren't going to be worth much either. With Pierce, Garnett, Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez, the Nets would be unbelievably stacked, and it's hard to see them finishing outside of the top five in the NBA over the next few years. 

    You can't rebuild around late first-round picks, even if you have 50 of them. You certainly can't with only three. 

    But that's the Celtics' problem. Too much has happened shockingly fast, and the wheels have all gone in motion. It won't happen for another few weeks, but this one is going down.

    Verdict: Fact

Cleveland Dealing No. 31

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    The Buzz

    Loaded with draft picks in this year's draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers are pushing some of their surplus back.

    The No. 31 pick, already spent on Allen Crabbe, is going to the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for two future second round picks, according to ESPN's Jeff Goodman.


    Fact or Fiction?

    Though Crabbe could have gone 10 picks sooner, you can't blame Cleveland for redistributing its resources.

    A young team can only have so many prospects at once. Grabbing multiple picks later allows the Cavs to have more commodities without really losing anything now.

    Verdict: Fact

Three-Team No. 26 Swap

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    Update at 10:45 PM ET

    Contradicting an earlier report, Katz says the Warriors will receive a second rounder from the Timberwolves, not Lee, in the original trade of this string.


    Update at 10:38 PM ET

    Recently not a part of this draft, the Dubs have gotten busy fast.

    Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Dubs will move from No. 29 to 30 in a deal with the Phoenix Suns.


    Update at 10:23 PM ET

    Almost immediately after receiving the 26th pick, the Dubs turned around and dealt that, too.

    Marcus Thompson of Inside Bay Area reports that Golden State will trade Andre Roberson, selected 26th, to the Oklahoma City Thunder in a deal for pick No. 29.


    The Buzz

    Previously without a draft pick in 2013, it sounds like the Golden State Warriors are getting on the board.

    The Dubs will receive the No. 26 selection from the Minnesota Timberwolves, ESPN's Andy Katz reports. Per ESPN's Chad Ford, the Warriors only sending over cash considerations, while USA Today's Sam Amick reports Golden State will also get Malcolm Lee.


    Fact or Fiction?

    Minnesota already had enough draft picks today, while Golden State had nothing to its name. That's one of the few reasons a deal for cash considerations goes down. Chalk this up as one of them.


Philadelphia Busy Dealing

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    Update at 10:36 PM ET

    The Noel deal is already done, but the Sixers are still working.

    Per ESPN's Chris Broussard, Philly is shopping around pick No. 35, looking to keep the trades going.


    Update: 8:57 PM ET

    Per ESPN's Marc Stein, the 2014 pick is actually only top-five protected.


    The Buzz

    After dropping to the New Orleans Pelicans at No. 6, Nerlens Noel is getting dealt.

    Per David Aldridge of TNT the Philadelphia 76ers will send Jrue Holiday and the No. 42 pick in 2013 to New Orleans for Noel and the Pelicans' 2014 first rounder, which is lottery-protected.


    Fact or Fiction?


    We haven't even had time to fully process Nerlens' drop, let alone the terms of this trade.

    That said, both improbabilities are happening, and we'll just have to try to keep up.


Rudy Gobert to Utah Jazz

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    The Buzz

    After selecting Rudy Gobert at No. 27, the Denver Nuggets are sending him on the move.

    From Jonathan Givony of DraftExpress, the Nuggets will deal the giant Frenchman to the Utah Jazz.

    Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post confirms the Nuggets will receive pick No. 46 and cash.


    Fact or Fiction?

    The Jazz are always compiling more young bigs, whereas the Denver frontcourt is pretty full at the moment.

    If there's an organization that makes more sense to develop Gobert, it's Utah.


Dallas Trading Down

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    Update at 9:50 PM ET

    A clarification on the Mavs' second trade down.

    According to Tim McMahon of ESPN, Dallas did not receive a second rounder, but actually gave one up to Atlanta for the privilege of moving back two spots.

    While that doesn't make intuitive sense, remember that the Mavs are trying to spend as little money as possible in this draft, so the 44th pick is the price of paying a lower salary for No. 18 than 16.

    Update at 9:13 PM ET

    Dallas just keeps moving back.

    Per Adrian Wojnaroski of Yahoo! Sports, the Mavs are dealing the No. 16 selection and Jared Cunninghams to the Atlanta Hawks, receiving picks No. 18 and 44 in return.


    The Buzz

    The Dallas Mavericks picked Kelly Olynyk No. 13 overall, but he was never going to stay there.

    Per ESPN's Chad Ford, the Boston Celtics have acquired the Gonzaga product from Dallas for the No. 16 pick and two second rounders.


    Fact or Fiction?

    Dallas was shopping this pick like mad, and someone was bound to trade up for it.

    This one went down immediately upon being announced; there's no question here.


Trey Burke to the Jazz

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    The Buzz

    According to Chad Ford of ESPN, the Minnesota Timberwolves are dealing away Trey Burke, who they selected No. 9 overall. They will receive the No. 14 and 21 picks from the Utah Jazz in the deal.


    Fact or Fiction?

    This one just makes sense.

    One team has Ricky Rubio at point guard, while the other has a hole exactly the size and shape of Trey Burke. A no-brainer here.


Phoenix Suns Looking to Trade Back?

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    Update at 8:19 PM ET

    According to Paul Coro of, the seceltion of Alex Len will indeed open the door for Marcin Gortat to be traded.

    John Gambadoro is also saying that Jared Dudley will be on the block.


    Update 8:07 PM ET

    The Phoenix Suns did not opt to trade the No. 5 pick tonight, instead opting to take Alex Len out of Maryland. Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports first reported the selection.

