Things a New York Jets Fan Says

John Shea@real_johnsheaContributor IIIJune 28, 2013

Things a New York Jets Fan Says

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    The New York Jets have arguably the most intense fanbase in the NFL.

    Former Jets aficionado Fireman Ed led the charge at the team's home games until hanging it up after decades of cheer brigades, citing "unruly" behavior for his exit.

    The fanbase hasn't lost steam in the wake of Fireman Ed's apparent "retirement." The things Jets fans say have remained static, except for deadbeat clamors for backup quarterback and media sensation Tim Tebow.

    Fireman Ed was a sideshow.

    Most Jets fans wouldn't perceive themselves in that brand of limelight. A major contingency of the fanbase is still static in how it expresses itself, regardless.

    The following examines famous chants and phrases that Jets fan say:

'J! E! T! S!'

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    Jets fans arguably own the most famous chant in professional football: "J-E-T-S JETS! JETS! JETS!" It's a trademark in the team's legacy and staple in the fan experience at the stadium.

    The chant, which most outsiders perceive as obnoxious, helps to define Jets nation in positive fashion.

    Some would gravely question the previous statement, but it's true. The counter argument points to a boastful outcry for attention, but the chant serves practical purpose.

    It virtually represents unity among Jets fans, if there is such a thing. It's an essential mantra that urges the men on the battlefield to dominate the opposition. It's ultimately an unparalleled expression in the greater landscape of professional sports.

    The chant is Jets fans' claim to fame. The team's fanbase doesn't exactly uphold the most revered level of "classiness" of all time, but it's undoubtedly passionate.

'We're the Best Team in New York'

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    A true Jets fan would never admit inferiority for its supposed "big brother" in New York. It's a never-ending, never justified debate about who "owns" football fever in New York.

    The Giants have won four Super Bowls whereas the Jets have been crowned just once.

    The common outsider would contend that there's no contest between the Giants and Jets. The Giants have won two championships in the past six seasons while the Jets haven't climbed atop the football world since 1969.

    It's a painful endeavor for Jets fans, although they would never relinquish their pride.

    Why should they?

    Anybody can point toward Super Bowl titles and Hall of Fame inductees. A true Jets fan wouldn't even fathom admitting second sister status in a city that houses more professional sports championships than any other town in America.

    A diehard is always looking toward next season. That's when it'll turnaround. Who would think the Jets aren't the best team in New York?

'You Suck, Sanchez!'

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    It's been said before, but the most hated man on the field in the mind of a Jets fan is typically the quarterback.

    Jets fans haven't had the benefit of watching a Hall of Fame talent lead the team to the promised land since Joe Namath in the late '60s. To call it a drought would be a severe understatement.

    Embattled QB Mark Sanchez showcased apparent upside in his first two seasons as the team's main signal-caller. It would be presumptuous and somewhat shortsighted to state that Sanchez "led" the Jets to consecutive AFC title game appearances at the start of his career, though.

    Sanchez was the ultimate benefactor from two outstanding Rex Ryan-led defenses that flat-out bullied the opposition. Those defenses ranked first and sixth in points allowed, respectively.

    Jets fans caught on quick, venting their bitter frustration with predictable obscenities and countless acts of hardcore "booing." See: Fireman Ed.

    For the purpose of this contention, though, it's smart to keep it simple: "You suck, Sanchez!" is household among Jets fans.

'I Hate Tom Brady'

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    The inherent success that perennial Pro Bowl QB Tom Brady has brought to the Patriots has devastated Jets fans for the better part of the past decade.

    Brady has unfortunately guided the Patriots to three championships, while the Jets have mostly floundered in the depths of wanna-be success.

    Call it mediocrity. Call it inconsistency. It doesn't make a difference.

    Jets fans hate Tom Brady with a never-ending passion. The rivalry between AFC East foes reached a pinnacle when the Jets beat down the Pats in the AFC Divisional playoffs, just a few seasons ago.

    It was arguably the greatest accomplishment in Jets history since Namath led the Green and White over the Baltimore Colts in January 1969.

    The magnitude of Jets fans' hatred for the Patriots becomes elevated to new extremes each time both teams clash. The Patriots have defeated the Jets in five consecutive regular-season contests, fueling the fire leading into the new season.

    Hating Tom Brady is second nature for Jets fans.

'It Could Be Worse'

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    The average Jets fan is typically highly pessimistic, but always knows that it could be worse. The Jets have suffered through bad seasons, but that still hasn't deterred thousands of fans from filling up the seats and flooding to the neighborhood bars each season.

    Jets fans haven't relished Super Bowl glory since 1969.

    It was arguably the greatest upset in Super Bowl history, although the Jets have failed to conquer the ultimate prize ever since.

    It could be worse.

    It's not like the Jets have never won a championship. It's not like they've never punished Tom Brady and the Patriots. It's not like they've never won a big game.

    The Jets have won four divisional championships, dating back to the final seasons of the AFL. They've reached five conference title games (including the 1968 AFL title game) and have witnessed greatness, like contemporary fan-favorite Curtis Martin.

    The Jets aren't a  prestigious franchise, but it could always be worse. Jets fans know this and practically live by it.