Brock Lesnar vs. CM Punk Should Be Lesnar's Best Match Since Returning to WWE

Hector DiazAnalyst IJune 24, 2013

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The last episode of Raw ended in one of the most awe-inspiring series of events in recent WWE history, with Brock Lesnar interrupting CM Punk and delivering an F5 to the self-proclaimed best wrestler in the world. 

This may lead to Brock Lesnar's most exciting bout since he returned to WWE back in April 2012, but not necessarily for the right reasons. 

Both Superstars are mirror opposites of one another: One is an agile wrestler who focuses on the technical aspect of wrestling and is one of the best on the mic while the other is a bruiser who has to rely on Paul Heyman to get over.  

Regardless of the dissimilarities, Punk and Lesnar have experienced the hardship of being on the losing end of feuds as of late, despite being billed as two of the top names in WWE. 

Lesnar's bum history has been at the hands of Triple H and John Cena, two Superstars who seemingly overcome all obstacles regardless of the circumstances. Upon his return, Lesnar faced John Cena at Extreme Rules 2012. Immediately coming up against the face of WWE set high standards for Lesnar, the former champion. Would he compete at the championship level immediately? That was the assumption, even after losing to John Cena. 

Then Lesnar got involved in a feud with Triple H in the summer of 2012. 

What seemed like a one-off feud extended into a year-long, three-match battle between Triple H and Lesnar, with Lesnar coming out on top in two of the three matches with the exception of the biggest match in WrestleMania. Lesnar ultimately looked weaker in a feud that virtually led to nowhere. 

Despite having one of the most successful runs in WWE, CM Punk never appeared to be the favorite in 2012 despite evolving into a full-fledged heel. In true heel fashion, Punk hardly ever defended his title without the help of some outside interference or loophole. 

His matches against The Rock were hyped up so much that many envisioned a clean fight, but even then he got help from The Shield. That still was not enough for Punk as he lost his belt in January. The feud that followed was against The Undertaker and his WrestleMania streak, which Punk also lost. 

A return as a face at Payback hit the reset button on Punk's character, but the losses still follow him. A defeated Punk now has the opportunity to redeem himself against Brock Lesnar, who was once at the top of the WWE totem pole. Despite his popularity, CM Punk has never been the top Superstar. Defeating Lesnar can be a stepping stone for Punk and his climb back into the WWE spotlight. 

Conversely, Lesnar can use a win against Punk to accomplish the same thing. Lesnar has not been a part of any storyline pertaining to a championship. If Lesnar wins, he—or better yet Paul Heyman—can gloat about beating the best wrestler in the world, which may lead to a future title shot. involving Lesnar in the WWE picture can serve to reinvigorate a title's interest among WWE fans. 

Either way, expect this feud to not only be entertaining but also to be a launching pad for both Superstars' immediate futures. 


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