15 Top Uniform Combos from NCAA Football '14

Alex Callos@@alexcallosCorrespondent IJune 24, 2013

15 Top Uniform Combos from NCAA Football '14

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    The release of NCAA Football every year is one of the most anticipated moments of the offseason for college football fans.

    While the game is not quite out yet, EA Sports did release all of the uniform combinations for every team.

    Some teams have a lot more alternates than others, but every team in the game has multiple uniforms.

    Which uniforms are the best? That is a question that will always be up for debate. Read on to find out how we rank them, and click here to see all of the uniforms displayed in video form.

No. 15 Baylor Bears

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    The Baylor Bears might not have the best uniforms in college football, but both the home and road jerseys in NCAA Football 2014 feature stripes on the sides of the pants that are not found with many other teams.

    There are a plethora of alternate jerseys that the Bears feature, including one that is all green and another in virtually all white. 

    Gamers playing with the Bears will have plenty of options to choose from, all of them looking quite nice.

No. 14 Texas Tech Red Raiders

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    Texas Tech is another team with plenty of outfits to choose from. In addition to the home and away uniforms, there are also alternate jerseys with a wealth of options.

    Tech has other uniforms options in addition to the alternates. Very few have them, but Texas Tech is one of those teams.

    One of the jerseys, called "Pride", is all red with black on the shoulder pads. No doubt this jersey is one of the best in the entire game.

    The regular home and away jerseys are not too shabby either.

No. 13 Michigan State Spartans

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    Michigan State has what are called the Nike Pro Combat jerseys.

    These jerseys are without question the best of the bunch, but there are plenty of others for Spartans fans to choose from, including the regular home and away jerseys. 

    The color combinations are excellent, and because of that, the Spartans crack the top 15.

No. 12 Boise State Broncos

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    Boise State has 11 alternate jerseys and a few of the Nike Pro Combat uniforms to select from.

    With so many options, it is hard not to include the Broncos on the list.

    There are some very unique choices as well, including an all-white look, and of course, the all blue that is worn for home games.

    It blends in quite well with that turf.

No. 11 Cincinnati Bearcats

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    The Cincinnati Bearcats have always had nice jerseys, but the all-white numbers they wore in the Sugar Bowl against Florida a few years ago certainly stood out, particularly with the white helmets to go along with it.

    That combo is one of the alternate jerseys, but the all-black home jersey is also rather intimidating, and there is an all-red jersey that is a sight to see as well.

    It is hard to go wrong with any of the jerseys Cincinnati wears.

No. 10 Hawaii Warriors

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    Hawaii is another school that has a lot of solid colors. The home jersey is all black and the road jersey can be a number of different combinations, including green pants with a white top.

    One of the unique alternate jerseys is all green.

    Not many other teams have something like that, and there is also a jersey called the "12 Wounded Warrior" which has an American flag on the shoulder pads. Definitely not a bad look. 

No. 9 Maryland Terrapins

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    The basic Maryland home and away jerseys are nothing to write home about, but the others offered on the game might be the most unique in college football.

    There is an all-white jersey called "White Ops", and an all-black jersey called "Black Ops".

    Of course there is the infamous "Pride" jersey that fans have grown to love or hate. There is really no in-between with it. 

No. 8 Notre Dame Fighting Irish

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    Notre Dame has a different name for just about every jersey, making it hard to keep track of.

    The Fighting Irish offer a few interesting looks, and while none of the jerseys are among the best in the game, there are three or four that are very good, which allow Notre Dame to crack the top 10 on the list.

    Almost all of the jerseys offer very different looks, which is something not a lot of teams can stake claim to.

    Of course, Notre Dame offers the classic look as well.

No. 7 Miami Hurricanes

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    The Miami Hurricanes have two jerseys that stand out, and one of them is the all orange. The little bit of green in the jersey really sets it apart. 

    Another excellent uniform the game offers is an all-white number. There is an alternate version of this, and a newer version is offered in the 09 Nike Pro Combat.

    This jersey is the best out there for the Hurricanes.

No. 6 Michigan Wolverines

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    The 12 Adidas Strategy jerseys of the Wolverines are some of the most recognizable in college football, as well as the video game version.

    While Michigan does not wear these jerseys often, there are also some other excellent selections to choose from when playing with the Wolverines.

    The basic home and away jerseys are not bad either.

No. 5 UCLA Bruins

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    The UCLA color combination is one of the best in the game. The light blue top is excellent, but one of the alternate jerseys is even better.

    It is called the "12 Adidas Strategy", and almost the entire jersey is in a darker blue with the numbers and a few other outlining areas in a lighter shade of blue.

    There are not a lot of options with the Bruins, but the alternate jersey is quite a sight to see.

No. 4 South Carolina Gamecocks

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    South Carolina has five different alternate jerseys in the game that feature all white, all red and all black. Each of those jerseys are among of the best.

    The one that stands out the most for the Gamecocks is called "Battle Gray". It is virtually all gray and the pants are almost camouflage.

    The white helmet does not really fit along with it, but it is very interesting, and this is one of the best jerseys from any team in the entire game.

No. 3 Ohio State Buckeyes

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    The home and away jerseys for Ohio State are average to slightly above, but there are three types of Nike Pro Combat jerseys that help the Buckeyes crack the top five on the list.

    Perhaps the best of the bunch is the 09 Nike Pro Combat. The scarlet-colored helmet tops it off and matches the jersey top perfectly.

    All of the others are excellent as well, but nothing tops the 09 Nike Pro Combat.

No. 2 Mississippi State Bulldogs

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    Mississippi State has three alternate jerseys in addition to the home and away, but what allows it to reach No. 2 on the list is the 12 Adidas Strategy 01 jersey.

    This uniform is nothing but white, and like a lot of other teams with the all-white jersey, it is the best in the Bulldogs repertoire.

    While the maroon top on the home jersey is very nice, the 12 Adidas Strategy 01 jersey is second to none.

No. 1 Oregon Ducks

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    The king of jerseys when it comes to NCAA Football '14 is none other than the Oregon Ducks.

    The Ducks have always had a variety of excellent jersey selections, and this year will be no different.

    Oregon has a home and away jersey, but also features 17 alternate jerseys and the 11 Nike Pro Combat.

    No question that the Ducks have an army of different jerseys they have the ability to roll out on any given Saturday.

    It is kind of hard to narrow it down and select just one.