AJ Lee's Next 5 Challengers If Kaitlyn Doesn't Win Back the Divas Championship

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

AJ Lee's Next 5 Challengers If Kaitlyn Doesn't Win Back the Divas Championship

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    Should AJ Lee's Divas title reign last beyond her feud with Kaitlyn, WWE has a number of options for her next rival despite the lack of depth in the division.

    AJ won the belt by attacking Kaitlyn's psyche. The Hybrid Diva has since been charging at AJ, her emotions causing her to lose focus. Kaitlyn will continue to seek revenge, but what if she fails? What if her wrath doesn't translate into her reclaiming the championship?

    A corporate figure, an NXT prospect and a mat technician are among the options for AJ's future challengers.

    The following list compiles the women who would provide the best stories and matches with AJ, who would help WWE continue its focus on the Divas.

Tamina Snuka

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    The imposing second-generation star would not only serve as a believable threat, but has a history with the Divas champ.

    Tamina Snuka has been used far too little given her abilities. She's powerful, intimidating and ends matches with an excellent diving splash that pays tribute to her famous father.

    Tamina was used earlier as Vickie Guerrero's muscle when AJ and Vickie were fighting over the general manager position on WWE Raw. AJ could still harbor bad feelings for Tamina because of this while Tamina could convincingly tear through the Divas division on her way to the No. 1 contender's spot.

Layla El

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    Layla El has been at Kaitlyn's side throughout her ordeal with AJ Lee. Should her friend fail to earn back the title, Layla could be the next to step up.

    A former Divas champion herself, Layla is a decent in-ring performer but more importantly has a good connection with audience. Fans could get behind cheering for her against the manipulative AJ.

    Layla's power advantage, her athleticism and AJ's villainy could make their championship matches quite entertaining. 

Natalya Neidhart

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    Although Natalya Neidhart has been mostly relegated to Great Khali girlfriend duty, she is WWE's best option for great Divas matches.

    Whether she uses her robust supply of submission holds or is showing off her smooth chain wrestling skills, Natalya can out-wrestle any female on the roster.

    Like Layla El, she's been cast as Kaitlyn’s friend. That means WWE writers have an easy storyline of her sticking up for Kaitlyn by going after AJ Lee available to them.

    AJ vs. Natalya is a battle of the Black Widow vs. the Sharpshooter, purity vs. wickedness, speed vs. technical skill. It's a battle that stands as one of the most compelling WWE has to choose from.

Stephanie McMahon

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    By no means should Stephanie McMahon get in the ring with AJ Lee, but she could serve as her rival as an authority figure.

    Stephanie and AJ have already had tension between them when AJ stood in the ring boasting about her title win. It's easy to build from there—AJ playing the stubborn insurgent and Stephanie the firm boss.

    Perhaps Stephanie selects a Diva to fight in her stead the way that her father chose Umaga to fight for him at WrestleMania 23. Or Stephanie could work against AJ by stripping her of the title or putting her in unfair matches.

    AJ can become the figure audiences pity as Stephanie morphs into more of a tyrant.


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    WWE's best all-around Diva awaits a call-up from NXT.

    Paige is compellingly aggressive, moves well in the ring, understands the complexities of working the crowd and is easy on the eyes on top of all that.

    The next time AJ stands in a WWE ring barking out a challenge to the division, saying that there is no woman worthier of the Divas title than her, Paige could storm down the ramp and toss AJ like a fox would do a chicken.

    A portion of the WWE audience already knows Paige from her NXT work, but the rest can catch up with a storyline centered around her tangling with AJ.