IPL Is a Scientific Formula, While a Thought Is International Cricket

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 5, 2009

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - APRIL 16:  Lalit Modi (C), the Chairman of the IPL, and former captain of India Ravi Shastri (R) take part in the parade through the centre of Cape Town April 16, 2009 in Cape Town, South Africa.  (Photo by Tom Shaw/Getty Images)

This is another question that has really caught my attention.

What is the difference between IPL and international cricket.

A unthinking answer would be that IPL is only T20 cricket while international cricket is everything.

A good answer would be that IPL is a money making scheme while international cricket is a lot more of pure cricket

The best answer would be that IPL is the private sector of cricket and that's why is only concerned about money while international cricket is the public sector and profit is not it's sole reason.

The best answer just explains the good answer a bit better.

But I am not an unthinking person nor am I a person who has good answers and I definitely do not have great answers.

But I have answers.

Answers searched for thoroughly all over the world but found inside oneself. They are one's own truth, one's own philosophy.

And my search told me an answer that I am yet to decipher completely.

IPL seemed to me as something you have to learn to solve equations. Just like the formulas in my science books.

You have a constant here and a proportionality sign there and an equation is formed that would satisfy anything within this universe.

But the moment it is taken out of it's universe, and put in a new world of physics, it has to rework itself. It does not hold true anymore.

Not only is it my opinion, but also a scientific fact. All laws and formulae are true within certain boundaries only. The moment they cross the boundaries they have no basis

The moment Allan Stanford tried to do an IPL, it failed. He went out of the universe of working and failed.

Even IPL, it has worked well only in the universe of cricket fans of the very basic type.

The moment it has entered into the cricket thinkers arena, it has come under heavy scrutiny. Though not everyone is against it, most people are.

However, my school books did not give me an answer to the question "what is international cricket?"

Tougher answers do not come that easily when searched for. The come to you when you do not look for them but when you just want to make friends with them. 

Since I wanted to know, I decided to try the 'make friends' step. I found the answer

International cricket is a thought. It does not exist in the physical world. It is there because the thought is common and more or less universal

But that, is only the reason why it followed. The real reason why it is there is that thoughts can never be wrong. It is because the truth for each person is different and thus, his thought is true to him

International cricket is different for each person. He/She perceives it in his own way. But somewhere we all agree with it is good and true.

Also, thoughtsdon't lose basis. They may modify with time and universe. But since they do not exist physically, it never dies from world to world

So, though international cricket, comes under the scanner many a time and requires to be reworked on, it never loses basis

The human brain can handle changes of universe and form new formulae. New formulae cannot form new human thoughts

So, though, both IPL and international cricket has the world's best players, it has the difference of something rigid and short lived and something changing, constant  and eternal.


I do have a clear bias towards international cricket. Though, I still enjoy the IPL.

These theories are influenced by my bias. But they do not lead to the conclusion that I dislike IPL