Should the Six-Man Tag Titles be Brought Back to the WWE?

David LevinSenior Writer IIJune 23, 2013

The Shield is a three-man stable. The Wyatts are a three-man stable. Three Man Band, of course is a three-man stable. And there are others who have made a go of it lately as a trio when taking on the "Hounds of Justice" or 3MB or a host of other wrestlers who have a beef or two to settle.

If the WWE is putting such an emphasis on six-man tag matches, could the company bring back the "Six-Man Tag Team Titles?"

I was asked that very question Saturday by "The Bottom Line" on my bulletin board (thanks for asking), and to be honest, I had not given it much thought. I saw the recent six-man tag matches as a way for teams like The Shield and 3MB to get over more as a unit, not to necessarily pitch for another title to be brought back from the dead. But the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense.

The titles, which used to be a staple of the NWA in its heyday (especially with teams like The Freebirds) was a popular way to have stables or three great superstars compete together to the delight of the fans.

It was also a way for families like the Von Erichs, the Guerreros and others to keep the family tradition alive.

The NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Championship was first defended in the Tennessee Mid-America territory from 1974 to 1981 as the NWA Six-Man Tag Team Championship. Jim Crockett Promotions then created its own version of the titles in 1984 until it was abandoned in late 1989.

In Jim Crockett’s NWA promotion in the Carolinas, the Russians were the big-time heel faction with Ivan and Nikita Koloff and Krusher Khruschev, who would battle the likes of The Road Warriors and Dusty Rhodes. The Four Horsemen, as popular a heel faction and champions that they were, never held the titles.

I think this actually has a chance to work. There are the stables that are present in the WWE, like the ones mentioned, but there are others that could form and singles competitors who could adjust to the tag team ranks because of too much competition for singles titles. It is also one more way to add intrigue to Raw and the other WWE programs.

So, to answer the question asked of me, I say I think it’s a great idea. Bringing back old-school titles can only improve the product in the ring.

Do I think it will happen? I am not sure. It would change the course of direction for not on the wrestlers but for the WWE and its creative teams.

But to be fair, it would be cool to see this happen again, and it certainly gives us something to talk about.