Super Bro Takes Flight: Giants Fan Makes Catch of the Season, Throws Ball Back

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It was one of the best catches we’ve seen all season, and it led to the birth of a modern day hero.

One intrepid San Francisco Giants bro pulled off a nearly immaculate fan catch Sunday while snagging a home run ball in the center-left field stands at AT&T Park. The amazing grab was spotted by Chris Partlow of Next Impulse Sports.

The catch included just about everything you’d ever want to see from a fan catching a ball, satisfying nearly every criteria on my “Fan Catch Checklist of Awesomeness.”

1) Did said fan lay out for the ball? Check. 

This bro sold out for this catch. He went high and back, using an impressive vertical to steal this one from the people behind him. This man’s new name is “Super Bro.” He met the ball at the highest possible point, and he didn’t mind landing in the relish trough under his seat. For that alone, he is a hero.

2) Was beer spilled everywhere? Check. 

What appears to be an entire beer is dropped directly on Super Bro’s head and chest. Perfection.

3) Was beer spilled on an innocent bystander? Check.

The woman in the dark coat directly in front of SB (Super Bro) gets a full Head & Shoulders lathering of delicious hops in her hair. 

4) Was it barehanded?

No, but the glove he brought paid off big time.

5) Did the fan give the ball to a child?

No, but Super Bro did yell “(bleep) that!” and throw the ball nearly to second base—an impressive show of arm strength for a Joe Schmo with no room to crow-hop into it. 

This fan catch is a work of art, all things considered. You can’t even blame the guy for throwing the ball back the way he did. The Giants were losing to the Miami Marlins, after all, and keeping a home run ball in that occasion—even to commemorate the catch—would’ve been poor form. 

It’s too bad Super Bro couldn’t have swooped in and saved a certain young lady earlier this season.

Super Bro would’ve caught that ball with his teeth and taken a bite out of it like a crisp Macintosh apple before sending it back from whence it came. That’s all in a day’s work for a modern hero.


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