Joe Torre's Daughter, Cristina, Saves Falling Baby from Brooklyn Shop Awning

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistJune 20, 2013

Photo courtesy of ABC News
Photo courtesy of ABC News

Joe Torre made plenty of great catches during his 18 Major League Baseball seasons, but his daughter, Cristina, topped them all when she saved a falling baby in Brooklyn on Wednesday. 


According to Vera Chinese and Joe Kemp of the New York Daily News, Torre's 44-year-old daughter sprang into action on Wednesday when she saw a baby hanging onto a frozen yogurt shop awning. One-year-old Dillin Miller reportedly exited the window of his parents' home and fell through a fire escape onto the awning.

Luckily, Torre wasn't far from the scene, having coffee at Little Cupcake Bake Shop. She described the scene to Chinese and Kemp, as well as her thought process prior to Dillin ultimately falling from the awning.

He looked like he was balancing on one of the railings. I didn’t really know what was going to happen...You just move into action—you don’t really think about it.

I’m talking to him saying, "Don’t come down, stay there."...He helped himself with his arms. He was dangling. I knew he would be flipping very soon.

The child did fall, but Torre was calm, cool and collected—much like her father was for many years as a baseball player and manager. She caught Dillin and ensured that he would be safe, saying, "He literally landed in my arms. It was a relief. I’m just glad he was safe."

It was later determined that Dillin was living in an unsafe environment, according to Chinese and Kemp, and his parents were charged with reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. This resulted in Dillin and his three sisters being placed in protective custody.

While it's certainly an unfortunate situation, Torre impressed her father with her actions, which is no small feat, since he won four World Series as the New York Yankees' skipper.

Joe Torre commented, "You’re happy to hear that your child is doing well. When you realize that she has helped somebody else do well, that puts the cherry on top."


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