Each Top 15 MLB Player's 2013 Season Explained in 140 Characters or Less

Doug Mead@@Sports_A_HolicCorrespondent IJune 21, 2013

Each Top 15 MLB Player's 2013 Season Explained in 140 Characters or Less

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    In a world where Twitter has become a social media phenomenon, anyone who uses the platform must describe their thoughts about any particular topic in 140 characters or less.

    In describing the talents of some of MLB's top players, that can indeed be a daunting challenge.

    Twitters allows us to see information in real time. For fans of Major League Baseball, they can follow any number of Twitter feeds to keep up on what's happening with their favorite team or player. They can also find more information if a link to a more comprehensive story is included within the 140-character limit.

    But for the purposes of this particular presentation, is it really possible to describe or explain a top MLB player's 2013 season thus far?

    Let's give it a shot, shall we?

Yadier Molina: St. Louis Cardinals

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    Twitter Handle: @Yadimolina04

    No. of Followers: 136,341

    St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina has become one of the most well-rounded players in baseball. He was always respected for his defense—his five Gold Glove Award trophies are certainly a testament to his abilities behind the plate.

    But Molina has stepped it up at the plate as well. This season, he's leading all of baseball with a .365 average. He finished fourth in the National League last season with a .315 average and added 22 home runs with 76 RBI as well. He is the unquestioned leader of the Cardinals.


    How to Describe Molina's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @Yadimolina04 has been the driving force offensively for the #Cardinals in 2013, leading them to the best record in all of #MLB


    Total Characters: 127. Heck, there's even room to add a platitude or two.

Buster Posey: San Francisco Giants

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    Twitter Handle: @BusterPosey

    No. of Followers: 132,220

    Much like the current All-Star vote, San Francisco Giants catcher Buster Posey and St. Louis Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina are neck-and-neck in the lead for most followers on Twitter.

    Posey holds a slight edge in fan voting for the starting catching nod for the All-Star Game, but Molina has the edge here on Twitter by roughly 4,000 followers.

    Considering the importance of both players to their teams and the efforts they continue to put forth, that's a competition that could last for a while.


    How to Describe Posey's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    For @BusterPosey, 2 WS titles in 3 years best describes his worth to #SFGiants. Awards aside, Posey is the glue that holds team together.


    Total Characters: 137. Posey has lifted the Giants in the same way that Derek Jeter did for the New York Yankees when he arrived full-time in 1996.

    That in itself speaks volumes.

Matt Harvey: New York Mets

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    Twitter Handle: @MattHarvey33

    No. of Followers: 53,560

    In the span of less than one calendar year, New York Mets starting pitcher Matt Harvey has vaulted himself into the conversation as one of the elite right-handed pitchers in the majors.

    There's a chance that Harvey could be the starter for the National League for the All-Star Game on July 16 at his home field, although Adam Wainwright and Patrick Corbin might have something to say about that.

    Still, Harvey is putting together a season that makes loyal fans recall Dwight Gooden's breakout campaign in 1985.


    How to Describe Harvey's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @MattHarvey33 has established dominance with a blazing FB and knee-buckling CB. #Mets fans have at least one thing to cheer about in '13.


    Total Characters: 137. Harvey's array of pitches is what best describes his success thus far and the way he's used those pitches to near-perfection.

Adam Wainwright: St. Louis Cardinals

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    Twitter Handle: No verified account

    No. of Followers: 0

    Apparently, St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Adam Wainwright is much more concerned with taking care of business on the field than he is with spending time on Twitter.

    That's okay, considering he's off to a 10-4 start with a 2.37 ERA. He leads the majors in complete games (3) and shutouts (2) as well.


    How to Describe Wainwright's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    Adam Wainwright shows that TJ surgery is not a career-killer. He's pitching better than pre-TJ year in 2010 when he won 20 for first time.


    Total Characters: 138. Two-plus years removed from Tommy John surgery, Wainwright's stuff may be nastier than it ever was.

Manny Machado: Baltimore Orioles

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    Twitter Handle: No verified account

    No. of Followers: 0

    The Baltimore Orioles have seen first baseman Chris Davis take over as the offensive leader with a magical season thus far. But they're also watching the maturation process of third baseman Manny Machado.

    That in itself has been a welcome sight.

