Why Batista Will Be Pushed Into the Spotlight More Than Ever

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer IMay 5, 2009

I'm pretty sure everyone on this site knows Batista. You may not like him, but you know him. Another thing you know is that his time in Pro Wrestling is coming to an end pretty soon.

So with that being said, I can make the assumption now that the WWE will give him as much of the spotlight as possible.

Batista said that he is willing to take on three more years of main-eventing and two years of mid-carding. After that, he said he will officially retire.

With that being said I know a lot of you won't like this, but you will be seeing Batista win numerous World/WWE titles before he retires.

I see maybe three more World/WWE championships and maybe two US/IC titles (and maybe one or two Tag team championships). Now I know most of you will say he isn't deserving of those championships and that's your opinion.

But the fact is from when Batista made his first appearance on Raw, you knew he would turn out to be big. Right now, Batista is a four-time World Champion. Plus the three more I assume he will win, he will be leaving the WWE as a seven-time World Champion.

Even though Batista's performances have been off, he also puts on good ones, but this isn't the time for that. I think for the next year or so, Batista will stay a face before finaly making that heel turn.

Batista would be great for a heel for so many reasons. Plus with his size, muscles, and pure power, I think Batista will make a rather impressive heel.

There is no doubt that Batista has thrilled and bored us, but no matter what I think this is a guy Vincent Kennedy McMahon will want in The Hall Of Fame.

I believe there is a law in the WWE that says, "If you're big, you're a hit!" That is why the future is bright for this old man.

To sum it all up...

The next few years, Batista will be busy as ever, where he will be winning many championships that include the the WWE/World Championship, ITC/US title and possible the tag gold.

He will also be involved in many feuds. And he will be turning heel, but I have a feeling that he will be leaving the WWE a fan favourite as he will make the change again.