Bill Russell Doesn't Look Impressed With NBA Finals Game 7

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Bill Russell Doesn't Look Impressed With NBA Finals Game 7

To most people watching, Game 7 of the NBA Finals was a riveting affair, taut with drama and highly entertaining. Bill Russell is not most people.

The 11-time NBA champ has seen an awful lot of basketball in his life, so he might be the only guy on the planet who gets a pass for uncorking a truly epic yawn in the second half of a fantastic, season-defining game.

Plus, he spent the first half sitting next to NBA commissioner David Stern, who probably wasn't the chattiest companion. In fact, some speculated that the two might not even be all that familiar. Either way, Russell was getting a little sleepy in the third quarter.

Of course, that didn't stop him from matching the production of Miami's starting center.

Apparently, Russell still has some game.

The second this clip hit the air, anyone familiar with the Internet had to know that it was on the fast track to every social media outlet imaginable.

Get ready for some YouTube parodies, #RussellYawns and more than a few Instagram video recreations. That's the age we live in: A 79-year-old Hall of Famer yawns and the web explodes.

Admittedly, this is pretty spectacular. Does anything fire this guy up? I like to imagine Russell watching the moon landing back in the day and letting another monstrous yawn rip.

After tangling with Wilt Chamberlain for all those years, living through the greatest NBA dynasty in history and even serving as a player-coach, there's very little left that gets Russell's attention on the basketball court.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Keep in mind: The trophy for the NBA Finals MVP bears his name. Hopefully, it'll be redesigned to feature him in his instantly famous, hilariously bored pose.

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