LeBron Returns to Social Media with Vengeance: 'That Sh-t Stank, Don't It?'

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistJune 21, 2013

A day after Kobe Bryant used Instagram's new video feature to show the world that he could walk, LeBron James broke his social media silence to show the world he could recline. This April 20 tweet was his last communication...until now

And now he's back.

His posture in the video is totally excusable, though. In fact, it's a wonder he's even conscious after partying it up on South Beach after collecting the Larry O'Brien and Bill Russell trophies after Game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs.

Lounging on the couch or possibly a large beanbag chair—details like this are important—James let us all in on his recent realization: He's a two-time champ.

It's a little strange that he admits he's at a loss for words, but again, holding court at LIV and Fontainebleau until the wee hours earns him a pass.

After proclaiming that he had "no worries" during the postgame ceremony, it still feels a little bit like James is sticking it to his detractors. At this point, it's kind of stunning that anyone would still begrudge him credit, but just in case, LBJ is mugging at the camera and essentially saying "suck it" to his doubters.

Speaking of mugging, James shows off some incredible facial dexterity in the clip. I'm trying to think of where I've seen that kind of ability before. Oh yeah! Right here.

And you know what? James is right, it does "stank" for anyone who's not ready to accept the incontrovertible truth that he's on top of the NBA world right now. He dominated Games 6 and 7, met every challenge throughout the playoffs and buried the Spurs with the exact shot—the mid-range jumper—that they wanted him to take.

He's entitled to some 15-second gloating.

Besides, James has powerful friends. It's probably best to just start supporting him.

In the interest of giving equal time to the worthy Spurs, I have to mention that it's hard to imagine any of Gregg Popovich's crew taking to social media for a self-congratulatory message. That's not really how they do things.

Still, James is part of a new generation. Plus, the video's kind of funny. What's the harm in reconnecting with the social media world now that his work is done?

Now I'm just anxiously awaiting Shane Battier's video, probably entitled "I have enjoyed some recent success that is most assuredly offensive in an olfactory sense to anyone presumptuous enough to have harbored reservations about my worthiness."

He's got a way with words, that Shane.