Jaleel White Blasts USA Today's Mike Garafolo After Jake Ballard Tweet

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterJune 20, 2013

Photo Credit: Jaleel White Twitter
Photo Credit: Jaleel White Twitter

Jaleel White was far more Stefan Urquelle than Steve Urkel in a recent Twitter dust-up with USA Today's Mike Garafolo.

Larry Brown Sports spotted just the latest beautiful back-and-forth taking place on Twitter, one that started because of discussion on Patriots tight end Jake Ballard.

White, an avid sports fan, tweeted the following at Ballard, predicting that the tight end was in store for a "monster year."

Seeing a tweet from a celebrity to an athlete is always cause of at least a passing interest, but Garafolo, who Larry Brown notes once covered Ballard with the Giants for The Star-Ledger, took this one step further with this tweet.

From there, it was on. 

White then tweeted a response laced with some NSFW language. 

White continued:

don't be a bitch and edit my tweets either media guy @MikeGarafolo just retweet it, it'll get your swag up 😉

— Jaleel White (@jaleelwhite) June 19, 2013

It's at this point that I am obligated by Internet law to feature the following video. 

However, White was hardly the bumbling character he made famous on Family Matters, but the cool-as-ice alter ego he donned in the later years of the series.

Garafolo, for his part, tried to put out the fire as best he could, but the damage had been done. The Internet never forgets, giving Garafolo a silly social media brouhaha to go along with his NFL coverage.

As The Boston Herald recently noted, Ballard has become a key part of the Patriots offense in light of injury and rather unsettling news reports.

Rob Gronkowski is recovering from back surgery, and Aaron Hernandez is involved in an unfolding murder investigation.

Ballard may indeed be needed far more than some would have guessed just a few weeks ago. As for Garafolo, White may be correct; his swag is in store for a monster season.


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