What John Cena's Matches with WWE Big Men Tell Us About His Mark Henry Bout

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 26, 2013

(Photo credit: WWE)
(Photo credit: WWE)

Should John Cena's history against the giants and the monsters WWE has thrown at him repeat itself, Mark Henry's hopes of winning the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank 2013 are minimal at best.

Longtime Henry fans and Cena haters alike will be rooting for the big man to walk out as WWE champ, but he will have to buck an enduring trend of Cena victories over larger opponents to do so.

It has not been the WWE's equivalent of Godzilla who has been able to wrest the gold from Cena in the past. It's instead been men like Edge, Randy Orton and CM Punk who have defeated him for the championship. Batista, a borderline big man, is the only man on that list who had a significant size advantage over Cena.

Wiliness and strategy have done Cena in but not girth. It's been the colossal foes he's been able to overcome time and time again.


The Hero Prevails

Cena vs. Henry is a David and Goliath story if David had an NFL linebacker's build. Whenever WWE has told this story with Cena, Goliath has fallen each time.

Umaga was on a tear early in his WWE run.

He dominated his opponents, looking indestructible against jobbers like Scotty Goldman (aka Colt Cabana). His destructive run ended when he collided with Cena.

WWE built him up as a monster, and Cena played the monster-conquering hero. At both the New Year's Revolution and Royal Rumble events of 2007, Cena defeated Umaga.

Cena has overcome Big Show's size as well.

At WrestleMania XX, WrestleMania XXV and No Way Out 2012, Cena went up against Big Show and came away with victories.

The Great Khali was once billed as an unstoppable force, but Cena stopped him.

Khali's size advantage couldn't earn him a win over Cena at either Judgment Day 2007 or One Night Stand 2007. Cena prevailed each time.

WWE's giants have been unable to keep Cena down. He is the super hero, and these big men have been the oversized villains in his way. A Henry win at Money in the Bank would be a victory against both history and Cena.


Resiliency and Strength

Aside from the end result, Cena's history against big men tells us that the WWE champ is going to take a seemingly overwhelming amount of punishment and fight on.

In the tradition of Hulk Hogan, Rocky and Superman, Cena has spent many of his battles, against big men or otherwise, suffering a pounding from his foe only to shake it off in the end in a fit of gutsiness and make a miracle comeback.

That's been the story of many of Cena's matches against Big Show, Khali and Umaga.

Near the end of the Cena and Khali Falls Count Anywhere battle at One Night Stand 2007, Jim Ross said that Cena was "trying to withstand this onslaught."

That has described the narrative of his other clashes with giants as well. Big Show dominated much of his match against Cena at No Way Out 2012, stomping on Cena's motionless body. Umaga looked to be on his way to a sure victory as well.

During their Last Man Standing match, Umaga smashed on a bloody Cena only to have Cena suddenly not feel the blows. He even pushed his face forward and dared Umaga to hit him again.

Expect Henry's offense to at one point be meaningless against Cena's recuperative powers. Expect also for an impressive feat of strength that will wow the commentators.

Throughout his matches against larger foes, Cena has done something to earn a "Look at the strength of John Cena" or an "Oh my God" from folks at the announce table.

He's lifted both Big Show and Edge at the same time, hoisted Khali on top of his shoulders and has already shown us he can get Henry up for the Attitude Adjustment.

This may be how the Money in the Bank main event ends.

Henry winning would be the better story. It would be the pinnacle of his career. It would give fans a WWE champ they've never seen before.

History, though, says that Cena will avoid induction into the Hall of Pain, keep his WWE title and celebrate a victory over a massive opponent because that's what he does.