Ryback Rules: The Case for Ryback to Win a Case at WWE Money in the Bank

Tyson Jones@@TigerKingTJSenior Analyst IIIJune 22, 2013

Photo from www.rantsports.com
Photo from www.rantsports.com

Ryback...a name that draws a few different reactions. Some negative and some positive, and for different reasons.

Some claim him to be a Goldberg ripoff, unfit to polish the boots of JTG on Superstars. Others see him as a main event talent who's been saddled with poor booking (the story of many a Superstar's life.) Personally, I do feel that Ryback has the potential to be a main event Superstar.

Do I think he could be the face of the WWE? I'd say not, but I'm sure if I told you back in the day that Rocky Maivia and Stunning Steve Austin were going to be two of the biggest names in wrestling history, you likely wouldn't have believed me. So, let's not rule that out just yet.

Ryback recently lost his second shot at the WWE title against John Cena in a well-received Three Stages of Hell match at arguably one of the more impressive pay-per-views in sometime (following Extreme Rules up is no easy task).

With this second loss, and Ryback's PPV losing streak continuing, one has to wonder where WWE goes with Ryback from here. It's likely not a popular suggestion, but from here, I would go with Ryback coming away with one of the Money in the Bank briefcases.

Now, there are claims that can be made that Ryback is high enough now and favored enough that Money in the Bank wouldn't be needed for him to enter into the main event, but as far as the WWE Championship goes, there aren't many contenders for that case and the world heavyweight title could always use fresh blood. Plus, it opens up new doors with new opponents for Ryback more than the WWE Championship scene could offer.

Now, I think the first thing we need to address when we talk about Ryback winning a Money in the Bank contract is "Who are we pushing Ryback in front of?" What other candidates have potential to win Money in The Bank?

Honestly, that's a short list in my opinion.

WWE has two cases and only about two real people who should be considered. Antonio Cesaro and Damien Sandow are not those two. Both haven't been on the main roster long enough to be up for such a hefty prize. All members of The Shield is a no-go. I'm all for pushing people, but let's do it within reason. Dolph Ziggler and RVD are no-gos, as Dolph should have a world title match at Money in the Bank, while RVD has no business carrying a second case.

No, the two people I'm talking about are Wade Barrett and Ryback.

Though these are the names that should be considered, WWE has apparently thrown out the idea of including Daniel Bryan as a potential winner of Money in the Bank, and he does pose the biggest threat to a Ryback PPV win at Money in the Bank, due to being hugely over. However, that could also play against Bryan's case for winning the WWE Championship Money in the Bank.

Because he is so over, I think it would be within the realm of possibility for him to win his way into title contention. That possibility, while also existing for Ryback, can't happen any time soon. Especially not with Cena as champion, and since Cena likely won't drop the championship until about Survivor Series, I don't think it's going to happen for Ryback to be WWE champion this year.

However, because someone apparently does believe in Ryback, I could see him winning the WWE Championship case and cashing it in around this time next year.

As for the World Heavyweight Championship case, I believe that would be a great alternative for Ryback as well. While there are officially no more brands, the world heavyweight champion is usually the focal point of SmackDown. With that in mind, Ryback returning to SmackDown could be just the thing he needs.

The change of scenery, for the most part, would be a welcome change.

Ryback has run through many of the Raw-type men, but working SmackDown could see more top work from him in the ring with the likes of Orton, Jericho, Bryan and Sheamus, just to name a few people. He would work with new people on the mic as well, helping him grow in that department, which is always a good thing.

There's also no real competition in this realm either.

Some people may sight a guy like Big E Langston as a potential contender, but honestly I don't get the appeal. He's like a very inferior copy of Ryback, in my opinion. He has a lackluster move set, and he doesn't really do anything for me on the mic. He's not really funny like some people claim. He's just not that good in my opinion.

So, depending on who gets into what match, I have to believe that Ryback winning one of these cases is a smart move. Some people will cry fowl about Ryback winning Money in the Bank, citing his time in the main event has been a bit longer than it should have with no real results.

I would counter that giving him Money in the Bank keeps him away from the main event. Close enough where he can see it through the glass ceiling, but far enough he doesn't directly impact anything. Add to that, it would be a huge way to break his PPV losing streak, and could potentially be the start of a winning streak of sorts for The Anomaly.

Few people are in a place where they can really benefit from Money in the Bank and actually need it, and Ryback is one of those people. While there are plenty of deserving talents who could use this, I think come Money in the Bank, Ryback should indeed rule.