This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 21, 2013

This Week in Annoying: The Worst in Sports Right Now

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    The NBA and Stanley Cup Finals have given us so many amazing memories this week. Sadly, they have also provided some astoundingly annoying moments as well. 

    Welcome back to another installment of all that is wrong with sports at the moment. I will be your host, the man with a lot of opinions and very little patience. 

    Here is our breakdown of all the things that annoyed us this week. From Miami Heat fans who left a captivating Game 6 to an Austin network that managed to bungle one of the best goals from the Stanley Cup Finals, we have you covered. 

    There is plenty of awful to go around, so please nominate a person, moment or entity that you found particularly horrible this week. 

    Without further ado, let's get some things of our chest. 

NBC Austin's Oops Moment

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    An already razor-thin series was tied at five during Wednesday's Game 4 from Boston. 

    A beautiful moment came when the Chicago Blackhawks' Brent Seabrook slapped the game-winner past the formidable Tuuka Rask with 9:51 to go in overtime for the win. 

    Now, imagine if you had invested all that time and emotion in the clash, only to miss the crucial goal because the local network cut to a promo. That would be fairly annoying, right?

    Yeah, that happened

    In a moment that hearkened back to the infamous Heidi Bowl, NBC's Austin affiliate cut away from the Stanley Cup game just a few seconds away from the amazing goal. 

    I imagine there are a few walls in the Austin area in need of some patchwork. 

Miami Heat Fans Leave Bandwagon

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    Please, Miami Heat fans, never change. 

    According to the debacle that took place outside the AmericanAirlines Arena on Tuesday night, it seems many fair weather fans in the Miami area certainly haven't changed. 

    Yahoo! Sports' Dan Devine has a great breakdown of fans who left the arena despite the game being a "one-possession affair from just inside the eight-minute mark."

    Many left thinking their beloved Heat lost, only to hear moments later that the game was going from good to astounding. 

    Those who couldn't be bothered to watch the Heat lose rushed back to try and see a dramatic win. The basketball gods and arena officials negated them from enjoying in the spoils. 

    Meanwhile, an entire nation joined in a collective facepalm

    Alas, those basketball gods are a forgiving bunch, because the Heat clinched their second title in as many years on Thursday night. 

'First Take' Does It Again

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    Skip Bayless and the rest of First Take took time way from being awful to delve into the land of the truly ridiculous. 

    As SportsGrid spotted, the ESPN show that features loud shouting and absurd debate actually had a segment dedicated to whether or not Spurs coach Gregg Popovich should rest his stars for Game 6. 

    Now, to be fair, a comment in the SportsGrid report states the segment was actually dedicated to whether Pop should rest his players if his team was getting blown out. 

    While that certainly changes things a bit, it doesn't negate the fact that this is a superfluous argument. If you are getting blown out late in the game, of course you rest your stars. This is common practice from regular-season games to the playoffs. 

    Nobody thinks the best players on a team would be on the floor if they are down 20 with a couple minutes to go in the game. 

    And now my head hurts, which always happens when I bring up anything related to this show. 

NFL Bans Purses

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    This one goes out to all the ladies who like to head out to NFL games with just a little bit of discretion and a whole bunch of style. 

    You see, the NFL banned purses. 

    Just head on over to the "All Clear" section of, and you will see that any bags bigger than a small clutch are now banned from NFL games. 

    Yes, women hoping for privacy with purses that are allowed around other sports venues are being told to pack up their belongings in things such as large Ziploc bags. 

    The reactions were as you would expect

Headband Hype

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    If you spot something fairly cool and memorable, Twitter will promptly kill it with lame joke ubiquity and pitiful parody accounts. 

    Game 6 of the NBA Finals was about a great many things: Ray Allen's clutch shooting, Gregg Popvich's substitutions and LeBron James' otherworldly talents, just to name a few. 

    But, you know, headbands. 

    James' lost headband was such a huge ordeal that the Heat star had to actually field questions on it after the game. 

    And yes, a flood of parody accounts jumped all over the discarded sweat-stopper in attempt to be novel. They weren't. 

Drake Is Media

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    Rap star Drake was fortunate enough to be on hand during the Heat's victorious Game 7 against the San Antonio Spurs. 

    Unfortunately for LeBron James' apparent buddy, he wasn't allowed into the locker room after the game, being told that access was for media only. 

    As Hoopsworld's Alex Kennedy reported, Drake offered, "I am media," which is only slightly less annoying than the oft-stated "Do you know who I am?"

    There are a great many travesties in this world, but Drake failing to get into the locker room is not one of them.

    Not to worry, because he managed to party it up with the Heat and some delicious pizza after the game.