WWE Worst of the Week: A.J. Lee, Daniel Bryan and More

Andy Soucek@Andy_SoucekFeatured ColumnistJune 30, 2013

WWE Worst of the Week: A.J. Lee, Daniel Bryan and More

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    Welcome back to the most must-read WWE Worst of the Week article in WWE history, welcome to WWE Worst of the Week!

    Well, the past seven days raised a few questions: Did Paul Heyman really have nothing to do with the attack on CM Punk? Where is the McMahon family drama going? And, most importantly, how did the 3MB get into a No. 1 contender's match for the WWE Tag Team Championships despite not winning a tag match since Dec. 11

    Overall, things are heating up as we head into Money in the Bank, but before we look forward, let's take a fond look back at the week that was. Let's forget about the good times, and focus on the bad.

    It's time to celebrate WWE's worst of the week!

No. 5: The Look on Your Face

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    This entry was short but sweet (or bitter).

    On Monday, Daniel Bryan was angry. He barged in on Vickie Guerrero, and said he either wanted a match against Randy Orton, or one against Brad Maddox.

    Maddox looked scared, Vickie then debated a moment before telling Bryan that he had his match... with Orton.

    Vickie was just joshing around! Maddox looked relieved.

    Silly old Vickie wanted to rub it in, and told her assistant GM that he should have seen the look on his face. The problem is, Vickie didn't see it either.

    She was facing the other direction the whole time.

    Sure, there's the possibility that there was a mirror behind Daniel Bryan and she looked into it and somehow saw Maddox's unobstructed face, but it's more likely that she screwed up.

    Don't worry Vickie, there's always next week. 

    (Not surprisingly, WWE doesn't have this video up on their website, so enjoy the Spanish version embedded above! Si! Si! Si!)

No. 4: 1-800 This Sucks

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    Week two of 1-800 Fella was just as weird and unfunny as the first.

    This entry saw our favorite scantily clad fella getting a cat down from a tree. Not wanting to get any scratches on his near naked body, he decided to Brogue Kick the tree down.

    Did he have a permit for that?

    Anyway, an elderly woman was somehow very turned on by this and tried to seduce him. Sheamus wasn't interested though, and ran off as she chased after him all of five feet while rip-of Benny Hill music played in the background.

    Really though, Sheamus has no one to blame but himself. The man was running around a city park in his underpants in broad daylight. It's understandable why she was confused about his intentions. 

No. 3: World Heavyweight Title Money in the Bank Participants

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    It was nice of Teddy Long to give so many up-and-comers a chance at the World Heavyweight Title at Money in the Bank, but what was his criteria?

    Wade Barrett is in? Why? Was losing the Intercontinental Title and losing the rematch good enough to earn entry?

    Cody Rhodes has lost nine of his last 10 matches. Jack Swagger has lost seven of his last eight. Antonio Cesaro has gone 4 - 14 in his last televised 18 matches. Damien Sandow just came out on the losing side of a feud with Sheamus. 

    From a win/loss stand point, only Dean Ambrose and Fandango should actually be in this thing.

    This didn't bother Vince McMahon though, who felt Long's line of thinking was absolutely genius. 

    But sadly, the whole match makes about as much sense as Teddy Long's year long feud with Booker T. 

No. 2: Impression Time

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    WWE has a long, not-so proud history of having its wrestlers dress up as each other in attempted comedy segments. 

    These usually miss by a mile. That didn't stop the company from trying again this past Monday and Friday with A.J. Lee and Kaitlyn. 

    It was A.J.'s turn first to make fun of Kaitlyn. 

    One moderately amusing line ("I always wished I could find a man with a voice as deep as mine") wasn't worth the rest of this 45 minute (at least it felt like that) groan-inducing segment.

    WWE would have been wise to leave well enough alone. Instead, it came back for seconds with its insatiable hunger for bad television.

    Kaitlyn dressed up as A.J. on SmackDown to even less laughter, and somehow an even worse impression.

    The entire segment consisted of Kaitlyn insinuated that A.J. had sexual relationships with the timekeeper (good for him), the ringside doctor (good for her) and Lillian Garcia (good for us).

    Let's just hope that WWE leaves well enough alone before Big E. Langston attempts his Kaitlyn impression next. 

No. 1: How Not to Make a Star

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    Daniel Bryan is getting increased TV time. Great!

    He also picked up a clean win on Randy Orton. Awesome!

    The Chairman of the company said Bryan is too short and emotionally unstable to become a star. Idiotic.

    In the words of Paul Heyman: "accentuate the positives, hide the negatives." 

    Bryan is close to becoming a big star for the company. Very close. But instead of going all in, WWE seems to be giving him a reluctant push. It's almost like McMahon wants him to fail so he can move on to someone else.

    The whiny, paranoid, comedic Daniel Bryan has run its course. It's time to get serious. 

    The big pops that Bryan have received lately haven't been because of his comedy bits. They happen in matches when he takes the hot tag, and unloads a fury of unbelievable offense. The fans want to see him kick ass, not argue.

    On Raw, Daniel Bryan defeated Randy Orton in a stellar match. This should have been the end of the “weakest link” storyline. On SmackDown though, it just continued.

    Bryan has enormous potential, but he's not going to become a huge star unless the company tones down the comedy, and quits pointing out his shortcomings. Most of all, they need to lay off bad jokes like having him say he looks like an extra from The Hobbit

    No! No! No!

    Well, that's all for this week. Agree? Disagree? What was your worst moment of the week? Sound off below, and thanks for reading!