Miami ABC Affiliate Manages 2 Graphic Errors Amid Heat Championship

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 21, 2013

Photo Credit: Matt Waldron Twitter
Photo Credit: Matt Waldron Twitter

One Miami network managed to bungle two Chyron graphics during their coverage of the Heat's NBA Championship victory. Still, they had a better night than the San Antonio Spurs. 

Now, if you are feeling a little low about your own ability to fact check a situation, check out a couple of images spotted by Busted Coverage

First is this screen capture they posted on their website. 

Sadly, that particular Chyron mishap hasn't been accurate since Sunday, when the Spurs took a 3-2 lead with a 114-104 victory in San Antonio. 

As we now know, the Spurs took that advantage and squandered it in Miami. They nearly closed out an exhausted Heat team in Game 6, but couldn't withstand a clutch Ray Allen three-pointer, nor could they overcome a couple of players unfettered by shoes or headbands

Really, if this were the only gaffe by Miami's ABC affiliate, we would chuckle and move on. Alas, we come bearing hilarious and unfortunate news that this particular station bungled the easiest and most crucial piece of information from the game. 

Here is a tweet from Matt Waldron


Suddenly, the series gaffe doesn't seem so egregious, and we can add the Chyron generator as the other person besides Danny Green having a horrible night on Thursday. 

I have to think there was at least one person in the Miami area who was discombobulated when they flipped on the TV and saw a graphic boasting the Heat's demise while jubilant Heat fans milled about in the background. 

On a fantastic night for Heat faithful, there were a few people who were drenched in sorrow, misery and frustration: the Spurs organization, and whoever was working the graphics for ABC 10 in Miami. 


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