NBA Trade Rumors: Veterans Who Could Be Dealt on Draft Day

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 25, 2013

NBA Trade Rumors: Veterans Who Could Be Dealt on Draft Day

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    The NBA draft isn't all about rookies.

    That is to say, the young guns aren't the only ones potentially on the verge of a career-altering move. A select number of veteran bodies may be prepared to join them.

    Leading into draft day, there are a number of existing rumors that have teams shipping some of the Association's most prized veterans off to other teams.

    Some triggers may be pulled in an effort to save money and/or acquire much-needed draft picks, while others will be the result of capitalizing off a free agent's departure. Certain deals could even become mutually beneficial blockbusters.

    Which seasoned vets may be on the move as the draft draws nearer?

    Rookie prospects are the heart and soul of draft-day coverage, but sometimes it's the NBA's incumbents who manage to steal the show.

    *Note: We will define the term "veteran" as any player who has been in the NBA for at least seven years.

Kevin Garnett Joining Deron Williams in Brooklyn?

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    Latest Buzz

    Welcome to the rumor-mill party, KG.

    Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce may both wind up with the Nets, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports.

    Per Woj, Boston would receive Brooklyn's Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries' expiring contract, Tornike Shengelia and three first-round picks.

    Woj notes that Garnett has not been approached about waiving his no-trade clause to play in Brooklyn. He also says that no deal can be struck until July 10, when Pierce's 2013-14 salary would be in effect.

    Noting that Wallace's contract could be a potential deal killer, A. Sherrod Blakely of says that a far more likely deal consists of Pierce headed to Brooklyn by himself in exchange for Humphries and a future first-round pick.

    Woj confirms that the talks involving both stars are serious and could get even bigger. Boston is apparently looking to include either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee in the deal as well.

    Woj reports talks have reached ownership level and now include Terry. Reggie Evans, Keith Bogans and others are in as well, per Woj.

    Mark Stein of ESPN is reporting that the Celts have taken the trade to Garnett to ask him to waive his no-trade clause. Per Stein, the two sides could reach a principle agreement tonight.


    Final Verdict

    The Celtics are nuts. That's our verdict.

    Alright, we're only kidding. Sort of.

    Three first-round picks would be a huge get for the Celtics, and Humphries' contract is set to come off the books after next season, but three years and $30 million Wallace? Seriously? That doesn't seem too appealing. Or make much sense at all.

    If Garnett and Pierce wind up with Brooklyn, I'm convinced Danny Ainge is throwing them a bone. They both want to go to a contender, and they would make the Nets contenders.

    What's truly difficult to wrap your head around though, more so than the lukewarm package itself, is that the Celtics would be facilitating the duo's move to a division rival. Something just doesn't feel right about this.

    It's not Garnett no-trade clause that's giving us pause either. Should he leave with Pierce, he's likely to waive it. The destination is what doesn't make sense. The trade package itself, too.

    That said, it has made remarkable progress so far, too much so to dismiss so easily.

    Thus, I implore you to stay tuned.

LaMarcus Aldridge Wants out of Portland?

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    The Buzz

    Comcast's Ric Bucher reports that LaMarcus Aldridge is among a number of other veterans who could be moved by draft day.

    He writes that the Cavaliers have expressed interest in acquiring his services, yet also notes there is a growing amount of skepticism that Cleveland would actually be willing to part with the No. 1 overall pick in the coming draft.

    Per Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, the Cavs have privately pitched the idea of assembling a package for the All-Star power forward in the past.

    Also, Mike McGraw of the Daily Herald reports that Aldridge wants out of Portland and has made it known he prefers to play for the Bulls. He writes that the Blazers covet Joakim Noah, but that's a price Chicago is unwilling to pay.

    Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio confirms that the Blazers are indeed entertaining offers for the All-Star power forward. He says they are believed to be seeking two first rounders and players in return.

    Though he admits Portland is open to trading Aldridge, The Oregonian's John Canzano writes that any deal is unlikely to be brokered in the near future.

