Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry and WWE's Heel Turn Expressway

Alfred KonuwaFeatured ColumnistJune 24, 2013


The WWE hasn't held back unleashing evil throughout its roster.  Two definitive heel turns occurred in a 48-hour span with more likely to come.  The WWE has fallen head over heels in love with the idea of creating double-crossers and backstabbers.  Even Paul Heyman turned heel on CM Punk, and the guy is already a heel!

Alberto Del Rio was part of a rare double-turn at WWE Payback.  His well-done exploitation of Ziggler's concussion made Del Rio the most hated man in Chicago not named John Cena. 

The very next night, the aforementioned Cena was suckered into an impassioned retirement speech from Mark Henry.  After what appeared to be a tearful goodbye, The World's Strongest Man went from zero to monster in milliseconds, laying Cena out. ("You think it's that easy?!")

Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton are currently tangled in a babyface feud with each wrestler tied at 1-1 in a mini wrestling series reminiscent of Benoit-Booker T. 

Bryan's whiny, delusional weakest link bit has villain written all over it.  The overt display of insecurity seems to be designed to turn fans against him.  But Bryan's popular "yes" catch phrase and strong work rate makes him virtually impossible to boo.  Not to mention he currently has the best babyface comeback in the business. 

With all the TV time currently invested in Bryan, he has to be considered a favorite to carry a Money in the Bank briefcase, likely for the WWE Championship since we've already seen the other movie.  If that happens, a feud with current WWE champion Cena would be imminent. 

After WWE SmackDown, Chris Jericho seems like a surprise choice to go rogue.  Following a disqualification loss to Del Rio due to interference from Dolph Ziggler, Jericho hit the codebreaker on the newly minted babyface, leaving him to once again be kicked in the skull by Del Rio.

Jericho's actions were understandable.  But in assisting a heel, and allowing the post-match attack, there is now ambiguity in his status as a babyface.   

WWE's various moving parts should make for an interesting summer, where the promotion tends to experiment and tinker. 

Too many shocking betrayals will lead to diminishing returns.  But with the right amount of timing and proper feuds, WWE's new fleet of bad guys could be the key to pulling WWE out of its annual post-WrestleMania lull. 

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