Things a San Francisco 49ers Fan Says

Dan MoriCorrespondent IJune 27, 2013

Things a San Francisco 49ers Fan Says

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    San Francisco 49ers fans have seen the full range of success and failure over the past few decades. There were the Super Bowl triumphs with Bill Walsh and George Seifert leading the way. 

    Superstars like Hall of Fame players Joe Montana, Steve Young, Jerry Rice and Ronnie Lott brought five world championships to San Francisco.

    Even the years following the great Montana and Young included stars like Jeff Garcia, Garrison Hearst, Bryant Young and Terrell Owens. The end was approaching, but the 49ers were competitive and diligently hung onto their dreams for more world championships.

    Then, the 49ers slipped to the depths of the NFL. GMs Dwight Clark and Terry Donahue were unable to maintain the rich tradition of 49ers excellence. Many of their decisions helped to bring the franchise to its knees.

    Players like Lawrence Phillips, Antonio Langham, Owen Pochman, Rashaun Woods and Jim Druckenmiller were brought in but could not measure up. The coaching carousel began, and until Jim Harbaugh was brought in, the franchise was in disarray.

    The 49ers are now once again in the upper echelon of the NFL and fighting for world championships.

    The 49er Faithful, as their fans are called, fully believe that their team will once again be on top of the football world.

    Fan is short for fanatic, and the rabid fans of the 49ers are fully engaged and vocal in their support of their team. However, listening to 49ers fans can also be quite entertaining.

    Sports are meant to be fun, so let's switch gears for a moment and enjoy. We will take a humorous look at some of the funny and not-so-funny things you might hear a 49ers fan say. 

No. 5: How Much Are These Seat Licenses?

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    The San Francisco 49ers' new stadium in Santa Clara is already under construction. It will be the most technologically advanced stadium in the NFL and a huge step up from Candlestick Park.

    If you want to buy season tickets in a desirable location, it will cost you potentially as much as $80,000 per seat. That fee is only for the license—in other words, just the right to buy the season tickets. You also need to purchase the tickets themselves.

    The cost to build the 49ers' new home in Santa Clara is estimated to be around $1.2 billion. Seat license fees are one of the main revenue sources to build the stadium. They will range anywhere from $2,000 to $80,000 per seat.

    49ers fans must now figure a steep charge into their budgets, if they want to own season tickets to the new stadium. The key question being asked is: "How much are these seat licenses?"

No. 4: The Seahawks Are Cheaters

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    Fans of the San Francisco 49ers are now looking at the Seattle Seahawks as their primary rival in the NFC West. In typical rivalry fashion, fans will latch onto anything they think will annoy their opponent.

    The 49ers fans will undoubtedly jeer the Seahawks for their issues with PEDs. Seattle has had six players test positive for PEDs, leading the NFL in a category that nobody wants to lead.

    At the top of the list is cornerback Richard Sherman, who actually had his suspension overturned last December. Nevertheless, Sherman is guilty in the eyes of 49ers fans, and they will let him hear about it when he plays in San Francisco in December.

    In addition to Sherman, defensive end Bruce Irvin tested positive and was suspended for four games.

    Others suspended include guard John Moffitt, defensive back Brandon Browner and safety Winston Guy. Allen Barbre, who is now an Eagle, was also a Seahawk when he was caught.

No. 3: Please Pass Me the Wine and Cheese

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    Fans of the San Francisco 49ers have long been accused of being the wine-and-cheese crowd. Somehow, antagonists equate having wine and cheese at a tailgate party with being wimpy and less than a hardcore fan.

    In reality, you can get some great food in the parking lot at Candlestick Park, before a game. The aroma of grilled sausage and Tri-Tip wafts through the air, as the beer also flows smoothly.

    So, fans, enjoy what you want before the game, but be at your peak for the game. If that means having wine and cheese, so be it.

No. 2: A.J. Jenkins Will Be Much Better This Year

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    Over the past year, the most polarizing 49ers player has been A.J. Jenkins. Polarizing to the fans because many people are saying he will have a big year, while others are already calling him a bust.

    While it is too early to label Jenkins a bust, he also needs to prove to the fans that he can play. Most importantly, Jenkins needs to convince Harbaugh and Greg Roman that he can play.

    My biggest concern with Jenkins is that after the injuries to Mario Manningham and Kyle Williams last season, he was unable to beat out two unrestricted free agents to make it on the active roster.

    UFAs Chad Hall and Joe Hastings both were ahead of Jenkins on the depth chart. They each made the active roster ahead of Jenkins.

    Hastings was waived just recently, so that is a bad omen, just proving how badly Jenkins was performing in practice.

No. 1: Hey Pete, What's Your Deal?

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    Harbaugh and Pete Carroll have been battling for many years and have developed a genuine dislike for each other.

    Harbaugh coached at Stanford and Carroll at USC, when the feud got started. Stanford was blowing out USC (ultimately winning 55-21) when Harbaugh had his team attempt a two-point conversion.

    Carroll viewed this tactic as disrespectful and let Harbaugh know about it. The infamous "what's your deal" comment was uttered twice when the coaches met at midfield following that game: Carroll said it first, and then Harbaugh responded in kind.

    Carroll ran a very loose ship at USC, and it was not a coincidence that shortly before NCAA sanctions came down on USC, Carroll bolted to become the head coach of the Seahawks.

    Harbaugh has most recently raised the issue of Seattle's PED problems, and much of his disdain is pointed towards Carroll.

    Harbaugh and Carroll are now bitter rivals in the NFC West, with each team vying for the crown. 

    The fans of the 49ers are soaking all of this in and will ultimately ask the main question: "Hey, Pete, what is your deal?"

Bonus Fan Statement: The 49ers Will Win the Super Bowl This Season

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    The 49ers have attained a good level of success under Jim Harbaugh. However, there is still one thing missing from this group of 49ers.

    San Francisco is poised to make another run at the world championship. Fans believe this will be the season for the 49ers to win it all. Anything less than a Super Bowl victory will be a disappointment.