Cavs to Use 23 Second Shot-Clock In Honor Of LeBron

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Cavs to Use 23 Second Shot-Clock In Honor Of LeBron
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The Cavaliers are going to show how highly they truly think of Lebron James, by giving up one second off of their shot clock in the Atlanta Hawks series. 

LeBron believes that the 23 second shot clock will have no real effect on the game he is thoroughly behind the idea. He originally was against it, but with limited nudging he caved in. 

We could not reach LeBron for response, but we did talk to Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers


Jach Shore: "Kobe what do you think about this shot clock stunt they are doing in Cleveland?"

Kobe: "I don't get why LeBron would want to copy something I have already done." 


Jach Shore: "Wait, how is this copying something you have already done? This is the first time this has ever happened in NBA history"

Kobe: "The shot clock reads 24. I wear 24. Why else would it be 24?"


Jach Shore: "Well I cannot argue with that point or rather do not wish to argue that point."

Kobe: "Check Mate"


How this one second deduction of the shot clock effect the game? Who knows maybe it won't have any effect or maybe it will cause numerous shot clock violations.

Either way, I think this showing of honor is just what LeBron needs. I mean he is the original 23 so we might as well bend the rules for him. Wait wasn't there a different 23. O probably not.

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