Shaq Lip-Synchs Brian McKnight for a Lady Friend in the Middle of Restaurant

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

Image via Deadspin
Image via Deadspin

When someone tells you they were just in a restaurant and saw Shaquille O’Neal fake-sing a tune by singer-songwriter Brian McKnight, you tell them, “Pics or it didn’t happen.”

Well, there is an image—a grainy one, albeit—and it appears to corroborate this ridiculous story.

According to Deadspin’s Sean Newell, one the site’s tipsters was out to dinner at an Ocean Prime restaurant when O’Neal came in with a lady friend Tuesday night, sat down at the house piano and fake-serenaded her with a rendition of McKnight’s “Do I Ever Cross Your Mind” in front of everyone. 

Here’s the song, in case you didn’t know it. It’s a guaranteed lock for hot lovin’ when you roll this sultry sweetness out. Enjoy the fake fire, too.

The tipster doesn’t mention where the incident took place (Ocean Prime is a nationwide chain), but it’s probably safe to assume this went down at the Orlando venue, considering Shaq owns a palatial mansion in O-Town and continues to buy property in the area.

According to Newell, the Ocean Prime staff aren’t allowed to talk about the activities of their celebrity clients who dine at their restaurant and have signed a non-disclosure waiver of sorts saying they won’t talk.

With that being said, the site’s tipster claims Shaq approached him and asked for help plugging his phone into some sort of auxiliary cable built into the piano, played the song and proceeded with the swooning.

Walk in, take over the stage and make the ladies melt with a touching lip-synch—all in a day’s work for the O’Neal. 

No one can touch the Shaqtus—the Shaqtus touches you.