    This was the first decision made by new GM Ryan McDonough. He picked Len to fill a need, and could open up the idea of Marcin Gortat going on the trading block.

    The Buzz:

    The Phoenix Suns, in possession of the No. 5 pick and a likely opportunity to select either Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore, are apparently looking to trade back in the order. 

    According to CBS' Ken Berger, the Sacramento Kings could be a partner: 

    As the Kings look to move up from No. 7, they could find a trade partner in the Suns, who are exploring a move back from No. 5, sources say.


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Let's go with a little bit of both answers here. 

    Phoenix, assuming it's not blown away with anyone, could very well be looking to move back down from No. 5. There's no point in paying for a top-five pick if you aren't in love with a prospect. 

    However, I'm waving the you-know-what flag about the Sacramento Kings trading up to No. 5. Only moving up two spots does nothing to guarantee access to Ben McLemore, and that's why the team is interested in the first place. 

    If Sacramento makes a trade, it has to be into the top two, unless it receives a personal guarantee from the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic that Ben McLemore will still be available at No. 3. 

    Verdict: Fact and fiction

Ben McLemore to Sacramento?

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    Update at 8:16 PM ET

    According to David Aldridge of TNT, the Sacramento Kings will indeed take Ben McLemore with the No. 7 pick in the draft.

    The Kings take Kansas' sharpshooter to play shooting guard for their new ownership. This may make Tyreke Evans, a restricted free agent, expendable moving forward in the offseason. The Kings also have Marcus Thornton, set to make $16.5 million the next two seasons, at the position.


    Update at 4:40 PM ET

    Well, so much for a potential DeMarcus Cousins-John Wall pairing. 

    As Ken Berger makes quite clear, the Washington Wizards are looking to hold onto their pick: 

    As Phoenix looks to move down and Sacramento up in the lottery, teams getting clear message from the Wizards: They're keeping their pick.


    The Buzz:

    The Sacramento Kings currently have no shot at drafting Ben McLemore. He may fall to the Phoenix Suns at No. 5, but there's no way he slips all the way to No. 7. 

    Is that stopping the Kings from coveting the Kansas shooting guard? Of course not!

    According to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, Sacramento is now looking to trade up for a chance to pick McLemore: 

    Sacramento has been aggressive in trying to move up from seventh in the draft, league sources tell Y! Likely target: Ben McLemore.


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Even though Victor Oladipo-to-Orlando has been gaining steam, the Kings need to jump all the way to No. 2 in order to guarantee a shot at the draft's top 2-guard. 

    Given the way picks have been valued during the week leading up to the draft, that means this would be a blockbuster deal. Could we see someone like DeMarcus Cousins getting involved? I don't want to start any rumors about Boogie and John Wall joining forces in the nation's capitol, but that might be the only way this rumor ends up having any validity. 

    If that ends up happening, we can start making the same guard-happy jokes about the new management that used to apply to the old regime. 

    Verdict: Fiction

More Uncertainty at No. 1

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    Update 8:08 PM ET

    Nerlens Noel has finally gone off the board. At No. 6, the New Orleans Pelicans picked up the Kentucky center. This was first reported by Benjamin Hochman of the Denver Post.

    Noel slipping this far wasn't predicted by a lot of people, but the Pelicans will happily reap the benefits. The most interesting part of this story is that Noel will join last season's No. 1 overall pick, and fellow ex-Kentucky Wildcat Anthony Davis. 


    Update at 7:42 PM ET

    According to Chad Ford of ESPN, it won't take long to get our first surprise of the 2013 NBA Draft. 

    Hearing Cavs will take Anthony Bennett with the No. 1 pick!

    With the pick, the Cavaliers did indeed take Anthony Bennett out of UNLV. That cancels all the rumors of potential trades for the No. 1 pick this season.


    Update at 7:21 PM ET

    Despite Chris Broussard's recent update that the Cavaliers had made a decision on the No. 1 overall pick, Yahoo!'s Adrian Wojnarowski states that they are still fielding offers for the pick.

    Cleveland is still discussing possible trades of the No. 1 pick, league sources tell Y! Sports.

    Thus continues to fun, but subtle, battle between Yahoo! and ESPN for domination over on-site NBA draft coverage. As for the rest of us, well, we will find out soon enough.


    Update at 6:52 PM ET

    With the Draft just a short time away, there is still a large amount of uncertainty with the top two picks. Both the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic are unsure of what they will do, according to Ken Berger of CBS.

    Still no decision from Cleveland on No. 1 pick. Orlando entertaining trade offers from Minnesota and OKC for No. 2. Buckle up, people.

    As Berger said. Buckle up.

    Update at 6:15 PM ET

    As Fox Sports' Sam Amico reports, two more teams are emerging as favorites to trade up to No. 1: 

    Timberwolves and Suns in play for Cavs' No. 1 pick, source tells FOX Sports Ohio. #NBADraft

    There are no details on what the Timberwolves would be bringing to the table right now—although I think we can safely assume that Kevin Love is out of the picture—but it's a bit more clear on the Suns front, thanks to ESPN's Chad Ford

    Hearing Suns are offering Cavs 5 & 30 for 1. Not yet known how Cavs view the offer. Suns after Noel.


    Update at 5:30 PM ET

    Nothing incredibly new here, but Chris Broussard is reporting that the Cavaliers are still shopping that No. 1 pick around.

    latest draft scuttlebutt I'm hearing: Cavs still looking to move top pick. If they take anyone but Alex Len, it could be part of a trade...

    Perhaps the most meaningful piece of this news, is that Broussard enjoys the term scuttlebutt. Anyway, keep an eye out for more on this, also know that if Len isn't the first pick, expect David Stern to announce a trade simultaneously.


