South Carolina Football: 5 Players We Are Most Excited to Watch in 2013

Lee SchechterContributor IIIJune 23, 2013

South Carolina Football: 5 Players We Are Most Excited to Watch in 2013

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    South Carolina is stacked with talent on both sides of the ball, headlined by star defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  

    Even though Clowney is the best player on the team and in the nation, the Gamecocks are loaded with players that we are excited to watch in 2013.  

    Electrifying players with huge potential for banner seasons and spectacular plays make this list, and while many more could have been added, these are my top five.  

    South Carolina is looking to have an historic season, and it can do so in 2013 with some exciting players who are wearing the garnet and black.  

    Here is a list of the five players we are most excited to watch in 2013.   

5. Victor Hampton

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    Cornerback Victor Hampton is the anchor in the South Carolina secondary.  

    He is a lockdown corner who is vulnerable at times, though he is now a more experienced player as he enters his redshirt junior year.  His experience should bode well for the Gamecocks.  

    While Clowney garners almost all of the defensive attention, Hampton is a very above-average corner on a national scale.  

    Hampton is the team's best cover corner and plays with a whole lot of heart and emotion at all times, which makes him that much more exciting to watch.  

    He may not snatch a ton of interceptions because teams will look to throw the ball on the other side of the field, but Hampton will still be fun to watch. 

    Hampton can also make an impact in the return game on special teams if given the opportunity, which adds to his resume.  

4. Jerell Adams

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    Jerell Adams may be listed as the No. 2 tight end on team depth charts, but he will get a lot of playing time with head coach Steve Spurrier putting an emphasis on two-tight end sets.  

    While fellow tight end Rory "Busta" Anderson is an electrifying tight end, Adams is even more exciting due to his ability to make acrobatic catches and his sheer athleticism.  

    Adams does the dirty work with blocking, but he has explosive speed to burst up the seam and haul in ridiculous catches.  He is an absolute playmaker.  

    Spurrier's system is set up perfectly for Adams to have major success, and he has huge potential in 2013.  

    Look out for Adams to be one of the team's most exciting players thanks to his amazing length and athletic talent.  

3. Mike Davis

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    Mike Davis burst onto the scene in spring practice as the successor to former fan favorite Marcus Lattimore.  

    Davis embodies power, speed and vision, which will make him a very effective running back who can pound the ball with some north-south running and also bump runs to the outside.  

    He has a good balance of abilities and can also catch the ball, so as the premier back, Davis will have an important role in the South Carolina offense.  

    Out of the zone read with Connor Shaw at quarterback, Davis could break free for some big runs.  When he makes it into open space, Davis can use elusive moves and quick acceleration to go the distance.  

    He is also a solid every-down back who can chip away and wear down opposing defenses.  

    Davis is in for a big year even though it is his first year of major playing time.  

2. Connor Shaw

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    As a dual-threat quarterback, Connor Shaw is definitely fun to watch.  

    Even though Shaw has been banged up here and there, he plays with a lot of heart and is the leader of the offense. 

    Now entering his senior year and considering his history of being a proven winner, Shaw should be able to assemble an impressive senior campaign.  

    Shaw does not possess the greatest arm around, though he is very efficient and does not turn the ball over with bad passes too often.  

    South Carolina should have a versatile offense, and Shaw is the man at the helm, so he will receive a lot of credit.  With his zone-read, shotgun sets, Shaw will be fun to watch in 2013.  

    He is the most exciting offensive player in 2013 due to his leadership, efficiency, ability to run and win football games.   

1. Jadeveon Clowney

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    This is a no-brainer.  

    Jadeveon Clowney is the player not just every Gamecocks fan is excited to watch in 2013, but rather the entire country will have its eyes on.  

    Clowney is the best player in college football and is a preseason Heisman candidate.  He keeps on getting bigger, faster and stronger, which makes him that much scarier for opposing defenses. 

    After his famous hit on Michigan Wolverines running back Vincent Smith, the whole nation has witnessed the spectacular plays that Clowney can create.  

    He is an elite pass-rusher, run-stopper and all-around defensive player.  

    Clowney is the most electrifying and exciting player to watch in 2013, no questions asked.