Coaches Who Are Married to Beautiful Women

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 20, 2013

Coaches Who Are Married to Beautiful Women

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    We all know athletes have what it takes to lure in the ladies. They've got the looks, the money, the talent and the fame. Those are the three dominant ingredients in the patented "chick magnet."

    Actually, the patent is still pending on that one—so don't go trying to steal it. I'm sure since we've all come to be such great friends around here, that we'll all be comfortable within the confines of the honor system. 

    That being said, coaches do pretty well for themselves when it comes to landing a wife. After their free-wheeling bachelor days, often as professional athletes themselves, most eventually quickly decide to settle down and start a family.

    It's only natural. The boss can't be out picking up chicks with the men he's in charge of. Well he can be, but he really shouldn't. Not if his job is important to him. 

    So they start looking around for "the one" and many do a damn good job finding her. Granted, many coaches are former athletes with all that chick magnet magic, which means they often come up big with the ladies...and life in general. 

    It's just that some tend to come up bigger than others. Such is life. 

    Here are some coaches that are married to beautiful women—some are even stone cold foxes that are way out of their league. 

25. Bob & Carol Stoops

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    University of Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops met his wife Carol while they were both at the University of Iowa. The college sweethearts have been married for nearly two decades and today they have three teenage children.

    And three dogs, apparently.

    Those kids are definitely lucky because they've got some pretty good genes. Bob and Carol are both in their 50's, but could easily pass for 10-years younger. Hopefully that's not the kind of thing that skips a generation.

    Oh, and Bob isn't the only breadwinner in the family. In 2004 Carol was named an independent national director of the cosmetics empire Mary Kay Inc. She received the famous pink convertible and a feature in USA Today. 

24. Paul & Vickie Rhoads

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    Paul Rhoads has been the head coach of the Iowa State University football team since 2009, a job left open by Gene Chizik when he vacated for his ill-conceived stint at Auburn University. He met his wife Vickie while they were attending Missouri Western. 

    They were both student athletes, Paul obviously played football, and Vickie played basketball. The Rhoads have been married for 22 years and have two sons—Wyatt and Jake. Which are excellent names, by the way. (I love when people resist the urge to be "different")

    Now Vickie may not be what some of you might consider "traditionally" hot out there, but you're just going to have to put convention aside for once. A kick ass lady with her man on a hog—that's got awesome sauce all over it.  

23. Doc & Kris Rivers

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    In May 2013 Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers and his wife Kris celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary, having been married on May 31, 1986. The adoring couple first met as freshman at Marquette University in 1979 and began dating. 

    Although times were different back then and the interracial relationship attracted a lot of negative attention—if you can even call burning their house down "negative attention." It seems like there's a much better way to put that, but I probably shouldn't say it here.

    All the adversity only brought them closer together and today they are still happily married, but with four children. Three of which are definitely athletes, one of which may be the artist in the family. 

22. Marc & Cindy Trestman

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    When the Chicago Bears finally pulled the plug on head coach Lovie Smith after the 2012 season, they hired Marc Trestman to take his place. An outside the box pick from the Canadian Football League, the former coach of the Montreal Alouettes was honored as the CFL Coach of the Year in 2009.

    I have no idea how long he and his lovely wife Cindy have been married or how they met, but I do know it was long enough ago that the couple have two teenage daughters—Sarahanne and Chloe.

    Perhaps they met while attending the University of Minnesota for undergrad studies or the University of Miami Law School, both of which Marc did. But again, I'm just speculating. 

21. Michael & Siw Laudrup

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    Michael Laudrup is the manger of the Premier League football club Swansea City, a position he accepted in 2012. According to conflicting reports, he and his wife Siw have been adjusting very well to their new home in Wales and are just beaming with gratitude and other pleasantries.

    On the other hand, Siw and they daughter Rebecca have been living the high life in far more glamorous locations for years and it's making some wonder how their new home is stacking up to the likes of Madrid, Copenhagen, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Paris.

    Something tells me the truth lies somewhere in the middle. And besides, if things go well with Swansea City, the legendary footballer Michael Laudrup could end up anywhere within years. Silver lining!