    Update at 4:10 PM ET

    The Cavs are still shopping the No. 1 pick around, according to Ric Bucher

    The Cavs have not moved the No. 1 pick but not for lack of trying - and one source says they haven't yet given up doing so.

    We're likely going to be hearing about this one up until David Stern announces the selection. And even after that, Cleveland may still look to trade the pick. 


    The Buzz:

    If you claim to know definitively what the Cleveland Cavaliers are doing with the top selection in the 2013 NBA draft, you're lying. 

    The Cavs could pick Alex Len or Nerlens Noel if they choose to go big, but it wouldn't be all that shocking if there was a last minute coup that resulted in Ben McLemore, Victor Oladipo or Otto Porter emerging as the No. 1 pick. 

    Unfortunately, there might not be much clarity even after the pick is made, if ESPN's Chad Ford is to be believed: 

    What I know this morning: 2. If the Cavs use the No. 1 pick, don't assume they keep it. Will continue to shop it after the draft.


    Fact or Fiction: 

    If the Cavs haven't settled on the No. 1 pick at this stage, there's absolutely no reason to believe that they'd hesitate to trade the player they eventually pick. 

    It's not like Cleveland has been getting excited about one player. We've heard every rumor under the sun about what they could do with this pick, and it's been shopped around for everyone from Luol Deng to Kevin Love. 

    As soon as we have more clarity and a pick is made, look for Cleveland to start working the phone lines. Once there's a more tangible player ready to be dealt, the chances of working out a deal will only go up. 

    Verdict: Fact

Ditto for the Charlotte Bobcats

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    Update at 7:58 PM ET

    The Charlotte Bobcats went a surprise route. With Victor Oladipo off the board, the Bobcats will take his college teammate at Indiana, in Cody Zeller. According to Chad Ford of ESPN, the big man will be the No. 4 pick.

    Hearing the Bobcats will take Cody Zeller with the No. 4 pick.

    Zeller got picked on a lot by critics, but goes off the board before both Nerlens Noel and Alex Len. 


    The Buzz: 

    Is anybody happy with where they're at in the drafting order? Of course not!

    In this case, we're talking about the Charlotte Bobcats, who must be sitting there and wondering who in the world is going to be available at No. 4. The following comes courtesy of the Sporting News' Sean Deveney

    Bobcats are seriously weighing an offer to move back in the draft from the No. 4 spot. Likely w Wolves, who are targeting Victor Oladipo ...

    The move would only push them back five spots, but it would eliminate any chance that the Bobcats have of landing one of the truly elite prospects in this draft class. 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Don't expect to see this deal come to fruition. There are two main reasons. 

    First, the Bobcats have no idea who will be available at No. 4. There's so much uncertainty at the top that they realistically could have a shot at Nerlens Noel. Alex Len, Ben McLemore and Victor Oladipo could all be there, though not all at the same time, of course. 

    Secondly, the Timberwolves can't only move up to No. 4 if it's Oladipo they're after. There's a solid chance Orlando selets the former Hoosier at No. 2, and that would leave Minnesota up a creek and without a paddle. 

    Basically, this one's not happening. 

    Verdict: Fiction

Victor Oladipo Gaining Popularity?

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    Update at 7:42 PM ET

    Victor Oladipo has reportedly completed his ascent in the draft. According to David Aldridge of TNT, the Orlando Magic will not trade out of the spot, taking Oladipo instead.


    Update at 7:01 PM ET

    Word is certainly getting around about Victor Oladipo going No. 2. Where he goes is still wildly unpredictable. According to Alex Kennedy of USA Today Sports, he is turning out to be the most sought after pick of the draft.

    Teams continue to contact the Orlando Magic and make offers for the No. 2 pick. As I tweeted earlier, a lot of teams want Victor Oladipo.

    Shouldn't that make him at least an option to go No. 1 overall still? 


    Update at 6:40 PM ET

    New teams are starting to come after the Orlando Magic, who currently hold onto the second pick in the 2013 NBA draft. 

    Right now, the Oklahoma City Thunder and Minnesota Timberwolves are the primary suitors, according to Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski (quote comes from two separate tweets): 

    Oklahoma City is pushing hard for a deal with Orlando to secure the No. 2 pick and draft Indiana's Victor Oladipo, league sources tell Y! Minnesota remains in pursuit of the No. 2 pick, eyeing Oladipo too. In a draft that scares everyone, no one chased harder than IU's guard.

    This should be terrifying news for the Western Conference. 

    The Thunder's biggest weakness are shooting guard and center, and landing Victor Oladipo would make them quite the scary defensive team. Plus, if his jumper remains consistent, he could space the floor out even more for Russell Westbrook's drives to the rack. 

    Minnesota is also in dire need of a premier shooting guard, and they could potentially enter the 2013-14 season with a starting five of Ricky Rubio, Oladipo, Andrei Kirilenko, Kevin Love and Nikola Pekovic. If that's not a playoff team, I don't know what is. 


    Update at 5:33 PM ET

    Victor Oladipo may go even higher than rumors have indicated previously. Chris Broussard hears that the Toronto Raptors are looking hard to move into the No. 2 spot. There, Broussard thinks, they could be targeting the Indiana star.

    Also hearing that Toronto is looking to grab the No. 2 pick. Not sure who they're targeting, but Oladipo is an educated guess....

    The Raptors were bumped out of the draft entirely, when their No. 12 pick went to the Oklahoma City Thunder. So, this could just be the Raptors attempting to not get left out of draft talk altogether. They do have a brand new GM in Masai Ujiri, who could be looking to make some noise early on.


    The Buzz:

    Long considered one of the safest prospects in this draft class, Victor Oladipo is only gaining steam as we near the selection process. 

