The Nickel: Kidd vs. Bourne, Dreamer's Time Is Ticking, Morrison vs Jericho

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The Nickel: Kidd vs. Bourne, Dreamer's Time Is Ticking, Morrison vs Jericho
Tyson Kidd vs. Evan Bourne

This is a great way to start ECW. Two of the brand's top stars going at it definitely sounds. I've been high on both stars and the possible feud. The match was everything I'd thought it would be.

Bourne and Kidd started off with some good old mat wrestling, which is always good too see unless your some snot nosed brat who just wants to see high flying stunts. Kidd really screams loud, I could hear him word for word, he does a good job selling moves.

Control of the match switch back and forth, it was a wonderful blend of submissions, lightning quick moves, and clever submissions. At one point Kidd yelled.


Kidd controlled a majority of the match keeping Bourne founded with vicious submissions and one mean back breaker at one point. Every counter was as good as the last. These two definitely have a great feud in the works hopefully.

The match was going great until Finlay came out and cost Kidd the match. The only good thing is that it didn't take away from Kidd since he lost due to interference. I only have one question.

"Where's DH Smith?!"

Jack Swagger's Promo

"Tommy Dreamer is the fat and cholesterol of ECW! In five weeks, we'll be able to unclog our arteries".

First Miz, now Swagger?! 

These promos are getting more hilarious by the week. I have respect for Dreamer and would love for him to have one last run as ECW champion, but that line was a good one.

Swagger also whined about Christian being champ and how he cheated at Backlash, which he did.

Tommy Dreamer wouldn't let Swagger get away with trash talking. He ran out and roughed up Swagger a bit. Dreamer's contract is up soon, will he win by the Extreme Rules PPV? I guess we'll see.

Zack Ryder

How fitting is it that he returns when I was working on a piece that I could definitely use him in? Anyway, he entered Tiffany's office rocking some crazy outfit (an open purple button down shirt).

I don't know who the hell he thinks the is, but he reminds me of Josh Swell. Looks like WWE found something for him after all.

Those lucky people who have WGN America will get to see him in action sporting his new look and gimmick against Finlay.

Christian vs. Mark Henry

Henry talked trash after before his match with Captain Charisma, who ended up winning the match on DQ because Jack Swagger came out. Tommy Dreamer came out to help Christian and negate the Swagger/Henry beat down.

Tiffany then makes a tag match...what a surprise. Is it me or is Tony Atlas boring? He doesn't really do anything for Henry. Why have a manager if he won't speak for you? Henry did all the talking as always.

I'd say assign Atlas to the gold standard!

The tag match was pretty good. Jack Swagger continues to show his greatness in the ring, he's really promising. Henry was dominant as always, he caught Christian when he tried to jump on him from over the ropes.

Dreamer did a nice front flip and took out Henry. Swagger picked up the victory when Dreamer bounced off an exposed turnbuckle. Dreamer adds another loss to the record books, hopefully it'll pay off in five weeks.

Rest of the Show

-Kozlov destroyed a jobber

Gregory Helms continues to be a backstage interviewer (It's all right, but wished he wrestled)

-Josh Matthews is turning into a heel commentator..good!

-ECW went about five minutes over, they should at least get an hour and a half.

-Tiffany looked splendid, might I add!

Superstars addition (Spoiler)

Morrison loses to Jericho...because of Shelton Benjamin cost him the match!

Sorry about that, but about 90% of us don't have WGN America anyway

I'll let you you guys ponder on this.

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