    Sorry people of Wales, I'm sure you're all lovely. 

20. Pat & Stacy Fitzgerald

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    Pat Fitzgerald played his college football at Northwestern University back in the early-to-mid 90s. Then he played exactly one season, likely far less, for the Dallas Cowboys before deciding to turn his attention toward coaching.

    Today he's living the dream—coaching for his alma mater Wildcats football team, which he's been doing since 2006. At some point along the way he met the love of his life Stacy, who I could find almost nothing about online, and they got hitched. 

    Presumably hitched sometime before 2004, which is when the first of their three sons was born. Jack came first, Ryan followed in 2006, and Brendan brought up the rear in 2009. They look like a handful. Literally. It's a good thing Stacy "runs the show" at home or, according to most commercials, dad would just burn the place down. 

    Oh, and I'm wondering how often they, or someone else, dust off the My Three Sons reference and annoy everyone within earshot. My guess is…a lot. 

19. Jurgen Klinsmann & Debbie Chin

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    Jurgen Klinsmann, the relatively embattled coach of the U.S. men's national soccer team, has been on a journey of futility since being hired for the position in 2011. Things may not always work out on the pitch for Klinsmann, but they've worked out in love.

    He has been married to Debbie Chin, a former Chinese-American model, for over 15 years. She's the reason Klinsmann moved to the states in the first place. Jurgen wanted to have children and Debbie wanted to be close to her parents in Southern California. 

    And it worked out! The couple have two children and Jurgen has a job…at least for now. 

18. Rex & Michelle Ryan

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    We all know New York Jets coach Rex Ryan thinks his wife Michelle is beautiful—he loves every part of her. Especially her feet. Ryan even has a tattoo of his wife in a seductive pose, rocking a Mark Sanchez jersey, on his arm. 

    But you don't have to be a foot fetishist to appreciate the beauty of Mrs. Rex Ryan. The couple married in 1987 and are both around 50 years old. Although between his recent weight loss and her ageless good looks, they could certainly pass for a much younger pair. 

    And I know these two took a lot of crap for "FootGate" back in late 2010, which is understandable because an NFL coach should really know better about what to be putting on the Internet, but it's nice to see a couple careening towards their 30 year anniversary still keeping it spicy. 

    Weird. But spicy. 

17. Charlie & Victoria Strong

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    In April 2010 Charlie Strong was named the head coach of the University of Louisville football team, who beat the SEC bigwigs University of Florida by 10 points in the 2013 Sugar Bowl. He married his wife Vickie in 2003 and they have three children together—Hailee, Hope and a son Tory.

    Strong was famously supported by Hall of Fame NBA player Charles Barkley back in 2008 when he was passed over for the head coaching position at Auburn in favor of Turner Gill.

    What may have only been suspected at the time, which has since been confirmed, was that Charlie and Vickie's interracial marriage played a large part in the 10 years he waited to finally be offered a head coaching position with a major program.

    Apparently most athletic directors in the south still don't believe their fan base is "evolved" enough to accept their relationship.  

    It may have taken awhile to get there, but perhaps it will all be worth the wait in the end. The couple seem as happy as ever and it looks like Louisville is going to be a great fit for the couple and the coach. 

16. Paul & Sherry Wulff

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    San Francisco 49ers assistant coach actually met his beautiful wife Sherry while he was still married to his first wife Tammy, but it's not what you're thinking.

    The women actually knew each other first—Tammy was being treated for brain cancer and Sherry was a volunteer at the oncology clinic—and became fast friends.

    Months after Tammy passed away, Paul met Sherry for coffee and the two were married six months later. 

15. Steve & Stephanie Sarkisian

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    Steve Sarkisian played his college ball at Brigham Young University and played two years in the Canadian Football League before focusing on a career in coaching. 

    Sarkisian put in some time as a quarterback coach here and there before getting hired as the head football coach at the University of Washington. 

    Steve married his high school sweetheart, Stephanie Yamamoto, not long after ditching BYU to play in the CFL. Those puppy dog love days back at Torrance High probably seem like a lifetime ago to the couple, who have three kids now—Ashley, Taylor, and a son named Brady. 

