Ball Boy Suffers Wimbledon Wipeout During Serena Williams Match

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One minute you are enjoying the privilege that comes with being a ball boy at Wimbledon. The next, you are picking pieces of the famous lawn out of your mouth. 

It's Always Sunny in Detroit (h/t With Leather) brings us a video that proves being a ball boy during a tennis match is not only hard and physically taxing work, but it can also be fairly embarrassing. 

As With Leather notes, the blooper-reel moment came during a Tuesday match between Serena Williams and Mandy Minella, which Williams would ultimately win 6-1, 6-3. 

Let me continue by saying everyone involved is far more professional than I could ever hope to be in a similar situation. A small misstep by a stranger walking in front of me on the street has caused more of a reaction than we see here. 

Both Williams and Minella hardly notice the unfortunate boy, which makes sense with the all-important task at hand. 

I am really impressed with the resilience shown by the young man, who bounces up as if falling face first on the beautifully cut lawn was all part of his plan. 

We are only just starting and already have a marquee blooper from the famed tournament, but what did this kid get for all of his troubles?

Well, he got to fetch tennis balls for the rest of the day.

Sure, he must have jumped with joy once he found out he would be working at the All England Club. Something tells me this duty must have lost a little bit of its luster after his tumble seen worldwide. 

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