Boston Bruins' Andrew Ference Erases Beard for Captivating Vine Video

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

Playoff beards might be cool, but shaving them off is even cooler. 

Boston Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference had some trimming to do following his team's Game 6 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks. 

That playoff beard did all it could, but the Bruins ended up losing the Stanley Cup Final in a raucous series that ended with a flurry of Chicago goals. 

Parting may be sweet sorrow, or just sweet if you consider the Vine video Ference posted of himself removing all of his facial hair.

While the Blackhawks kicked off a summer of festivities and Stanley Cup cameos, Bruins players are forced to marinate in the loss and, at some point, move on with their heads held high. 

For Ference, that begins immediately as he moves into the next stage of his career with a clean shave and fresh perspective. 

CBS Sports reports the 34-year-old is committed to playing next season, but has resigned himself to the fact that it will not be with the Bruins. 

With the current cap, Peter [Chiarelli] is not going to be able to keep me. He's got to resign Tuukka [Rask] and obviously do his side of the business.

With the new CBA he is restricted. I wish it wasn't so.

If this is indeed the end, it was a successful ride that included a Stanley Cup championship in 2011 and a Final that nearly went the distance in 2013. 

I wouldn't worry too much about Ference, because he can always find work creating amazing mini-movies. He seems pretty good at it. 


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