    I'm not sure how old Brady Sarkisian is, but I'm going to throw up if he named him after Tom Brady. I'm not going to name my first born Teddy Roosevelt…because that stuff is just weird. 

14. Mark Hudspeth & Tyla McConnell

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    The coach of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette Mark Hudspeth is married to Tyla (McConnell) Hudspeth and the couple have three children—Gunner, Major, and a girl named Carley. 

    Gunner? Major? Looks like someone has a military background…or just really like military-style authority. 

    When and how they met is unclear (to me, at least) but Mark isn't the only athlete in the family. Tyla grew up playing basketball, volleyball, softball, and tennis. She even ran in the 2012 Boston Marathon.

13. Will & Carol Muschamp

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    University of Florida coach Will Muschamp actually met his wife Carol through a teammate during his playing days at the University of Georgia. Formerly Carol Davis was the first cousin of onetime Bulldogs linebacker Whit Marshall. 

    Talk about crossing SEC allegiances…that's got to be awkward around the holidays. The couple have been married 13 years and have two sons together. And according to Mr. Muschamp, Mrs. Muschamp hasn't made a bed once in that entire time.

    Suppose you can't have it all! But Will has come damn close. 

12. Mike Tomlin & Kiya Winston

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    Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin and Kiya Winston were college sweethearts that met while attending William and Mary College.

    Tomlin married his Jersey girl in 1996 and the couple have three children—Michael, Mason, and Harly Quinn. Mrs. Tomlin is active in Pittsburgh charities and a part-time fashion designer.

    In 2007 she modeled a gown she designed herself at the annual Steelers Style charity fashion show. 

11. Phil Jackson & Jeanie Buss

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    Well, legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson isn't technically a coach anymore and Jeanie Buss isn't technically his wife yet.

    But if anyone is gonna be let slide on technicalities, it's Phil—he's certainly earned it. He and Buss, a Los Angeles Lakers executive, have been together since 1999 and were engaged over Christmas in December 2012.

    There's absolutely no word on when the wedding may take place, but the sooner the better. 

10. Jim & Sarah Harbaugh

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    Two years after divorcing his first wife of over a decade, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Haraburgh married Sarah Feuerborn in 2008.

    According to the website PlayersWives, the couple met in front of a PF Chang's in 2006 when Harbaugh was the head coach of San Diego State. She was living in Las Vegas at the time, but eventually she moved to California to be with him—obviously.

    Harbaugh has three children with his ex-wife Mia and three with his new wife Sarah, who, in case you were wondering, hates Pete Carroll too. 

9. Diego Simeone & Carolina Baldini

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    Argentine Diego Simeone's career as a footballer spanned just under two decades and he's been managing since retiring as a player in 2006. In 2011, he was hired for the head position at the La Liga club Atletico Madrid.

    As for his wife Carolina Baldini, she is a former model and the mother of the couple's three children. At this point in time, however, I wouldn't call classify them as happily married.

    In fact, I'm not even sure if they're married at all—the date on this suggests they are, but most of the Spanish language news about them doesn't translate well and the English speaking blurbs I've read about them suggest they may have split.

    In 2008 The Guardian made reference to tabloid reports of Baldini's involvement with a Brazilian lifeguard.Then again, perhaps they worked it out!

    For once I actually want the details and have no idea. Dammit! Being non-bi-lingual foils me again. 

8. Shaka & Maya Smart

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    After assistant coaching stints at Akron, Clemson, and Florida, Shaka Smart was named the head coach of Virginia Commonwealth University's basketball team in 2009. It took him just two seasons to lead the Rams on a sleeper run into the NCAA Tournament's Final Four in 2011. 

    He met his wife Maya in 2005 and, from what I can tell, married at some point. Formerly Maya Payne, Smart seems like a much more suitable moniker for a woman with degrees from both Northwestern and Harvard. He's also not the only coach in the family either. 

    In an interview with in March 2013, Mrs. Smart discussed her online venture—obviously putting that Northwestern Journalism degree to work!

7. Steve & Mary Lavin

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    Steve Lavin has been the coach of St. John's University basketball team since 2010, having previously held the head coaching position at UCLA for seven years. 

