LeBron James Dominates Competition In Ridiculous High School Highlight Reel

Dan Favale@@danfavaleFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2013

LeBron James wasn't always the man in the NBA. A decade ago, he was a man among boys in high school.

City League Hoops posted a video highlight reel of the now two-time NBA champion from his high school days. The footage sends a chill down the back of your spine.

The Chosen One destroyed the competition. SportsCenter-worthy dunks were a staple of his even then. He exceeded the abilities of every other player on the court even more so than he does now.

Ten years into his NBA tenure, you almost forget how unfair it must have been for others to go up against him in high school. They didn't stand a chance. He soared through the air for demonstrative blocks, shot over his defenders like they weren't there and rocked the rim so hard that you forget he was a teenager.

One has to wonder if his high school exploits ever became mundane. LeBron made all of this look easy, probably because it was for him.

When he went up for slams, few players were able to extend their reach beyond his chin—that's how high he was leaping in comparison to everyone else. And when he ran the break, no one was within 10 feet of his inevitable poster jams.

That's how fast he was.

Like I said, it wasn't fair. Some would argue it's unfair now. 

Off games aren't uncommon for LeBron, but at his worst, he's still better than most of—if not all—the other players on the court. On most nights, the NBA appears to be nothing more than an extension of high school, where LeBron played head, shoulders and torso above the competition.

Be sure to get your nostalgia on by feasting your eyes on this reel more than once. It serves as a nice little reminder that LeBron was obliterating the competition well before he entered the NBA in 2003.