African Village Woman Has Insane Soccer Juggling Skills

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Who needs context with skills like these?

There are scant details available on this amazing feat of soccer juggling, but we do know two things:

  1. This allegedly takes place somewhere in Africa.
  2. This woman can head a ball better than you can. 

The video of this woman’s insane juggling skill was spotted by Daniel Storey of Off The Post (via Next Impulse Sports), who counts the number of times she heads the ball at around 100 volleys. 

The video speaks for itself, but there are some interesting things I’d like to point out. 

I don’t speak whatever dialect they use this in African village—I don’t speak any dialect they use in whatever country this is. With that being said, it sounds to me like the woman juggling the ball is yelling, “Cool beans!” throughout this video, which only adds yet another layer of awesomeness to this feat.

Whatever she’s saying, the message is clear: “What do you know about these skills?” 

While most of the work is done with her neck and/or shoulders, this woman is doing it all in a long flowing skirt. That’s impressive, but hey, she is a consummate performer in all aspects.

Whether she’s standing up, sitting down or somewhere in between, the juggler is working the crowd and smiling like she was born to juggle this ball. The guys at Off The Post admit this is some of the best ball control they’ve ever seen someone manage with their head. 

The crowning moment of the video is when, after all the neck traps and shoulder transfers, the woman volleys the ball for a final time, traps it and poses. 

That’s how you drop the mic, people.

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