Brad Maddox Needs to Become an Active Wrestler Soon

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

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Brad Maddox is sputtering as Vickie Guerrero's assistant, and WWE would be wise to transition him to the ring.

His current role is a waste of his talents. He's given very little time to talk and no opportunity to showcase his athletic skill. In Maddox, WWE has a young, promising wrestler who can be far more than an onscreen lackey.

On Monday's WWE Raw, Maddox stood next to Vickie as Jerry Lawler revealed the cover for the upcoming WWE 2K14 video game. Maddox's contribution was a single joke where he put himself on the cover of the game in between John Cena and CM Punk.

WWE could have just about anyone fill that role. An injured wrestler or a retired Superstar makes more sense here than a 29-year-old athlete.


Get Him In The Ring And Let Him Work

Maddox hasn't received a chance to show what he can do in the ring aside from take a beating, but his NXT work is proof of his well-rounded, entertaining in-ring style. He moves fluidly and naturally in the ring and is an excellent leaper.

Moves like the Deal Breaker, or sliding from a Russian leg sweep into a pin, are weapons fans should be seeing in action in a WWE ring.

Beyond his moves, Maddox possesses a flair that should quickly earn him new fans. It's a mix of cockiness, showboating and aggression that makes Maddox an eye-catching performer. Watch him in action against Briley Pierce from his NXT days.

Maddox displays a great skill for showboating here. His confidence shines in the ring as he goes from playful to predatory in an instant.

He doesn't have to be a future world champion or main event talent to earn his keep in the ring either. He’s already shown how convincing of a victim he can be in his match against Ryback, but he may be best suited as a boost to the tag team division.


Find Him a Better Partner Than Vickie

Sticking Maddox with a Superstar without direction could help both men.

A team of Maddox and Alex Riley, Maddox and Justin Gabriel or Maddox and Curt Hawkins could all add an entertaining duo to the tag team division.

When Tons of Funk and 3MB are involved in a match to determine the No. 1 contender's spot for the tag titles, there is clearly an issue with depth. Maddox is by no means a savior, but can add athleticism and showmanship to the mix. He is better served tagging with whoever WWE teams him with than getting in the odd joke in backstage segments.

Check out his match with Briley Pierce against Hunico and Epico.

It's not hard to imagine Maddox bringing this same quick-paced action to WWE's weekly programming especially because both of his opponents here are on the main roster. There's drama and excitement here, things that the tag division can use and Maddox can provide.

Maddox is a funny, charismatic guy who is doing what he can with his role as Vickie's second, but he is better suited to be an active wrestler. Should WWE let him fight alongside a partner or against the company's midcarders, Maddox is sure to reward the company.