Paul Heyman and CM Punk Will Make Punk vs. Brock Lesnar Feud of the Year

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 24, 2013

(Photo: WWE)
(Photo: WWE)

The physicality of Brock Lesnar and CM Punk's matches is going to make for great entertainment, but it will be the splintered relationship between Punk and Paul Heyman that will make this feud WWE's best of 2013.

Lesnar attacked Punk at the end of last week's WWE Raw—a move which likely pits two "Paul Heyman guys" against each other at Money in the Bank, SummerSlam or both events.

Monday's episode will reveal more details surrounding this burgeoning rivalry, but it's already clear that this will center around Heyman feeling betrayed by Punk and siccing Lesnar on him like a dog.

The battle of Lesnar’s power vs. Punk’s craftiness, MMA vs. Muay Thai and the F-5 vs. the Go to Sleep will be elevated and empowered by the emotional weight of the Punk and Heyman dynamic.

During much of Punk's 434-day WWE title reign, Heyman was by his side as a friend, adviser and supporter. The two grew ever closer on screen. More than any of his clients, Heyman melded with Punk.

Heyman became a part of Punk's entrance routine, providing the watch that indicated that it was, in fact, "clobbering time." They laughed together, shared secrets and embraced like brothers.

For Heyman to so quickly turn on Punk adds to the air of his villainy.

His quest for revenge on Punk is soaked with feelings of abandonment and is made more interesting by how personal it will surely become. A scorned Heyman is even more compelling than the standard version.

Lesnar becomes the physical incarnation of Heyman's dark insides. Heyman, Lesnar and Punk now become a "hate triangle" of sorts, a unique and interesting story that should be the talk of 2013.

One of WWE's best actors now gets to work opposite one of WWE's best talkers.

Two Superstars, whose last pay-per-view matches were wins against former world champs, collide with far more motivation than most wrestlers have when facing off. Punk lit a fire and now must survive the rising flames. Lesnar will serve as that fire and as the most intimidating opponent of his career.

Let Lesnar provide the violence, the destruction and the monstrous power. Heyman will be the snake hissing behind him, pulling the strings and stirring up the emotional nature of this rivalry.

Friday's WWE SmackDown provided a glimpse of how anger and hurt will transform Heyman into a more savage, heartless man.

When Renee Young asked him how much he was involved with the Lesnar attack on Punk, Heyman slipped into a merciless mode. He stabbed at Young's own wounds, bringing up dark moments of her personal life. In sidestepping the question and striking back at Young, Heyman showed us that there may be no depths he's not willing to go to in order to protect himself.

Some of WWE's most enthralling feuds were born in the cracks of a fractured friendship.

Expect Heyman and Punk's story to join Bruno Sammartino vs. Larry Zbyszko, Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H and Christian vs. Edge as one of the most memorable friends-turned-enemies rivalries.