    He reiterates that the Bulls are still his preferred landing spot, but the Clippers and Mavericks also interest him.

    Aldridge, however, has not ruled out a return to Portland, provided the Blazers take the necessary steps toward "drastically" improving their roster.


    Final Verdict

    Not happening.

    If the Cavaliers approached the Portland Trail Blazers with a package built around the No. 1 pick—and they should—I suppose Portland has to at least consider it. Especially if it includes a buffer like Anderson Varejao or perhaps Tristan Thompson.

    Ultimately though, the Blazers aren't going to deal someone who is still their best player. Nicolas Batum and Damian Lillard have bright careers ahead of them, but Aldridge is an All-Star veteran and offensive anchor. Moving him now would be damaging to Portland's locker-room dynamic.

    This can all change knowing that Aldridge may have expressed his desire to leave. Still, expect him to join the list of veterans going nowhere.

Celtics Ready to Part Ways with Paul Pierce?

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    The Buzz

    Per Stein, the Celtics and Pierce may finally be approaching an inevitable crossroads.

    He says that both the Cavaliers and the Bucks would be interested in brokering a deal. The Boston Globe's Baxter Holmes reports that Cleveland is prepared to offer a pair of second-round picks in exchange for the perennial All-Star.

    Stein also writes that Paul's preference is to be traded to a contender if he has to be traded at all, essentially eliminating the Bucks and Cavaliers from the equation.

    General manager Danny Ainge is believed to be seeking a first-round pick as compensation in any deal, an intangible asset that becomes absolutely necessary if Boston submits to Pierce's will and starts talking with contenders who won't have the salary cap to take him on without sending anything back in return.

    Meanwhile, Deveney reports that the Celtics are also dedicated to shipping Pierce out in favor of a $15-plus million trade exception that they could use in a sign-and-trade package for the Hawks' Smith. Doing that means Pierce would likely be sent to a rebuilding team with plenty of cap space.

    Because nothing with the Celtics is ever not complicated, Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Brooklyn and Boston are engaged in talks that would land both Pierce and Kevin Garnett with the Nets.

    Per Woj, Boston would receive Brooklyn's Gerald Wallace, Kris Humphries' expiring contract, Tornike Shengelia and three first-round picks.

    Woj notes that Garnett has not been approached about waiving his no-trade clause to play in Brooklyn. He also says that no deal can be struck until July 10, when Pierce's 2013-14 salary would be in effect.

    Noting that Wallace's contract could be a potential deal killer, A. Sherrod Blakely of says that a far more likely deal consists of Pierce headed to Brooklyn by himself in exchange for Humphries and a future first-round pick.

    Woj confirms that the talks involving both stars are serious and could get even bigger. Boston is apparently looking to include either Jason Terry or Courtney Lee in the deal.


    Final Verdict

    On some level, you get the sense that Pierce is on his way out of Boston in one way or another.

    Had the Celtics' plan been retain Pierce and Garnett all along, there would have been little reason for Rivers to help orchestrate his escape from Beantown.

    Finding a deal won't be difficult; satisfying the needs of all involved will be. Pierce wants to go to a contender, but the Celtics want to save money, which likely can't happen if they send him to a playoff team. They also want a first-round pick, a price a contending team would be more willing to pay than a rebuilding one.

    The possibility remains that the Celtics could simply cut their losses and buy Pierce out before June 30. Only $5 million of his $15.3 million salary is guaranteed, so Boston would still be saving more than $10 million.

    Should the Celtics send Pierce on his merry way, the Clippers become his most likely destination.

    But is that where he will end up? Will it be somewhere else? Will he be headed anywhere at all?

    We'll know soon enough...we hope.

C.J. Miles Headed to Brooklyn?

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    The Buzz

    Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News reported that the Nets have offered the Cavaliers their No. 22 pick in exchange for C.J. Miles.

    But Bondy later reported that a "well-connected source" says that this trade offer was never discussed.

