Is Carlos Beltran Angry or Just Hot?

ed feverCorrespondent IMay 5, 2009

NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 23: Carlos Beltran #15 of the New York Mets throws his bat to the ground after hitting a pop out against the Chicago Cubs on September 23, 2008 at Shea Stadium in the Flushing neighborhood of the Queens borough of New York City.  The Mets won 6-2. (Photo by Jarrett Baker/Getty Images)

I have no idea, whether playing angry or having a chip on your shoulder actually relates to on-field success, but it does make for good discussion and it certainly makes us Mets fans feel better.

If you believe the rumors, one reason Mets general Manager Omar Minaya backed off his "Edge" comments was that it incensed his star center fielder.
It's funny, I never affixed the comments to Beltran. I immediately thought he was discussing Wright and Reyes.
I'm not sure why there would be a delayed reaction, but it was mentioned several times that Beltran wasn't happy with the "Edge" comments.
Beltran has given us five years of Gold Glove, Silver Slugger, and All-Star caliber play in a premium position. That production outweighs my expectations of what a leader should be, and I've grown to accept his quiet demeanor.
But then again, if he took exception to Minaya's comments and is now playing with a chip on his shoulder, I like the results.
More importantly, Beltran has been hot for awhile. The only thing missing was his power stroke, and two home runs in Monday night's game leads me to believe he's found it.
It's exciting to see him hit like this because once he gets hot, he usually goes on a run that can carry this team.
Beltran, after the game, sounds more like a guy pumping up his teammates than accepting personal accolades, some pretty good leadership qualities.
"I'm proud of [pitcher John] Maine for what he did for us," Beltran said. "He struggled for a couple of innings and was able to adjust and give us an opportunity to get back in the game. That really shows he's giving everything he has...He didn't give up." Source: Lo Hud Journal