Robert Griffin III's Wedding Will Now Have More Wale Rapping

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

Robert Griffin III's wedding is shaping up nicely, as a Washington D.C. hip-hop star will be making a musical cameo during the proceedings. 

Sure, we have no idea what's on the menu or whether Griffin and his bride, Rebecca Liddicoat, will have a live band or DJ for their celebration, but we do know Wale will be on the mic at some point at the reception. 

The Washington Post's Sarah Kogod spotted video of Wale's latest appearance on New York City's HOT97 Tuesday morning. We take you to the three-minute mark when Wale is introduced to a special guest, none other than RG3. 

Wale goes from shock that the star Redskins quarterback is up so early to giving him grief for, as Kogod writes, "not coming to his show at Howard Theater Sunday night."

Seeing as how Griffin has a wedding coming up in the near future, I assume he is skipping out on a great many concerts and other ventures. Those place settings aren't going to pick themselves. 

The best part comes when Wale offers that, "I’m gonna be at the wedding, though. I’ma be there...Me and Griff gonna perform at that wedding."

We second what the host offers in that Griffin should just enjoy the wedding and stay clear of the mic, because those videos have a way of getting out. 

Now those heading out to the RG3 nuptials can expect all that comes with a high-profile wedding, even a mini-concert from a budding rap star. 

Now, all you need is an open bar and this wedding will have everything. 


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