    Here's the relevant quote from Alex Kennedy of HOOPSWORLD

    A number of teams are trying to move up to draft shooting guard Victor Oladipo, according to sources. He has a lot of fans around the NBA.

    Kennedy doesn't enlighten us as to which teams actually want to move up, instead going for the more general approach. 

    Fact of Fiction: 

    This wouldn't surprise me in the slightest, especially because of the generality of Kennedy's tweet. Oladipo deserves to be one of the most coveted prospects in this draft class because he's such a sure thing. 

    Even if the Indiana Hoosiers' offense doesn't translate, his defense certainly will. Oladipo could come in today and shut down quality NBA 2-guards. He already has the lateral quickness, athleticism and defensive instincts necessary to be a stopper. 

    The shooting guard won't fall past No. 5, as the Phoenix Suns could use some wing help and perimeter defense. He could also go as high as No. 2 if the Orlando Magic decide he's the most talented player available.

    For 25 teams in the Association, trading up is necessary to get Oladipo on the roster. 

    Verdict: Fact

Houston Rockets Place Jeremy Lin on the Block

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    The Buzz:

    According to Mark Deeks of, the Houston Rockets are beginning to shop Jeremy Lin.

    Houston is trying to dump Jeremy Lin's salary, going so far as to prioritise cap relief over young basketball assets.

    The Verdict

    The young point guard is on the hook for $8.3 million each of the next two seasons, after the Rockets pried him away from the New York Knicks last summer. 

    It is no secret that the Rockets are prioritizing their cap space in hopes of signing Dwight Howard this summer, and Lin may be expendable if that is the case.

    Houston has no first round pick, so that could be part of the compensation they would be looking for. Aaron Brooks, Lin's backup, was on the block earlier this month with hopes of acquiring Eric Bledsoe, however that appears to have fallen through. If the Rockets brought back Brooks on the cheap, and drafted a point guard in the first round, that could cover the position and leave room for Howard.

    Obviously, if that is the case, then this is a wise move. Lin is overpaid at $8.3 million a year, and Howard is Howard.

Oklahoma City Thunder Trying to Move Up

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    The Buzz:

    The Oklahoma City Thunder hold pick No. 12 in the 2013 NBA Draft. However, they would still like to move up.

    Unfortunately, according to both Chris Broussard of ESPN and Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, those attempts have fallen by the wayside.

    The Verdict:

    The Thunder certainly hold the assets capable of moving up slightly, but in order to get to No. 1 they would have to part with something they must hold too dearly. 

    Still, this is a talented team that will be getting Russell Westbrook back next season. The No. 12 pick for a team this good already is a bonus. Whomever they draft should be able to fill out some depth on the roster.

Toronto Raptors Attempting to Get into the Lottery

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    Update at 7:05 PM ET

    Things are not easy in Toronto, as Masai Ujiri is finding out quickly. Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Raptors are finding it difficult to break into the lottery leading up to the draft.

    So far, Toronto finding no traction on moving into the late lottery, league sources tell Y! Sports.

    It is still unclear on how Toronto was hoping to move in, or where exactly they were looking to get. What we do know, is that Ujiri doesn't have a ton of cap space to play with, but holds a valuable amnesty card. He could still waive Andrea Bargnani off his cap to save a ton of dough. While they have a sturdy starting lineup, Toronto should be looking for depth across the board. 

    Perhaps Ujiri would have less trouble trying to enter the late first round instead of the lottery.


    According to Mark Deeks of, the Toronto Raptors are trying hard to find a way into the 2013 lottery.

    Toronto is trying extremely hard to trade into the late lottery, specifically targeting Giannis Adetokunbo.

    Per Deeks, it could be to secure a chance at drafting Greek star Giannis Adetokunbo. The 18-year-old small forward is predicted to go somewhere in the lottery this year.


    Fact or Fiction:

    This isn't a hard one to believe. After the Oklahoma City Thunder received Toronto's first round pick at No. 12, the Raptors found themselves outside of the draft altogether.

    Given the new general manager pulling the strings, Masai Ujiri, it is no surprise that they want to make some noise tonight. He has a few assets on his team, and still no one knows what the plan is for Andrea Bargnani.

    I will be buying this story for the time being. 

Boston Celtics' Draft Plans

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    The Buzz:

    The Boston Celtics currently possess only the No. 16 pick in the 2013 NBA draft, but that's not good enough for Danny Ainge as he seeks to add immediate help to this squad. 

    ESPN's Chad Ford reports that the C's are looking at a certain position with their first-round pick and hoping to add another selection later in the proceedings: 

    Celtics trying to pick up another late 1st or early 2nd. Target, I'm hearing, is Missouri PG Phil Pressey. Celts leaning going big at 16.

    It wouldn't cost much to move back into the draft late in the first round or early in the second, so fear not Boston fans. You won't be dealing any major pieces to make this happen. 


    Fact or Fiction:

    It makes sense for Boston to go big with their pick at No. 16. Fab Melo isn't going to be the long-term answer at center, so it's worth trying to find a different one.

    The Celtics will likely be able to pick and choose from Lucas Nogueira, Gorgui Dieng, Mason Plumlee, Rudy Gobert, Jeff Withey and possibly Kelly Olynyk. There are options there whether the team desires offensive or defensive specialists at the 5. 

    As for the other part of this rumor, it seems realistic that Boston would want to land Phil Pressey, mostly because he'd be a cheaper option than anyone coming out of the free-agency pool. The Missouri floor general is small, but he's a nice offensive talent with a good shooting stroke. 

    You can find a more fulsome profile of Pressey here, but just note that he comes in as our No. 29 guard in this draft class. 

    Verdict: Fact

Danny Granger Not Going to Be Traded?

