The Nickel: McMahon's Last Stand, MVP Brought Back to Earth, RAW Recap

AkDSenior Writer IMay 4, 2009

Miz Does it Again

"What are you doing back there, Cena, looking for your next WWE film script? I gave it to the Rock, he ran out of toilet paper".

"You're something the WWE machine spews out for the little kiddies".

It really seems as if WWE is listening to us—somewhat.

Miz ripped Cena as well as any anti-Cena fan would do. The point is Miz spoke the truth and I was excited. I thought Miz wasn't going to top last week's promo.

But he did.

The Rock line was utterly priceless.

Cena comes out, but is stalked by the Big Show, who tears him apart. It's rare seeing Cena get topped on back-to-back-to-back nights. We should enjoy it while we can, who knows who he'll be back to his superman days.


Diva Division

WWE made a great move by excluding Santina from the show. In her place, we received a good match between WWE Divas champ Maryse and Mickie James. Maryse did what she could, but James was one step ahead.

The match wasn't too long, and James picked up the win over the Divas champ. Maryse should have thought twice if she thought she would walk all over Mickie James.

The match was solid and maybe was an indication of a future feud between the two. Santina will tag on Superstars with Kelly Kelly. It's a great move since:

A) We didn't see "her" on RAW.

B) A good diva match was used instead

C) I don't have WGN America



MVP was brought back to earth on RAW. It's good that WWE didn't just give him some ultimate push. He came to Shane McMahon's aid and has established himself as an enemy of Randy Orton.

He later had a match against against Cody Rhodes for a chance to be in the main event. William Regal resurfaced and made an impact. He was commentating with Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

He ended up costing MVP the match, and I cheered as loud as I could. I always was a follower of Regal, and MVP looks like he'll have a challenger for that U.S. title. It was one of the better angles of the night.


Shane McMahon is Gone

Somehow stars recover from the Orton punt, but Shane got his leg taken out! The general feeling in B/R is that we didn't want him wrestling, cause I didn't. Our prayers have been least for now.

Now that the McMahon family and clowns (MVP) are out of the way, Orton can hopefully get some better programs.

Isn't a great to see Shane gone?


Rest of the Show

Batista got DQ'ed—but who cares?

Santino destroyed Chavo backstage, chuckled a bit.

Matt Hardy lost to Kofi Kingston, but he hit him with his arm cast.

Kendrick jobbed to Carlito.