Justin Gabriel Needs to Win More WWE Matches so We Can See More of His Finisher

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterJune 20, 2013

Photo Credit: WWE
Photo Credit: WWE

Justin Gabriel's best asset is his spectacular finisher, but as he's currently one of WWE's bottom-feeders, seeing him finish off an opponent with the 450 Splash is rare.

Gabriel's trademark move begins with him standing on the top turnbuckle and then flipping forward for one-and-a-half rotations, spinning and cutting through the air like some human spacecraft.

It's a move that helped Gabriel stand out from his Nexus peers.

That mob of rookies blended together as a mass of unknown faces, but Gabriel's stunning move got him immediate attention. Fans may not have known who David Otunga or Darren Young were, but most folks remembered seeing Gabriel hurtle into his foes.

That's a sight we have seen too little of since.

It's not only a difficult and impressive move, but Gabriel does it so gorgeously that it begs to be seen again and again.

Unfortunately, it's Gabriel’s finisher and landing it would mean that he would be in line for a win. That is just not something Gabriel has done with any regularity recently. He's become the victim for men pushing past him such as Antonio Cesaro, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

That means that Gabriel's best and most compelling weapon must stay in its holster for the most part.

Gabriel's speed and agility are certainly fun to watch, but going so many matches without seeing the finest tool in his toolbox is disappointing. Imagine seeing a Michael Bay movie without any explosions. That's what the Gabriel experience is like right now, the highlight of his work taken out of the equation.

WWE certainly won't want to have Gabriel go on a winning streak just to show off his finishing move, but perhaps we could see him end short matches against Jinder Mahal or Heath Slater with it on the occasional episode of WWE Raw.

Alternatively, Gabriel can hit the finisher on opponents the company doesn't want him to beat only to have them put their foot on the ropes after a two-count count or have their manager yank them out of the ring to avoid defeat.

It may just be a move, but it's a majestic one that many fans love. As Arda Ocal of The Layfield Report writes, it's big in Toronto.

Having Gabriel's 450 Splash stay dormant is a waste. WWE needs to unleash the high flyer's can't-miss aerial maneuver. 

The South African Sensation can be a lot more sensational with his top showpiece on display far more often.