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    The Buzz:

    It didn't take long for Larry Bird to make his presence felt after the Indiana Pacers brought him back into a front-office role. 

    As tweeted by the Indy Star's Zak Keefer, the Hall of Famer has no plans on dealing one of the team's highest-paid players: 

    Bird makes it clear: "I have no plans to trade Danny (Granger)."

    Fact or Fiction: 

    Indiana already has a fairly complete team, but Danny Granger doesn't fit in particularly well with the current roster. Paul George and Lance Stephenson both need their playing time. 

    This seems to be the classic case of the new guy coming in and attempting to make friends right off the bat, but it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Bird decided to move the team's former leading scorer for the right offer. He may not actively seek out a trade, but that doesn't mean Granger is guaranteed to return to Indy for another season. 

    Verdict: Fiction

Same for Eric Bledsoe?

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    Update at 5:20 PM ET

    News coming from Vincent Ellis of the Detroit Free Press, has the Detroit Pistons as one of the many teams interested in acquiring Eric Bledsoe.

    source confirms interest in PG Eric Bledsoe. Many teams bidding to get him.

    Right now this is merely confirmation that Detroit has interest. The Los Angeles Clippers have yet to budge on previous reports that they won't make a move on him today. 

    For Detroit, this makes a lot of sense. They are building a young, athletic team right now. They've got the two talented bigs in Greg Monroe and Andre Drummond, but have been using some older guards recently. Jose Calderon is a free agent, as is Will Bynum. The Pistons will need help in the backcourt, and Bledsoe could be one of the best available.

    Update at 1:15 AM ET

    Los Angeles Clippers beat writer Dan Woike is confirming that the team likely won't be making any sort of move today: 

    My sources tell me that Clippers unlikely to make a move tonight. Still, they're open and would do something if it made sense.

    As originally suspected, the right deal popping up would change things, but they aren't going to force the issue. 


    The Buzz: 

    Another player who's lived in the rumor mill lately is Eric Bledsoe. 

    Everything the Los Angeles Clippers do this offseason is essentially an attempt to appease Chris Paul so that he'l re-sign instead of spurning the team now that he's an unrestricted free agent. Trading the backup point guard would be a huge sign of confidence on the part of the Clippers. 

    According to ESPN's Ramona Shelbourne, the dynamic floor general is staying put for at least one more day: 

    General feeling is that the Clippers dont trade Bledsoe today. New sheriff just got to town, wants to look around a bit

    Before moving on the validity of this rumor, let's focus on the important part of the tweet: Doc Rivers would be an amazing sheriff in real life! Given his gravelly voice and authoritative presence, I'd be absolutely terrified of him. 


    Fact of Fiction: 

    I'm not buying this one. 

    Maybe the Clippers don't want to trade Bledsoe on the day of a weak draft, but they won't hesitate to pull the trigger if the right offer is presented. I wouldn't be surprised if they were calling around and asking teams about their interest in the Kentucky product right now. 

    After landing Doc Rivers, the Clippers feel good about their chances of retaining the best point guard in the league. Bledsoe is still an expendable commodity who needs to be moved before the start of the season. 

    The timing right now may not be ideal, but it's not prohibitive. 

    Verdict: Fiction

Milwaukee Bucks Going After Sergey Karasev?

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    The Buzz:

    Sergey Karasev, the Russian small forward with a sweet shooting stroke and an NBA-ready game, is quickly becoming one of the more coveted players in this draft class. Although he was originally expected to be a late first-round pick, the Milwaukee Bucks may be trying to move up from No. 15 to get him. 

    The following comes from the Twitter feed of Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski

    Milwaukee has discussed switching draft spots (15 for 13) with Dallas to solidify itself to take Russian Sergey Karasev, sources tell Y!

    Fact or Fiction: 

    This one doesn't make too much sense. 

    Even if Karasev is going to go that early, why would the Bucks move up two spots? What exactly would that do for them? 

    The Dallas Mavericks have bigger priorities than landing a small forward. They should be focusing on the bookend positions, drafting either a point guard (Michael Carter-Williams, in all likelihood) or a center. Milwaukee would also jump the Utah Jazz in the order, but with Gordon Hayward already in Salt Lake City, Karasev isn't a priority. 

    Trading up just two spots seems illogical for the Bucks, but they could do so to prevent the Cleveland Cavaliers from also moving up and snatching Karasev out of their grasp. . 

    Verdict: Fiction

Other Teams Interested in the No. 13 Pick

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    Update at 6:40 PM ET

    Dallas is still looking to trade the No. 13 pick, which could still wind up producing the Russian small forward. According to Mark Deeks of, the Mavericks are making the savvy move of turning to the 2014 NBA draft for help: 

    Dallas shopping #13 as hard as advertised, looking for 2014 late lottery picks and 2nds. Doesn't help those trying to trade into top 12 tho.


    Update at 4:10 PM ET

    I'm assuming this is related to Sergey Karasev. Fox Sports' Sam Amico is now reporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers are attempting to move back up into the lottery, giving them a second top pick to pair with the No. 1 overall selection: 

    Also, Cavs trade talks of dealing 2nd rd picks, as well as moving up into Nos. 9-12 range, are ongoing. #NBADraft

    After taking a big man at No. 1 (which must be the route we predict them to take at this point), the Cavs will only need to shore up the wing. Karasev is the most logical reason they'd be willing to give up assets for a chance to move up, given the fact that he's been rising up draft boards quickly. 


    The Buzz: 

    Apparently Sergey Karasev is getting a lot of attention: 

    A ton of teams are trying to get the Mavs' 2013 pick. The Cavs have been the most prominent suitor, but the Bucks, Hawks and Nets are also trying to get up there. In virtually every case the target is Sergey Karasev. The biggest issue for each team is that both the Sixers and Thunder are sending signals they might take Karasev before 13. 