    Machado leads the majors with 103 hits—33 of which are doubles. On his current pace, he would shatter the record of 67 doubles set by Boston Red Sox right fielder Earl Webb back in 1931.


    How to Describe Machado's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    Manny Machado at a record-setting pace for most 2B in one season. At 20 y.o, makes you wonder what he can do for the rest of his career.


    Total Characters: 136. Seriously, any Orioles fan has to feel excited about the future, considering what Machado has already achieved.

Carlos Gomez: Milwaukee Brewers

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    Twitter Handle: @C_Gomez27

    No. of Followers: 23,284

    After platooning much of the time in the outfield during his first two seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers, it's safe to say that Carlos Gomez has arrived.

    After hitting .260 with 19 home runs, 51 RBI and 37 stolen bases as the everyday center fielder last season, Gomez has broken out in a big way this year.

    After Thursday's game with the Houston Astros, Gomez is hitting .318 with 12 home runs, 37 RBI and a .940 OPS. He's also 14 stolen bases as well.


    How to Describe Gomez's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @C_Gomez27 is thrilling #Brewers fans with his newfound offense and gives them eye-popping defense with highlight-reel catches in center.


    Total Characters: 137. Gomez is currently polling at 11th place in updated fan balloting among National League outfielders for the All-Star Game. His offensive resurgence apparently hasn't resonated with fans as of yet.

Clay Buchholz: Boston Red Sox

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    Twitter Handle: No verified account.

    No. of Followers: 0

    There haven't been many pitchers this season who have been as dominant as Boston Red Sox starter Clay Buchholz.

    After a down year in which he posted a 4.56 ERA in 29 starts, Buchholz has been in shutdown mode for much of 2013. His 1.71 ERA leads the majors, and he's keeping the ball in the yard, giving up just two home runs in his 12 starts.


    How to Describe Buchholz's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    The #RedSox are back on top with Clay Buchholz anchoring the rotation in dominating fashion. Having John Farrell back hasn't hurt, either.


    Total Characters: 138. Having Farrell back in Boston certainly can't be a coincidence. Buchholz is currently on the disabled list but could be activated for a start next Tuesday. 

Troy Tulowitzki: Colorado Rockies

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    Twitter Handle: @troytulo. Not a verified account.

    No. of Followers: 5,154

    Considering the above Twitter handle has only one tweet and hasn't been used since 2010, it's safe to say that Colorado Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki isn't active with social media.

    Right now, he's inactive in baseball as well, on the disabled list with a fractured rib.

    The American League has two players to watch in a possible Triple Crown showdown in Miguel Cabrera and Chris Davis. Tulowitzki quite possibly would have been worthy of a watch like that as well, hitting .347 with 16 home runs and 51 RBI at the time of his injury.


    How to Describe Tulowitzki's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    #Rockies SS Troy Tulowitzki has once again showed off his tremendous offensive skills, but his perceived frailty is once again an issue.


    Total Characters: 138. As great as the offensive numbers have been for Tulowitzki early in the 2013, the perception that he's fragile has again reared its ugly head. 

Carlos Gonzalez: Colorado Rockies

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    Twitter Handle: No verified account.

    No. of Followers: 0

    Troy Tulowitzki's teammate with the Colorado Rockies, Carlos Gonzalez, is proving early in the 2013 season that he's not just a one-trick pony.

    Gonzalez has always been criticized in the past for being a player who could thrive in the rarefied air of Coors Field and nowhere else. His home/road splits prior to this season certainly provided fodder for that critique.

    However, thus far in 2013, Gonzalez has a .291/.374/.615 at home. But on the road, he's bashing at a .326/.386/.667 rate.

    It's safe to say he's silenced his critics.


    How to Describe Gonzalez's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    #Rockies LF Carlos Gonzalez has proved to be a true road warrior, bashing away at critics who believed he was average away from Coors Field.


    Total Characters: 140. There should be no question now that Gonzalez is one of the elite hitters in baseball with his play on the road.

Joey Votto: Cincinnati Reds

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    Twitter Handle: No verified account.

    No. of Followers: 0

    Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto is not a Twitter hound, but he continues to be an on-base hound.

    With two hits on Thursday against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Votto raised his average to .324 and leads the National League with 54 walks and a .438 on-base percentage.


    How to Describe Votto's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    #Reds 1B Joey Votto isn't just about the OBP—the .507 slugging percentage is 2nd in NL among first basemen as well.


