Celebrities Who Are a Fan of Every Team

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterJune 21, 2013

Celebrities Who Are a Fan of Every Team

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    “I’m a big ______ fan, because sports.”

    There are plenty of celebrities out there who enjoy making appearances at sporting events, but some of them really get around the world of sports. 

    One day they’re on the West Coast sitting courtside at the Lakers game. The next day, they hit a Clippers game in the same stadium before flying out to the Midwest to catch the Cubs playing the Cardinals.

    The following celebrities can’t all be considered the same status of fan. Some are bandwagoners, while others go with the flow or just like to spread the love around. 

    They’re celebrities who are fans of many sports teams, and they’ll never turn down a ticket to see their team play. Any of them.

Lil Wayne

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    Sports Illustrated has an entire slideshow dedicated to Lil Wayne and his always-shifting allegiances to sports. 

    He’s been spotted courtside cheering on the Heat, Lakers, Thunder and Bulls, among others. The rapper seems to be a fan of whichever team will let him in—until he gets kicked out for cheering for the wrong team.

    Seems plausible.

    Fan Status: Bandwagoner/over-medicated

Justin Bieber

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    When the Los Angeles Kings played the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup playoffs earlier this June, Justin Bieber must have been presented with a big problem.

    “Do I wear my Kings hat or my Blackhawks hat?” 

    Bieber has been seen sporting both hats, which make up but a tiny percentage of his staggering hat collection. Some will argue he just likes different hats, but you don’t see him rocking any Cleveland Browns or Philadelphia 76ers flat brims. 

    Fan Status: Driver of the bandwagon

Snoop Lion

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    Snoop Lion (he’ll always be the Doggfather to me) plays a lot of concerts at sports venues, so it only makes sense that he's seen in many different jerseys.

    He seems to just be a sports fan in general, considering he coached his son’s pee wee football team and sponsors a youth football league.

    Unlike some celebrities, Snoop looks right wearing whatever jersey they throw his way. It’s all love to the Lion.

    Fan Status: Whoever is paying him to perform

Jessica Alba

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    If the team is in California, it's Jessica Alba's favorite.

    The 32-year-old actress enjoys her West Coast sports teams and cheers for anything in her area, be it the Clippers, Lakers or Sparks (yup, WNBA too).

    Nothing wrong with that, although it would look a lot stranger if a celebrity cheered for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars, right?

    Fan Status: California fan


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    Lakers. Clippers. Nets. Heat. Don’t matter.

    She goes to their games, usually as long as Chris Brown is in tow. Although lately Rihanna has been making her recently discovered allegiance to the Miami Heat known to the world (in some very classy ways).

    Fan Status: The worst bandwagoner of all time?

Bill Murray

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    Bill Murray is a Chicago sports fan, but he gets down with just about any team that’ll have him. 

    Can you blame the guy? They all want him in on the action. He’s done pregame analysis for the NBA Finals alongside Ahmad Rashad, hung out with Ted Turner at Braves games, and he’s also a big proponent of the Tune Squad.

    Murray has also done stints as an Arizona fan, supporting his son Luke after he was hired on as a graduate assistant for the basketball program. Luke is now assistant coaching Towson’s basketball program, and Bill has been seen dressing in the school's black and yellow.

    Murray loves sports. Sports love Murray. Case closed.

    Fan Status: Legendary

Kim Kardashian

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    It feels like Kim Kardashian has "supported" every major sports team in North America, in one way or another. 

    She’s dated Miles Austin of the Dallas Cowboys, Reggie Bush of the Detroit Lions and married Kris Humphries for a second there. She and her sisters have also thrown out balls at Los Angeles Dodgers games.

    So she’s into sports, and by “sports” I mean dudes with six packs and money who are into sports. 

    Fan Status: "We want prenup"

Dick Vitale

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    One day he’s wearing a UNC hat, the next it’s the Dukies. 

    Name a college basketball team Dick Vitale hasn’t nearly exploded rooting for.  

    Hint: the ones that aren’t all over ESPN.

    Fan Status: Shares the love, but he always comes back to Durham

Will Ferrell

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    Will Ferrell is a big fan of California sports, and whether he’s haunting the courtside as Mike D’Antoni or standing sideline at a USC football game, he always grabs the spotlight.  

    He has also done bits for the Kansas City Royals, cheered on the Cubs and is rumored to be the true identity of a mysterious minor league pitcher named “Rojo Johnson.”

    Fan Status: California loyal; wherever he can get a beer and a good slice of pizza