    As ESPN's Chad Ford says up above, the Cleveland Cavaliers, Milwaukee Bucks, Atlanta Hawks and Brooklyn Nets are all trying to trade up and land the Dallas Mavericks' No. 13 pick. The NBA-ready small forward could make a big contribution on all of them, and Dallas would presumably be giving up Shawn Marion and freeing itself from his contract. 


    Fact of Fiction:

    Trading up to No. 13 should be good enough for the teams with interest in Karasev. Even if the Philadelphia 76ers and Oklahoma City Thunder are sending up signals, they're likely smokescreens, as both teams have bigger priorities than landing a small forward. 

    The Milwaukee Bucks, as explained earlier, don't need to move up unless they're doing so to block another team. And if the Cavs, Hawks and Nets have serious interest and a way to get to No. 13, which all of them do, that might be necessary. 

    If Karasev is as coveted as Ford is making it seem, this rumor is quite valid. Don't be surprised if the Hawks package their No. 17 and No. 18 picks to make it happen. 

    Verdict: Fact

Derrick Williams Staying in Minnesota?

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    The Buzz:

    Derrick Williams hasn't been able to live up to the hype ever since he was drafted No. 2 behind Kyrie Irving in the 2011 NBA draft. Lately, he's been the subject of near-constant trade rumors as the Minnesota Timberwolves look to maximize their assets and build around Kevin Love. 

    Now, according to the Star Tribune's Sid Hartman, the 'Wolves are no longer interested in moving the talented Arizona product for a better draft slot: 

    Saunders also said he hasn’t been trying in any way to trade forward Derrick Williams to get a better draft choice.


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Saunders later admits that anyone is movable for the right price, but there's reason to believe his first statement. 

    Originally, the conventional thinking was that Minnesota would package Williams and the No. 9 pick for a shot to move well up in the lottery and guarantee themselves of landing a quality wing player. But after the depression of Shabazz Muhammad's stock, that's no longer necessary. 

    At No. 9, Minnesota can draft Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, shoring up the 2-guard hole while adding some heretofore-unseen size to the position. And, if worst comes to worst and KCP is gone, Shabazz should still be there for the taking. 

    Verdict: Fact

LaMarcus Aldridge on the Move?

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    The Buzz:

    According to Mike McGray of the Daily Herald, LaMarcus Aldridge could be on the way out of Portland. 

    Word is, Aldridge wants to escape from Portland's rebuilding project and has made it known that he'd like to land in Chicago.

    The Chicago Bulls would present Aldridge with a fantastic landing spot, but they're not the only possible destination. CSNW's unnnamed source, via Chris Haynes, reports two more possibilities: 

    The source also said Aldridge wouldn't mind being dealt to the Dallas Mavericks to play in his hometown with the rising belief Dallas has a shot at Dwight Howard. Or to the Los Angeles Clippers, if a scenario such as that makes sense for the Clippers.

    On this day when draft rumors fly fast and furious, anything can happen, but Portland Trail Blazers general manager Neil Olshey made it quite clear to The Oregonian's Jason Quick that he'd listen to offers and wouldn't make any himself. 

    Well, I’ll tell you this: I’m not going to be making any phone calls to move him. But if the phone rings and it makes the team better...


    Fact of Fiction:

    Obviously, it's a big deal whenever an All-Star is traded, especially when that player is also in his 20s and at or near the top of his positional rankings. If Aldridge is truly unhappy, which he certainly seems to be based on all the reports, it won't be long before he finds a new home. 

    The Dallas Mavericks don't present a likely landing spot, especially if the appeal is playing with Dwight Howard. How exactly would Aldridge fit alongside both Dwight and Dirk Nowitzki?

    That's one player too many in the frontcourt, as having two All-Star big men is preferable to three. 

    The Los Angeles Clippers are a great landing spot for Aldridge, but it's unclear what exactly they have to offer. DeAndre Jordan and draft picks aren't enough, and trading for Eric Bledsoe doesn't make much sense for a team that already has Damian Lillard on the roster. 

    It all boils down to Chicago, and the potential offer of Luol Deng and the Charlotte Bobcats' future No. 1 pick (unprotected in 2016) sounds quite appealing. This one is a fact, but only because of the Bulls. 

    Verdict: Fact

3-Way Deal in the Works?

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    Update at 12:30 AM ET

    Sam Amico is reporting that the talks about a rumored deal bringing C.J. Miles to the Brooklyn Nets for the No. 22 pick are now "minimal."

    No update about the possibility of a three-team trade that also involves the Minnesota Timberwolves, but the two-team deal is no longer looking too likely. 


    The Buzz:

    Two-way trades are hard enough to pull off, but three-team deals are tougher still. According to Fox Sports' Sam Amico, though, there's one in the works: 

    Also, Cavs-Nets-Wolves three-way deal involving CJ Miles, Brooks and picks Nos. 22 and 26 very real. Or just 22 for Miles.

    As clarification, the No. 22 pick currently belongs to the Brooklyn Nets, and the Minnesota Timberwolves have control over the No. 26 selection. 

    Presumably, the 'Wolves would be getting MarShon Brooks in this deal, seeing as they've already shown interest in requiring him.


    Fact of Fiction:

    There's no reason to doubt this rumor for now, simply because there's already a rumor concerning Brooks changing locations and helping Minnesota find a suitable shooting guard.

    None of the moving pieces are particularly valuable here either, as teams are looking to shore up their benches here. Miles would provide the Nets with some established depth at the wing, and the picks being swapped wouldn't change all that much. 

    Verdict: Fact

Indiana Pacers Interested in Dealing Their Pick?

