Has the Ryback Phenomenon Reached Its End?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistJune 27, 2013

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

After a match on Raw that saw him defeat the Great Khali, WWE Superstar Ryback took his complaining to the higher-ups, venting his frustrations at his current place on the roster to managing superstar Vickie Guerrero and her assistant Brad Maddox.

He also made it a point to ask Guerrero if she had seen how easy it was for him to defeat Khali.

And the simple answer should be no.

Anyone who watched the match saw that, for a vast majority of the encounter, Khali was in complete control. It wasn't until the end of the match that Ryback asserted his dominance, impressively lifting the behemoth onto his shoulder and nailing him with the Shell Shocked.

But shouldn't that match have been much easier for Ryback to win?

This is a guy who is only a couple of weeks removed from competing for the WWE title. Granted, Khali is a former world champion, but for the past few years he has been used almost exclusively as an oversized enhancement talent.

The upstart competitor hammered his point home, simply saying, "I deserve better."

Frankly, WWE, the fans deserve better too.

For too long now we have been subjected to Ryback, who is heaps of hype and no follow-through.

On countless occasions, he has headed into battle for the WWE title, only to come out on the losing end of things. This time around, he went so far as to blame the construction of the ambulance roof he went through in losing to John Cena at Payback.

Yes, he was halted in his first couple of attempts at the title by the Shield. But at the end of the day, he keeps blaming other factors for his inability to win the big one.

He may soon get to prove his worth, though, as his encounter with Chris Jericho on Raw appears to be leading toward a showdown between the two at the upcoming Money in the Bank pay-per view.

And if anyone can bring out the best in Ryback, a seasoned veteran like Jericho can.

At times, Ryback seems to have trouble with the pacing of his matches, and he appears completely out of breath when competing in longer contests. Jericho, a ring general of the highest caliber, can help him with this and can help control the pace of the match. If he can defeat his more experienced and talented foe, Ryback could potentially regain some of the momentum that he once had en route to his many WWE title opportunities.

Or we may all need to face the facts.

Maybe Ryback does not actually rule after all.