Taz to Leave TNA and Return to WWE?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IJune 26, 2013

Taz in 2008 (from WWE.com)
Taz in 2008 (from WWE.com)

Could TNA announcer Taz be on the verge of returning to WWE?

As Mike Johnson of PWInsider notes, it's possible. The former ECW world champion's contract with TNA is due to expire soon, and there have been indications that he may be WWE-bound:

The site notes that the announcer tweeted: "Couple of big wrestling shows in my "hometown" of Brooklyn! #RedHookNearBarclay." (Interestingly, he deleted the post soon after, but not before several sites picked it up).

PWInsider talks about the tweet and explains its significance:

The mention of Barclay is obviously a reference to the Barclays Center, which will host WWE Raw for the first time on 7/15.

What is interesting about that comment is that in asking around to TNA sources this evening, we confirmed that Taz's current deal with the company is set to expire in just a few weeks.

TNA is running Brooklyn on 7/5, but Taz did not specifically reference that date or venue, MCU Field, at all - instead cryptically making a reference to the Monday Night Raw taping.

Taz, aka Peter Senercia, worked for WWE from 2000 to 2009, first as a wrestler then later as a commentator.

He parted ways with WWE in April 2009, showing up at TNA's Victory Road pay-per-view a few months after.

The official reason for Taz's WWE exit has never been made clear. Although the star did blast Vince McMahon for his shoddy treatment of the ECW brand in a 2010 interview with The Sun, noting that, in his mind, the WWE owner had greatly disrespected its legacy.

His TNA run has been enjoyable for the most part. He performs well in the role of announcer, and his work since turning heel and joining Aces & Eights has been one of the few highlights of the whole angle.

The 45-year-old still has a lot to offer the business, both as an interviewer and personality. Considering how many shows WWE has added to its schedule in recent times (the revamped NXT, Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam), the company could certainly use some new commentators.