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    The Buzz:

    The Indiana Pacers currently lay claim to the No. 23 pick in the draft, but there aren't many targets in that range that could immediately help them out. 

    That might be the reason that they're looking to trade out of the spot, as reported by ESPN's Andy Katz

    Indiana's No. 23 is in play for a move.


    Fact of Fiction:

    Given the weakness of this draft, there isn't much benefit to having a late first-round selection unless you've fallen in love with a certain player. 

    Indiana's primary needs this offseason involve shoring up the backcourt, preferably by adding an offensive spark plug off the bench. But the Pacers need said spark plug to be ready to compete from Day 1, as they're looking to remain elite contenders in the Eastern Conference. 

    Drafting a scorer like Allen Crabbe or Ricky Ledo might help the team down the road, but not for the 2013-14 campaign. 

    It's unclear whether Indiana is looking to move down in the proceedings and pay its rookie less money or if the Pacers are trying to move out of the draft entirely, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if No. 23 changed hands. 

    Verdict: Fact

C.J. McCollum at No. 7?

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    The Buzz: 

    Could a player from Lehigh go as high as No. 7?

    I've had C.J. McCollum projected to the Detroit Pistons at No. 8 for a while now, but ESPN's Andy Katz is reporting that the Sacramento Kings have some interest in the combo guard. Apparently the new management didn't get the memo that the old ownership loved drafting guards too early. 


    Fact of Fiction: 

    For all the grief we give the Kings about drafting too many guards, C.J. McCollum would be a nice fit on the roster. 

    He can play either point guard or shooting guard capably, although he's admittedly small for the latter position. Additionally, he brings an element of outside shooting to the table that Sacramento sorely needs. 

    Tyreke Evans hasn't been able to develop his jumper—he showed signs last year, but only fleeting ones—and the Kings need someone who can space out the court.

    There are likely to be better options than McCollum here, but there's no reason to doubt this rumor, and it could cause a team like the Detroit Pistons to seek an upward move.

    Verdict: Fact 

Brandon Jennings Available?

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    The Buzz: 

    We have our early contender for the strangest rumor of draft night. 

    This one comes courtesy of the Journal Times' Gery Woelfel

    Bucks are letting it be known that Brandon Jennings is available for the right price.

    Let's not waste any more time before I dispel the necessity of this update.


    Fact of Fiction: 

    Honestly, I'm not sure whether to call this fact or fiction because it's that blindingly obvious. OF COURSE Brand Jennings is available for the right price. You know, because he's a free agent. 

    Seeing as restricted free agents get to go out and find deals before their original teams have a chance to match the offer, is Woelfel basically telling us that the Milwaukee Bucks won't be bringing Jennings back if the price tag is too high. Didn't we know that already? 

    He certainly can't be talking about a sign-and-trade right now, since that can't happen until the moratorium lifts in July. 

    Verdict: Fact that he's available, fiction that this was worth reporting

More Milwaukee Bucks News

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    The Buzz:

    Let's stick with Gery Woelfel for one more rumor. And this time it's one that isn't exactly blindingly obvious, even if it isn't a blockbuster in the making: 

    I proposed this trade at the trading deadline - Luke Ridnour for Ekpe Udoh - now I'm hearing it could happen.

    Luke Ridnour actually started all 82 games for the Minnesota Timberwolves last year, and Ekpe Udoh played sparingly for the Milwaukee Bucks, but neither are essential to their respective team's long-term plans. 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    There's not much of a point in doubting this one, as it would be a mutually beneficial deal. 

    The Timberwolves don't have much of a need for a point guard who was lining up at the 2 upon Ricky Rubio's return. Instead, they're planning on addressing the position with the No. 9 pick. They could use a defensive presence like Udoh to come off the bench and spell either Kevin Love or Nikola Pekovic. 

    On the flip side, Milwaukee could use some depth at the guard positions. It stands to lose Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis and J.J. Redick in free agency, so trading frontcourt depth for backcourt depth is a logical decision. 

    Verdict: Fact

Thomas Robinson on the Block?

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    The Buzz: 

    According to HOOPSWORLD's Alex Kennedy, the Houston Rockets are still looking to trade a certain talented young forward: 

    The Houston Rockets continue to shop Thomas Robinson. They want to dump his contract to free up money for their pursuit of top free agents.

    Houston has a number of young power 4s on the roster, making the former Kansas Jayhawk more expendable than normal. By clearing his salary from the books, general manager Daryl Morey would also be making the process of eventually acquiring Dwight Howard quite a bit easier. 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    There isn't much of a fishy smell to this one. Everything checks out. 

    Thomas Robinson still has plenty of potential after a lackluster rookie season, and plenty of teams should be willing to snap him up for the right price. If he were eligible for this draft, he'd be an absolute lock for the lottery, and we'd likely be talking about him as a contender for the No. 1 spot. 

    Morey is also well established as a chaser of the league's superstars, so it's no surprise that he's doing everything possible to add to his collection and pair up D12 with James Harden

    This is one move that could definitely happen by the end of the night. 

    Verdict: Fact

Teams Trading out of the Back End of the 1st Round

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    Update at 6:15 PM ET

    The Timberwolves aren't the only team looking to get rid of a first-round pick. A bunch of teams are emerging as candidates to trade down or out of the draft entirely.

    According to CBS' Ken Berger, there are four of them right now: 

    Expect a selloff of late first-round picks. Pacers (23), Clippers (25), Wolves (26) and Nuggets (27) among teams looking to bail.

    Two things are contributing to this influx of teams looking to move out of the top 30: (A) This draft class is weak, as not many players are ready to contribute right away and (B) the draft is also quite deep, as there's not a significant drop-off between the back end of the first round and the middle portion of the second. 

