Sheamus Needs a Character Change in WWE

Drake Oz@drakeozbrSenior Writer IIJune 28, 2013

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Sheamus is one of the WWE’s top babyfaces, or so the company would have you think.

There are true babyfaces who do just about everything by the book, like Kofi Kingston. There are also true heels who do whatever they can to make the fans hate them, like Mark Henry.

Then, there’s Sheamus. 

The WWE pushes “The Great White” as one of its top four or five babyfaces. But his character isn’t really a face. It’s much more fitting of a heel.

That would be all fine and dandy if Sheamus was supposed to be a heel, but he’s not. Clearly, the WWE wants him to be a face, as he consistently feuds with the company’s top heels. 

But if Sheamus is ever going to truly be a babyface, he needs a major character change. Now.

Some wrestlers, like CM Punk or “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, can perform in anti-hero or “tweener” roles and make it work. Whatever Sheamus is supposed to be doing, however, just isn’t working. 

Sheamus is not a babyface in the true sense of the word. A true babyface is someone like Rey Mysterio.

Then again, he’s not a heel either because he spends all of his time feuding with heels rather than babyfaces. 

So, what is Sheamus exactly? Despite what the WWE wants us to believe, he’s not someone the fans should be cheering for. 

Quite frankly, Sheamus is a jerk.

Week after week, he bullies, mocks, embarrasses and makes fun of whomever he’s feuding with or wrestling against on any given night.

Take, for example, his recent feud with Damien Sandow. How many times have we seen Sheamus resort to violence when Sandow has tried to settle the dispute with intellect?

Better yet, is it really the action of a babyface to destroy a rival’s computer and then, totally unprovoked, kick his head off?

Whether it’s things like that or making lame jokes meant to make his opponent look like a moron, that’s what Sheamus does. He will do anything and everything he can to make whomever he’s facing look, sound and feel dumb—even when there really isn’t much of a reason to. 

He attacks before being attacked, bullies anyone he wants and resorts to physical violence whenever possible, even if the situation doesn’t call for it at all.

Yes, this is pro wrestling. Yes, people are supposed to fight here.

But there’s a difference between what a face is supposed to do and what a heel is supposed to do. Sheamus should be doing what faces do—things like, you know, being honorable and staying away from violence unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

Instead, Sheamus does what heels do. He attacks people from behind. He criticizes, ridicules and embarrasses anyone he doesn’t like. He immediately resorts to Brogue Kicks when he’s mad instead of trying to settle his disputes with words first.

In other words, Sheamus is—by the very definition of the word—a heel.

That’s a problem because Sheamus isn’t supposed to be a villain. And that problem can only be fixed in one of two ways: either he needs to start acting like an actual babyface, or he should turn heel. 

Regardless, the outcome in both situations is the same. Sheamus needs to change his character in some way, shape or form. 

He can’t be the “cool” babyface who does whatever the hell he wants and gets away with it. He can’t pull that off like Punk, Austin or even Randy Orton can. 

No, Sheamus doesn’t need to be overly corny and campy to be a babyface. He just needs to stop being a jerk of a meathead and start acting like the true fan favorite the WWE pushes him as.

It’s really not that hard, Sheamus. Act like a face because that’s what you’re supposed to be.


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