Things a New England Patriots Fan Says

Nick Lantz@nickLantz10Correspondent IIJune 25, 2013

Things a New England Patriots Fan Says

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    Many older Boston sports fans will tell their children and grandchildren how lucky they are to have witnessed such greatness from New England teams since the turn of the century. This is especially true for New England Patriots fans.

    The Pats have made an appearance in the Super Bowl an astonishing five times since 2002, taking home a Lombardi trophy on three of those occasions.

    Patriots fans have been spoiled ever since Tom Brady took over at quarterback, with championship expectations every single season. It has been great to be a Patriots fan in this century.

    New England has an enormous fanbase, and you can stumble across a Patriots fan fairly easily in all 50 U.S. states.

    Here is a list of some of the things New England Patriots fans say about their team.

Tom Brady Is the Greatest QB Ever

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    Patriots fans love their quarterback, and why wouldn't they? Since taking over for the injured Drew Bledsoe in 2001, Tom Brady has written his name in NFL record books with the Patriots.

    There is no denying Brady's success. He is a three-time Super Bowl champion, two-time Super Bowl MVP and two-time NFL MVP, and he holds numerous NFL passing records.

    Brady is No. 5 in NFL history in passing touchdowns with 334. He also holds Super Bowl records for the most career passes completed (128) and the most career passing yards (1,284), and he is No. 2 behind Joe Montana with nine career passing touchdowns.

    Perhaps the most impressive record of all is Brady's 17 career playoff victories, the most of any quarterback in NFL history.

    He may or may not be the best quarterback to ever play the game. His career is not over yet, so it might be a bit too early to make that argument.

    One thing is for sure, though. Patriots fans wouldn't have anybody other than the legendary Tom Brady.

The Patriots Are the Best NFL Team of This Century

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    When visiting Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, one can't help but notice the three Super Bowl banners, representing the Pats' dominance in the early-2000s.

    As far as championships are concerned, the Patriots have been the most successful NFL team of this century. They have won more Super Bowls (three) than any other team in the past 13 seasons.

    The Pats have also won five AFC championships during that time, with the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants as the next-best with three conference titles each.

    The AFC East has been dominated by the Patriots in recent years as well. In fact, the Patriots have finished, at worst, tied atop their division standings in every single season dating back to 2001.

    In 2007, the Pats had a near-perfect season, with their only loss ultimately coming in the Super Bowl.

    Pats fans have a point in saying that their team has been the best over the past 13 seasons, at least as far as titles are concerned.

Bill Belichick Is a Genius

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    Bill Belichick has been the head coach of the Patriots since 2000. With the addition of Belichick and a sixth-round pick in Tom Brady, the turn of the century was a new beginning for Pats fans.

    Like Brady, Belichick has won 17 playoff games in his 13 seasons as the team's coach. He is the only NFL coach to ever win three Super Bowls in four seasons.

    Belichick has turned the Patriots franchise into a winning organization. He seems to know every little secret there is about football and knows how the game should be played.

    He won more overall games (136) than any other coach in NFL history over a 10-year span (2002-2011). The Patriots faithful have their trust in Belichick, and he has more than earned it.

The Jets Will Never Be as Good as the Pats

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    New England Patriots fans take the Pats-Jets rivalry very seriously. Every season, the matchups against the Jets are marked down on every Patriots fan's calendar.

    Lately, however, it has been a rather one-sided rivalry. Last season, the Patriots beat the Jets in both contests, embarrassing their rival 49-19 in their final meeting on Thanksgiving.

    The Pats have beaten the Jets in each of their last four matchups. They have not lost to Rex Ryan's crew since a 28-21 Jets victory in in the playoffs in 2010.

    Now, the Jets no longer have their top player, Darrelle Revis. Pats fans wouldn't expect anything less than to beat their rival both times in 2013 as well.

Do Not Say the Name David Tyree Ever Again

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    One of the most depressing moments left in the mind of a Patriots fan is the catch by David Tyree in Super Bowl XLII. After Eli Manning somehow managed to slip away from the Pats pass rush, Tyree jumped to make a circus catch with the help of his helmet.

    That is the only big highlight of Tyree's NFL career, but for Pats fans, it was the end of perfection. After the Patriots entered the game 18-0, this catch by Tyree led to the go-ahead touchdown by Plaxico Burress, which sealed the deal for the New York Giants.

    Tyree and the Giants spoiled the party for Tom Brady, Randy Moss and the almost-perfect Patriots. After the win, Tyree never played another NFL game in his life.