    Total Characters: 115. Yes, it's short. But it tells the story—Votto is an MVP contender who doesn't just let his OBP and walk rate be the entire story.

Felix Hernandez: Seattle Mariners

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    Twitter Handle: @RealKingFelix

    No. of Followers: 150,656

    Felix Hernandez had a tough outing on Thursday, giving up six runs on 12 hits in just five innings against the Los Angeles Angels. The rare stinker saw his ERA rise to 2.71.

    Still, Hernandez is among the elite pitchers in the American League regardless, and at just 27 years of age figures to keep throwing out more quality starts than stinkers for sure.


    How to Describe Hernandez's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @RealKingFelix is at it once again in 2013 for #Mariners, spinning gems and waiting for his name to be called for All-Star game.


    Total Characters: 128. With a number of great performances by pitchers in the American League this season, that's more of my personal pitch to see Hernandez on the team.

    But hey, he's still a deserving candidate.

Mike Trout: Los Angeles Angels

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    Twitter Handle: @Trouty20

    No. of Followers: 312,295

    Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout is a virtual shoo-in to become a starter for the American League in the All-Star Game. In the last fan balloting update, Trout was only 30,000 votes behind Adam Jones of the Baltimore Orioles and had almost double the votes of Nick Markakis, who occupied third place.


    How to Describe Trout's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @Trouty20 continues to show off 5-tool skills in '13 and is one of the few in all of #MLB who can change outcome of game at any time.


    Total Characters: 133. One example of Trout's game-changing ways came in the Angels' 1-0 win over the Mariners on Wednesday. In a scoreless game, Trout's speed stretched a single into a double in the bottom of the sixth inning. He went to third on a liner by Albert Pujols to center and later scored on a wild pitch.

    Trout's speed set up the lone run.

Chris Davis: Baltimore Orioles

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    Twitter Handle: @ChrisDavis_19

    No. of Followers: 40,029

    Somehow, I have a feeling that after the season Baltimore Orioles first baseman Chris Davis is having, his Twitter following is going to skyrocket.

    Davis is leading the majors in home runs (26), slugging percentage (.720) and OPS (1.132). He and Lou Gehrig are the only players in MLB history with 26 home runs and 23 doubles in the first 72 games of a season.

    That's pretty heady company.


    How to Describe Davis' 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @ChrisDavis_19 has earned the name Crush Davis from his growing legion of #Orioles fans, and rightfully so. 50 HR mark is within sight.


    Total Characters: 137. Davis' showing in Detroit this week against Triple Crown winner Miguel Cabrera was absolute proof that he is the real thing. 

Clayton Kershaw: Los Angeles Dodgers

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    Twitter Handle:  @ClaytonKersh22

    No. of Followers: 85,221

    In looking at what Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw has already accomplished, it's hard to believe he's just 25 years of age. A Cy Young Award, two All-Star appearances and 66 wins is something the vast majority of pitchers in MLB history don't even come close to obtaining.

    But Kershaw isn't just any pitcher. He's once again leading the National League with a 1.84 ERA. That in itself isn't even a surprise anymore—he's the two-time NL ERA champ.


    How to Describe Kershaw's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @ClaytonKersh22 continues showing #Dodgers that he's the modern-day Sandy Koufax with his ability to command and dominate at any given time.


    Total Characters: 140. Kershaw is indeed a reminder to Dodgers fans of the great Koufax. Much like Koufax in the early-to-mid 1960s, Kershaw has to be nearly perfect every time with a lack of run support as well.

Miguel Cabrera: Detroit Tigers

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    Twitter Handle: @MiguelCabrera

    No. of Followers: 235,485

    With a Triple Crown and separate batting, home run and RBI titles, Detroit Tigers third baseman Miguel Cabrera has done just about everything a hitter can do.

    He doesn't appear to want to rest on his laurels.

    Cabrera leads the American League in two of three Triple Crown categories this year and is averaging exactly one RBI per game. He's absolutely not slowing down at all.


    How to Describe Cabrera's 2013 Season in 140 Characters or Less:

    @MiguelCabrera is showing everyone that he deserves to be included in the conversation as one of the best hitters in #MLB history.


    Total Characters: 130. It's 130 characters that tell the story about Cabrera's accomplishments, both in the past and this season as well.


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