Alabama Flashes Serious Bling in 'How Good Do You Want to Be' Poster

Randy ChambersAnalyst IJune 26, 2013

Credit: @tylersiskey
Credit: @tylersiskey

How good do you want to be?

No, this isn't that corny question being asked by your parents when they are wondering what you are going to do with your life. It's a question Alabama is asking in its latest poster provided by Nike, via Alabama Associate Director for Player Personnel Tyler Siskey:

Talk about a major recruiting draw.

Folks know that national championships are the biggest reason to play for Alabama. It has won three of the last four crystal footballs and is hoping to three-peat this season.

On to the next one? Nope. Alabama is hoping to continue this trend of being the best team at the end of the season. It seems like Nick Saban is trying to fulfill what LeBron James told Miami Heat fans a couple of years ago. Not one, not two, not three—ah, you get the picture.

It's no secret that the Tide perform at a high level, but it is completely different when you see all of those diamonds up close. That is the ultimate college football prize staring you in the face three times.

OK, now put them away before they blind us all.

"How good do you want to be" was actually a phrase used for a book title that Saban and author Brian Curtis released in 2007. Saban was already writing books on how to be great and what it takes to become a champion before he added all of that bling to his collection.

Several years later, it's clear the phrase will remain the same. Those words actually make for a solid recruiting pitch. You can envision Saban walking into a recruit's home and asking him those seven words. Nothing else is needed, besides maybe this new poster to back up that sentence.

Keep it simple, stupid.