The Insanity of Trading Braylon Edwards

ollie oleCorrespondent IMay 6, 2009

CLEVELAND - DECEMBER 21:  Braylon Edwards #17 of the Cleveland Browns tries to stay warm on the sideline during the second quarter while playing the Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Stadium December 21, 2008 in Cleveland, Ohio.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Its lunacy sometimes on Bleacher Report!

But that's what happens when you are on an amateur sportswriters website. Everyone's an expert, especially when they are in the middle of playing Madden NFL video game.

Whenever there is a bandwagon to jump on, inevitably the bandwagon would be brimmed to the top!

Take, for instance, my innocent story of a trade between the Browns, Broncos and Lions, which spawned a slew of articles advocating the trade of everything and everyone from the ballboys to the cleaning ladies between franchises.

Now there is the latest in the trade-rumor mill involving Braylon Edwards.

I don't know if Clowns fans know, but franchise wide receivers don't drop from the nearest apple tree every month. If they do, the Eagles, Giants, Cowboys and Vikings would have them by now. And Dallas spent and Number 1 and Number 3 pick for a chance at one.

I would rather have Braylon Edwards drop 20 passes and still hang onto 20 TDs.

Mike Furrey dropped 18 passes before being knocked unconscious in 2008. Neither one of Brian Robiskie nor Mohammed Massoquoi have big-play potential. Hubbarb has the speed and Rucker has the size, but both are unreliable at best.

To be sure, there has been antagonism between Edwards and the Clowns fans—but so what? If Edwards has good relations with the coaches, then he will play fine. Romeo Crennel can still be brought in to smooth any rifts.

The Browns just need better player management. Mangenius can be as much of a disciplinarian he wants, but if he hasn't earned the respect of the players—which he hasn't—it will amount to nought.

We can afford Braylon Edwards. The Browns should keep him. Then, the Browns should try to re-sign him next year or franchise-tag him until an adequate trade package can be negotiated.

But the Browns don't need other team's trash!