    Sam Amico of Fox Sports reports that talks about a potential three-team trade involving the Nets, Cavs and Timberwolves are "very real." The rumored deal could include Miles, MarShon Brooks and picks Nos. 22 and 26 or just, as Bondy originally reported, Brooklyn's No. 22 pick for Miles.

    Since then, Amico has said that there is now next to nothing happening on that front. 


    Final Verdict

    Never expected this one to happen, as it didn't make much sense for the Nets.

    If his team option is exercised, Miles' contract expires at the end of next season, at which point he could leave the Nets. Teams as strapped for cap space as Brooklyn cannot afford to hand over a first-round pick in exchange for what could be an essential rental.

    Minutes wouldn't be especially easy to find in Brooklyn's current rotation for Miles either. Throwing him into a swingman cycle that already included Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace would all but ensure MarShon Brooks is on his way out or remained buried on the bench as well.

    The odds of this coming to fruition are then currently dwindling down to nothing.

Pacers Looking to Deal Danny Granger?

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    The Buzz

    Yet another veteran who could be on the move, according to Bucher, is the Indiana Pacers' Danny Granger.

    Per Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld, the Clippers, Cavaliers and Rockets are among the teams interested in prying him away from Indiana.

    Kennedy also writes that there is a greater chance the Pacers hold on to the former All-Star than there is that they trade him.

    Larry Bird himself concurs. Per Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star, he has no intention whatsoever of moving Granger.


    The Verdict

    Indiana appears to be taking a nonchalant approach to the Granger situation, and I can buy that.

    The Pacers came within one victory of an NBA Finals berth without Granger, and the emergences of Lance Stephenson and Paul George have perhaps rendered him expendable.

    According to Stein and Ford, however, the Pacers are looking to move Gerald Green as well, and his potential departure could suggest that Granger isn't going anywhere.

    Donnie Walsh and the Pacers have all the leverage in this situation. Granger is coming off an injury-plagued 2012-13 campaign, but his contract is also expiring. They also don't have a need to trade him because his return stands to make them better.

    Unless the Pacers receive an offer that absolutely blows them away, Indiana will elect to let this situation play out into the middle of next season or, at the very least, past the draft.

Shawn Marion to the Cavaliers?

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    The Buzz

    According to Marc Stein of, the Cleveland Cavaliers are interested in acquiring Shawn Marion from the Dallas Mavericks.

    Sources told Stein that the Mavericks aren't inclined to deal Marion, and owner Mark Cuban said no discussions have taken place.

    Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas confirms Cuban's stance, writing that Marion will not be moved.

    Marion has until Friday, June 28 to decide if he wants to opt into the last year of his deal that will pay him $9.3 million.


    Final Verdict

    Dallas doesn't have too much of an incentive to deal Marion at this point.

    Dealing him would free up cap space for the Mavericks to pursue star-studded free agents like Chris Paul and Dwight Howard, but parting ways with an asset only makes sense if they believe they have a legitimate chance at landing either of them.

    Paul is all but guaranteed to remain with the Los Angeles Clippers who just brought on Doc Rivers, and the Houston Rockets are considered to be a more realistic landing spot for Howard if he doesn't re-sign with the Los Angeles Lakers.

    Someone like Marion can still be vital to a team like Dallas in need of piecing together a playoff contender before attempting to make a free-agency splash in 2014. He's a capable scorer and tenacious perimeter defender who is also able to body-up on the block against power forwards.

    More likely than not, the draft will come and go without Marion going anywhere.

Kendrick Perkins on the Move?

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    The Buzz

    Sources told's Andy Katz that the Oklahoma City Thunder are interested in pairing Kendrick Perkins with the No. 12 and 29 picks in an effort to move into the top five.

    Per Yahoo! Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski, the Thunder are attempting to make a significant enough jump so they can draft the seven-foot Alex Len.

    Katz wrote that Oklahoma City has yet to find any takers, though.


    Final Verdict

    People of Oklahoma City would likely rejoice if the Thunder can successfully fashion a deal with similar parameters.

