Justin Morneau High-Fives Invisible Teammates After Getting Iced by Fellow Twins

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 20, 2013

Justin Morneau didn't have a friend in the world for a brief moment, and that made him the happiest Minnesota Twins player in the dugout. 

In Wednesday's win over the Chicago White Sox, 7-4, the Twins first baseman launched just his third home run of the season. 

It was a blast that caused the crowd to cheer, and it no doubt led to a big sigh of relief from Morneau, who hadn't hit a home run since April 28. 

As ESPN notes in its breakdown of the game, the sixth-inning slam was special from a historic standpoint, as Morneau tied Twins great Kirby Puckett with the 207th home run of his career, good for fifth on the franchise's all-time list.

So what did his buddies do as they watched him round the bags for just the third time of the season? They plotted to greet him with one of baseball's more underrated traditions: They iced him.

Morneau skips back to the dugout like a man who just had a giant weight removed from his shoulders, and he is promptly greeted by absolutely nobody. 

When life hands you lemons, you turn that into ice lemonade. That is exactly what the 32-year-old does when he begins giving out high fives to invisible teammates. I like to think those invisible players were quite raucous in their support of him. 

Of course you cannot let the man hang out to dry for too long, so the entire team finally embraced the slugger, who is hopefully back on track power-wise. 

Suddenly, getting the silent treatment doesn't seem so bad. 


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