WWE Payback 2013 Results: Was a Pre-Show Match the End of Sheamus as a Top Guy?

Alex Musso@amusso18Featured ColumnistJune 21, 2013

WWE Payback 2013 Results: Was a Pre-Show Match the End of Sheamus as a Top Guy?

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    This past Sunday at WWE Payback 2013, Sheamus competed in a match against Damien Sandow. He won that match, but if you're like many other WWE fans who watched the pay-per-view, you may not have even seen the match at all. After all, the match did not make the actual card, but instead was on the Youtube pre-show.  

    Not that long ago, Sheamus was perhaps the second most popular wrestler in the WWE. However, while he remains popular, he seems to now be stuck in neutral. His feud with Damien Sandow is not going to main event a pay-per-view. In fact, as mentioned before, it couldn't even make the card.   

    That begs the question: Was the pre-show match the end of Sheamus as a top guy?  

    The answer to that question is complicated. Sheamus remains a popular figure despite basically having no real direction since his feud with Big Show over the World Heavyweight Championship.  

    Ultimately, though, the answer to the question is no. Sheamus can, and likely will, remain a top draw in the WWE. Here are four reasons why.

No. 4: He's Way Over

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    Can it be said any more clearly than the slide heading? Simply put, Sheamus is over with live crowds. When Sheamus comes out to the ring, he gets one of the biggest face pops every night.  

    That's obviously important to the WWE, as fan favorites tend to move merchandise both in the arena and in stores. The WWE likes wrestlers that get kids to cheer and buy their merchandise. And while Sheamus certainly appeals to more than just kids, the WWE wants more than just John Cena as a marketable star to that demographic.  

    Sheamus still very much fills that role.  

No. 3: He Can Put on Good Matches

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    As much as fans have complained over the years that a certain top WWE star (cough...Cena...cough) can't wrestle, Sheamus is not subject to the same allegations.

    In fact, his matches with Big Show in their feud over the World Heavyweight Championship were not only good, but they actually stole the show at several pay-per-views. Sheamus can put on good matches, which matters in the WWE, even in the PG (or maybe post-PG) era.

No. 2: There Are Plenty of Opponents for Him

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    Sheamus is a big enough name that at any time he could jump into any title picture and be taken seriously. He could jump into a feud with any top name, even John Cena, and have a realistic chance of coming out on top.  

    That's a big advantage for Sheamus. He could feud with Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Dolph Ziggler, etc. and be right at home. Not everyone can say that. He's held both the WWE and World Heavyweight Championship, and certainly will again. Exactly when that happens will depend on what the WWE does with him in the near future. 

No. 1: WWE Needs Faces

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    Right now, the WWE is thin on faces. With people like Ryback and Alberto del Rio turning heel, the WWE is down to one true top face (John Cena), and several possible new faces (CM Punk and Dolph Ziggler). Sheamus stands out as a WWE star secure in his face role.  

    Daniel Bryan, who is unbelievably over, looks as though he's on the cusp of a heel run. Interestingly enough, so does Randy Orton, who is feuding with Bryan. While "tweener" wrestlers (not quite face and not quite heel) may well be more compelling than pure babyfaces, babyfaces are necessary. Sheamus has shown the ability to fill that role very well and remain popular with most segments of the WWE audience.

    Sheamus is now, and likely will remain, a top face in the WWE. A pre-show match is not ideal, but you should not expect Sheamus to be there regularly.