    Perkins is coming off a nightmare regular season during which averaged 4.2 points and six rebounds per game en route to posting a PER of 8.2, his third straight season finishing with a mark under 10.  He also became the first player in NBA history to close out his postseason logging at least 19 minutes a night through 10 or more games while averaging fewer than three points on under 30 percent shooting.

    A ceremonial yikes seems to be in order here.

    Oklahoma City's tower is owed approximately $17.5 million over the next two years, and I doubt they'll get any bites from any of the teams currently in the top five—Cavaliers, Magic, Wizards, Bobcats and Suns—with what they're offering.

    Save for maybe tossing a more significant asset into the deal, I'd put the Thunder's current chances of moving into the top five at slim to none.

Luol Deng Being Sent to a New Home?

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    The Buzz

    Luol Deng is everywhere.

    Bucher reports that the Cavaliers are thought to be interested in Deng, something that comes as no surprise. Cleveland has an opening at small forward, and it seems to be linked to anyone with a pulse at the moment.

    Stein also reported that the Washington Wizards were interested in acquiring Deng in exchange for the third overall pick in the draft and Emeka Okafor. Michael Lee of The Washington Post quickly squashed that rumor.

    Because that's clearly not enough for us to digest, Woj also reported that the Chicago Bulls and Deng—who has one year worth $14.3 million left on his current deal—are negotiating a contract extension.

    Go figure.


    Final Verdict

    Take everything you hear about Deng with a grain of salt, including the extension talks.

    Chicago has teetered back and forth on its loyalty to Deng for quite some time, and while it wouldn't be surprising to see him sign another contract there, it wouldn't shock me if the Bulls traded him either.

    Heck, if nothing at all happens, we won't be taken aback. There are too many factors at play here and not enough time for the Bulls to figure them out before making a rash decision on Deng's future.

    That in mind, Deng will likely be suiting up for Chicago next season. 

Carlos Delfino on His Way Out of Houston?

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    The Buzz's Chad Ford and Stein are reporting that the Rockets are doing "anything and everything" they can to move Carlos Delfino before the NBA draft.

    Houston is reportedly looking to clear as much salary off its books as possible before it begins its pursuit of Howard, and trading Delfino before the draft would give it maximum flexibility heading into July.


    Final Verdict

    I'll be more worried if there is anyone out there who doesn't believe this.

    Of course the Rockets want to move Delfino (and Aaron Brooks) now. The goal this offseason is to sign Howard. To sign him, they need money. And as much of it as possible.

    Getting any team to bite on Delfino may prove difficult, though. He's a lethal three-point threat, but it's widely known that the Rockets plan on parting ways with him no matter what.

    Interested outfits may then be reluctant to execute a trade when they know they can bring him in after he hits the open market.

    One way or the other, it seems Delfino's tenure in Houston is over. How he finds his way out is what remains to be seen.

Caron Butler to Be Paired with Eric Bledsoe in Deal for Arron Afflalo?

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    The Buzz

    Deveney reports that the Clippers will likely make Caron Butler a part of any deal that includes the budding Eric Bledsoe.

    He specifically refers to a rumored deal that would land Butler and Bledsoe with the Orlando Magic in exchange for shooting guard Arron Afflalo.


    The Verdict

    Little doubt exists behind Los Angeles' willingness to make Butler essential collateral damage in any Bledsoe trade.

    That said, we can't board the Afflalo train just yet. Bledsoe and even Butler would be a nice fit in Orlando, but if the Clippers are giving up a potential star in Bledsoe, you get the sense that they could do better than Afflalo.

    Stein and Ramona Shelburne of ESPN Los Angeles reported the Clippers may instead package Bledsoe with Blake Griffin in an attempt to get the Los Angeles Lakers to trade Howard. Knowing that situation isn't likely to be broached, let alone resolved, until sometime in July, it seems like a stretch to believe Butler would be headed anywhere before draft day.

    No such promises can be made beyond that.