Alberto Del Rio's Value as a Heel and the 6 Questions to Be Answered on Raw

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 24, 2013

The move by the WWE to throw a curveball at us at Payback with a double character turn of Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler is one of the gems we really haven't talked about this week. The fact the two superstars took such a leap shows the WWE is willing to try a great many things to entice fans to tune in to a summer of red-hot success.

And frankly, where else did Del Rio, who was done taking on the "American Establishment" of Jack Swagger and his mouthpiece, Zeb Colter, have to go? There is no real footing for Del Rio as a face.

The image Del Rio portrayed was a man who fought through the challenges of professional wrestling to become a champion was old and haggard. While he was popular, the idea of the son of Dos Caras and relative of Mil Mascaras "struggling" in the business is absurd.

I got the feeling he as being portrayed more as a "Dusty Rhodes" type of wrestler, the "Mexican-American Dream" that was the commoner. It just did not work, in my opinion.

When we see Dolph Ziggler play the "face" role, chasing the title, we can really get behind him. If he drops AJ like Shawn Michaels dropped Sherri Martel, his value to the company becomes that much greater. And as a fan, I think he will have more success. This is not a "Miz-like" move, rather one that is based more on his talents and his "likeability" with the fans rather than his marketability with the WWE.

The match between Del Rio and Ziggler is just part of a possible "off-the-charts" Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Everything should start to build now over the next three weeks. It all starts with Raw on Monday night. Here are burning questions which must be answered.


What will become of CM Punk and Paul Heyman?

The turn has begun. You knew it was coming. You knew at some point Punk would turn on Heyman. Heyman would turn on Punk. Or, in this case, Brock Lesnar would get in the middle of this. Lesnar is in the middle, and Monday should give us a better barometer of the situation. 

I tend to agree that Punk and Del Rio will continue to battle while Ziggler remains part of this mix. I also think things will get harried for all three men if Lesnar continues to be a threat. Remember as well, Lesnar tends to be a "part-time" player who is only needed in special instances.


How far Will Randy Orton/Daniel Bryan go?

I absolutely love this rivalry. Besides the fact it is some of the best wrestling in the business today, it shows the desire of both wrestlers, and it could lead to the Orton heel switch we have wanted to see since last year.

The mental game Orton plays with Bryan is one of the lost arts of professional wrestling. And when Orton says he is going to do something, he usually does it. Last week, Orton said he would hurt Bryan, and he tried to. He also said he would win, and he was counted out.

Monday is a new week and a new resolve for both wrestlers.


What will John Cena have to say?

In my estimation, the only retirement speech that comes close to the "performance" Mark Henry gave us Monday night was the retirement speech by Ric Flair where he named Curt Hennig as his replacement in the Four Horseman.

The power slam will certainly elicit a response from the WWE champion. The one thing Henry said that was so true was the WWE title is something that is "earned," and it remains to be seen if Henry will earn the title at Money in the Bank. 

If that happens, it will stir the pot even more heading into SummerSlam.


Who does Vickie Guerrero listen to?

The WWE's version of "Follow the Leader" just got a bit more sadistic and a lot more fun. Welcome Stephanie McMahon to the party as the one who wants control of the WWE.

Vickie Guerrero has become the essential "yes woman" in the company, the one who cannot decide to take direction from Vince McMahon or Triple H, or could the feminine connection between her and Stephanie form a bond that bests the men?

I am not a fan of the angle, but seeing the McMahons on television is great for the company and ratings.

Has Kaitlyn become AJ Lee?

In an odd twist of fate, it would appear that the current WWE Divas champion has managed to not only take the title from her former best friend, but has managed to drive her, dare we say, "crazy."

I thought the word "crazy" was limited to "Black Widows" women who date four WWE superstars in one year and then get put in their place by Stephanie McMahon.

Kaitlyn's "new" character is intriguing, but does it have enough "legs" to continue through the summer?

Does Rob Van Dam win at Money in the Bank?

He will certainly be in one of the matches for a contract briefcase. I figure he moves to Friday nights and SmackDown. There is too much confusion right now on Monday night and well, Rob Van Dam and his abilities seem perfect for Friday night.

A match with Van Dam and Alberto Del Rio seems likely, although I am not happy with the idea of him coming in and stealing the spotlight.