On the Seventh Day God Created Kentucky Basketball?

Tony MccluskyContributor IMay 5, 2009

I guess I was asleep during the the Sunday school lesson when God created Kentucky basketball.  I have always though that on the seventh day He rested, but apparently after looking at His only son, God decided that Jesus could not teach the pick and roll so He created Rupp.

I have long suspected that Eve was an evil women from Louisville and that the serpent was actually the NCAA with its' blasphemy.

The Cain and Abel argument and subsequent murder had more to do with the "inside screen" than an example of morality.

Really, why else would thousands of otherwise intelligent people continue to think it was their destiny to be a final four contender.

If past success is always a premonition of future gain, we should all buy stock in General Motors.

There is nothing wrong with being a passionate fan and to always remain optimistic that "your team" will emerge as the champion, however, the entitlement that has swept over the commonwealth is absurd.

For the sake of 4,259,000 followers I hope the Wildcats win a championship next year.

The rest of the unsaved world will merely enjoy watching their team play a game.