    We should see at least one of these teams actually make good on Berger's prediction. 


    Update at 6:00 PM ET

    The Brooklyn Nets are still looking to deal MarShon Brooks to the Minnesota Timberwolves, per ESPN's Jared Zwerling

    #Nets trade talks w/ Minnesota for MarShon Brooks still in the mix. If the Nets don't make that move, they could take a backup big at 22.

    If the trade was made, the Nets would presumably have the No. 22 and No. 26 picks, allowing them to add some more depth to a team that could soon boast both Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. It's unlikely the trigger is pulled here before we know what's happening with the blockbuster deal. 


    The Buzz:

    The Minnesota Timberwolves won't be moving out of the No. 9 spot, as they'll be able to land either Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Shabazz Muhammad or C.J. McCollum there, but the prospect of them keeping the No. 26 pick is starting to get increasingly unlikely. 

    According to ESPN's Zach Harper, we shouldn't expect them to add another rookie there, even if they make the pick: 

    With the 26th pick in the draft, I would advise not to expect the Wolves to pick anybody that makes sense. Why is that, you say? According to a couple of sources (I sound so reporter-y!), this pick is going to be traded and we shouldn’t expect the pick to be made by the Wolves. Doesn’t mean they’ll trade it before the pick is made. Remember the Ty Lawson thing? It’s kind of like that. The Wolves will probably pick someone and ship the draft rights of said selection to another team. It sounds like that other team will be the Brooklyn Nets. The deal would likely be something like Mickael Gelabale and the pick for MarShon Brooks, but I can’t get confirmation on that.


    Again, nothing is definite yet but I’ve been told not to expect the Wolves to actually pick at 26.

    MarShon Brooks would be a nice find for the Wolves, but is it feasible? 


    Fact or Fiction:

    There's no reason why this couldn't happen. 

    Minnesota is looking to make a playoff push during the 2013-14 season, and adding another rookie isn't going to help their chances much. Brooks may not have played much for the Brooklyn Nets, but he's a scoring talent and has looked solid in limited action. 

    Moreover, as a sizable 2-guard with an outside stroke, he's exactly what the Wolves are looking for. And he's a former No. 25 pick, so the swap isn't that uneven since he's basically still a prospect. 

    Verdict: Fact

Memphis Grizzlies Want a 1st-Rounder?

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    The Buzz: 

    On the Chris Vernon Show, CEO Jason Levien confirmed that he's looking to move the Memphis Grizzlies into the first round by buying a pick (h/t DraftExpress). 

    There's no word on which part of the first round the Grizz are shooting for, though. Just that they'd like to have a pick. This news has been overshadowed by the official hiring of Dave Joerger, so maybe more information will be coming through the wire later. 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Memphis might have interest in buying a first-rounder, but it's unlikely that the move is actually made. This draft class is just to weak to be all that tempting, and Memphis doesn't have many legitimate needs, especially if it's planning on bringing back unrestricted free agent Tony Allen. 

    The Grizzlies would presumably be looking to add some scoring out of the backcourt, but there aren't many NBA-ready talents available near the end of the first round. Similarly, the price tag might be too high early on.

    Someone like Ricky Ledo figures to be a reasonable target if this rumor is a legitimate one. 

    Verit: Fiction

Knicks Now Staying Put at No. 24?

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    Update at 6:20 PM ET

    Apparently Steve Novak wasn't getting the job done. Playing trade bait and tempting teams into a deal just isn't as easy as hitting open three-pointers. 

    According to CBS' Ken Berger, the New York Knicks are now planning on staying put at No. 24: 

    Knicks probably will keep the 24th pick -- what's another contract to them? Looking for best available SG (Jamaal Franklin or Allen Crabbe).

    It seems unlikely that Jamaal Franklin will still be there in the mid-'20s, but don't be surprised to see a shooting guard like Allen Crabbe or Ricky Ledo suiting up in Madison Square Garden next year. 


    The Buzz:

    If the New York Knicks want to move up into the earlier portion of this draft or acquire a second-round pick, Steve Novak is going to be the primary asset changing hands. 

    At least that's what ESPN's Jared Zwerling is reporting on twitter: 

    Hearing Steve Novak might be the one guy the Knicks could move tonight to move up in the draft or acquire second-round picks. #Knicks


    Fact or Fiction: 

    This sounds good in theory, but it's unlikely that a team is willing to take on Steve Novak's contract. He's a terrific shooter, but he's not worth just under $4 million a year until he becomes a free agent after the 2015-16 season. 

    This is a pipe dream for the New York crowd, as the Knicks are one of the few franchises willing to pay a three-point specialist that kind of money. 

    In the words of Aerosmith, dream on. 

    Verdict: Fiction

Utah Using Enes Kanter as Bait?

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    The Buzz: 

    According to ESPN's Andy Katz, the Utah Jazz aren't content with waiting for the rest of the lottery to play out. Instead, they're thinking about trading up: 

    League sources say Utah has interest in including Kanter if it can move up.

    Enes Kanter was a No. 3 pick not too long ago, and he's shown flashes of potential each time he's gotten onto the court. Would Utah really be willing to deal him? 


    Fact or Fiction: 

    Even though Kanter has a lot of long-term upside, Utah wouldn't mind trading him for a chance to move up simply because it has the financial flexibility to re-sign Al Jefferson, who's now an unrestricted free agent. 

    Losing Kanter only truly hurts if Jefferson gets away too. 

    If Kanter and the No. 14 pick are enough to work into the top five, that means that the Jazz could also beat out the New Orleans Pelicans in the Trey Burke sweepstakes and secure their point guard of the future. 

    Verdict: Fact