Joel Quenneville Again Cleans Toilet Paper from House After Winning Stanley Cup

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 25, 2013

Photo Credit: Paul Pabst Twitter
Photo Credit: Paul Pabst Twitter

Toilet paper gets a bad rap, because it can indeed be a beautiful thing. 

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports reports Chicago Blackhawks coach Joel Quenneville has quite the cleanup job to do this week, because fans doused his entire house in celebratory rolls of toilet paper. 

Here are a few tweets and images featuring jubilant fans who just saw their favorite team win a title, only to remember they had an overabundance of Charmin in the house. 

Usually a bunch of TP in the yard is the mark of an unfortunate suburbanite. This tweet from The Dan Patrick Show's producer Paul Pabst instead shows the proud home of a champion. 

Before we continue, let's show you the other image from Pabst, one that proves coach is fine with the gag and is seen here giving out some autographs

Look, coach, if you don't want to clean up a ton of toilet paper, you need to stop winning NHL titles. Although something tells me Quenneville will gladly take the hours needed to rid his yard of two-ply if it means celebrating with the Stanley Cup for a summer. 

If you want to see what kind of perpetrator was at coach's house Monday night, a Twitter user by the name of Ellie shared a picture of her friend, who happens to be Quenneville's neighbor. 

Most coaches heading into a possible Stanley Cup clinching game have enough to worry about. As Wyshynski reminds us, coach has to deal with silly peripherals when it comes to taking home the title. 

TMZ reported back in 2010 that the same thing happened to Quenneville, delivering a couple images of him cleaning up toilet paper lovingly tossed around his lawn. 

Now if the Blackhawks gets back to the finals under Coach Q, don't be surprised if there is a sudden shortage of toilet paper at local stores. 

Something tells me coach has grown tired of all the cleaning.