Daniel Bryan's Backstage Argument with Triple H Is the Best Thing for His Career

Justin LaBarFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of WWE.com
Photo courtesy of WWE.com

Some of the best things in life are accidents―like Daniel Bryan getting a stinger in a match on Raw with Randy Orton, which causes WWE to stop the match.

The best part of this isn't because it protected Bryan's health. While it did, it was just a stinger and nowhere near as serious an injury as it could have been. The best part isn't the unpredictable ending because Bryan was supposed to win the match, according to PWInsider.com.

The best part is you told one of the most talented and passionate wrestlers ever that he couldn't continue a match. Way to rattle the cage. Few things are going to push the buttons of the soft-spoken Bryan. Given his passion for wrestling, impeding on his performance in the ring is probably the biggest button there is.

By pushing this button, it caused Bryan to remind the bosses just how much he wants it, and he will assert himself if you mess with that. WWE, Vince McMahon in particular, likes this.

If someone allows themselves to be walked on or pushed around, it will continue while the person gets no respect or sympathy. If you assert yourself then it shows the exact kind of alpha male aggressiveness that is respected and rewarded in WWE.

The match wasn't on pay-per-view and didn't have any substantial meaning in the booking, so no true harm was done. It provided an unexpected and genuine opportunity for Bryan to cement his position as a rising main-event star.

To the common fan, you would think, "How could Bryan not remain a choice to be a top main-event attraction and future WWE Champion?" In the world of WWE, logic doesn't always dictate. You have to succeed at the time the company wants you to succeed and within their terms. If not, you better have a strong hand to play and/or a strong poker face if you want to remain in the game.

While CM Punk's famous speech on the stage was planned, the details of what his future was going to hold came down to the wire. He didn't fold his hand. He got WWE to put too much money on the table because of him. In other words, he created so much buzz and money potential that they knew they didn't want to lose out on that.

I think verbally sparring with Triple H in front of some important people is going to turn out to be a key behind-the-scenes moment for Bryan's career.

By the reports we're hearing and the booking that is starting to take shape on television, Bryan seems destined to be in the SummerSlam WWE Championship match with John Cena.

Not only is Bryan over with the audience and getting over backstage, but the whole thing plays into WWE's promotion of their reality show on E! Network.

July 28 is the debut of the Divas reality show on E!. The Bella Twins are the starring personalities in the show. The twins have acknowledged and admitted WWE is allowing the show to feature their real-life relationships—Brie Bella, who has been linked to Bryan, and Nikki Bella to John Cena.

This show debuts exactly three weeks prior to SummerSlam. The perfect time frame for setting up, building and selling this new reality show and a main event match for the WWE Championship. A match between the champion who has been nothing but money for WWE and the challenger who is continuing to show that he might be the next big money for the organization.

WWE can be a jungle. Whether it's over spilled milk or a match being stopped prematurely―some kicking and yelling can be the aggression that marks your territory.