    He may have lost his job coaching the Bruins 2006, but he gained something much better when he married actress Mary Ann Jarou in a private ceremony in Italy in 2007. 

    The couple were introduced at a Los Angeles Lakers game in 2003 and it was actually Jarou who asked him out. I'm sure he's glad she did—I don't know if he would have had the cojones to do the same. 

6. Bret Bielema & Jennifer Hielsberg

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    In Decemver 2012, University of Arkansas Bret Bielema formally replaced disgraced former Razorbacks coach Bobby Petrino, who was fired after a nasty scandal in April 2012. John Smith served as the interim coach during the entire season while they searched for a replacement. 

    And as for a young hot woman on his arm, Bielema doesn't have to pay for one with cash gifts and job offers, which should save the university future embarrassments. 

    That's because he's already married to Jennifer Hielsberg, a gorgeous University of Wisconsin alum who is 16 years his junior. The couple met in Las Vegas while on vacation and eventually married in March 2012 in Madison. 

    Oh, and Mrs. Bielema sure doesn't shy away from the spotlight being the wife of an SEC football coach affords her. She's extremely active on Instagram and Twitter…Bret better be careful she isn't wooed away by some younger man!

5. Lane & Layla Kiffin

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    To know University of Southern California head football coach Lane Kiffin is to seriously dislike him, at best, so how he landed a lovely lady like Layla as his wife is one of life's great mysteries.

    Every time he gets fired and hired, Mrs. Kiffin becomes and even bigger story than her husband wherever he manages to land on his feet.

    How they met remains a mystery (to me at least) but I do know the couple have three children together—Landry, Pressley, and Knox.

4. Andre Villas-Boas & Joana Villas-Boas

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    In July 2012 Portugal native Andre Villas-Boas was named the manager of the Premier League football club Tottenham Hotspur. He was actually named the manager of Chelsea in June 2011, but after an unimpressive eight months with the club, he was relieved of his duties in February 2012.

    He has been married to his beautiful wife Joana since 2004—although the wedding wasn't exactly the star-studded affair that tabloids drool over. It was extremely private, much like the couple themselves.

    Apparently Joana, who studied interior design at Chelsea College of Art, rarely makes public appearances with Andre. The couple prefer to shield their two daughters from the prying eye of the paparazzi.

    Stunning and smart. I think these two kids just might make it. I realize because I said that, they're probably already divorced. 

3. Jason Kidd & Porschla Coleman

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    In September 2011, newly minted Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd marred model Porschla Coleman. The couple managed to keep the wedding a secret right up until two days before the event when Kidd tweeted out the information.

    At the time of the wedding they already had their first child and have since had another. This is the first marriage for Coleman and the second for Kidd, and let's just hope this works out better than his last

2. Mark McGwire & Stephanie Slemer

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    Los Angeles Dodgers hitting coach Mark McGwire may have ended his once Hall of Fame career as a 'roided out pariah in 2001, but he began the next chapter in his life on a much more positive note.

    In 2002 he and Stephanie Slemer, who I would've pegged as a pharmaceutical sales rep from 100 yards away, got hitched in Las Vegas in April 2002.

    The two met through a mutual friend and according to a feature in ESPN The Magazine, the wedding was "low key" despite being held in a "gaudy and exclusive retreat." It's no surprise that he was looking for an event that was "quiet" with "no fanfare" following his retirement.

    Today the couple reside outside Los Angeles and have five children—triplet girls and a pair of boys. 

1. Andy Enfield & Amanda Marcum

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    Florida Gulf Coast University received a shocking amount of buzz during the 2013 NCAA tournament for a No. 15 seed. Granted, they did make it to the Sweet Sixteen, but were easily handled by the University of Florida. 

    Most of the buzz actually centered around (then) FGCU head coach Andy Enfield and his wife Amanda Marcum, the mother of his three children. In a past life, that she says she has no intentions of rediscovering, the 34-year-old was an internationally known model. 

    Marcum has appeared on the cover of Maxim, and worked for the likes of fashion empires like Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and Victoria's Secret.

    Makes you wonder if it was her celebrity and not his that helped Enfield land the head coaching position at the University of Southern California. 


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